Will my RV fridge work if not level?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Will my RV fridge work if not level? We will discuss the importance of levelling your RV and explain how to do it step-by-step. 

Will my RV fridge work if not level?

No, your RV fridge will not work properly if not levelled. Its cooling fluids flow through the ducts using gravity. If it is not arranged properly, it can overheat and be damaged! Some compressors only carry out their task when they are located in a perfectly vertical position. 

In addition to this, when the RV is tilted to one side or the other, the water does not drain as it should and you will probably not get a comfortable sleep either. It is for these reasons that you should take the time to level your RV by following these steps:

  1. Find a good position for the vehicle. Avoid slopes.
  2. Place a spirit level on the floor of the vehicle, where there are no bumps or bumps. It must be a completely smooth surface.
  3. Level the shaft from side to side, as marked by the bubble on the level (most recommend from right to left).
  4. Level the RV from front to back.
  5. Finally, lower the stabilizers of the vehicle so that they remain in the correct position (the bubble in the level must be perfectly centred).

Of course, this is a quick view of the work that goes into stabilizing the motorhome. So now let’s see how you can do it, going into details on the subject below.

What to use to level an RV?

Here are a few ideas on what to use to level an RV, caravan or mobile home:

  • Chocks: on the market, we can find this product for both motorhomes and caravans. We recommend that, although you do not use them for levelling, they are useful when parking and fixing the vehicle. They are very easy to use, if you see that you need help, use a hydraulic jack to wedge the caravan or RV and insert the choke on the wheel to be levelled.
  • Hydraulic legs: it is a really comfortable and easy system. There are different models made with different materials. Take into account the weight they will support and the security system. Some vehicles have legs that are levelled with remote control.
  • Jockey wheel: The jockey wheel is essential to stabilize your trailer when it is not hitched. It can be rigid or inflatable and even carry an electric motor. It will help us to level the caravan or find out how much weight the lance supports.

Be careful with using these two things in places where camping is not allowed. By carrying out this action, your vehicle will be considered to be camped and may entail a penalty.

Levelling an RV with a jockey wheel is very simple: 

  1. Using a Jockey wheel, level the RV from back to front. 
  2. Raise the vehicle with the hydraulic jack (it will be easier) in the lowest part until it is level, insert the chocks under the wheel. 
  3. Both legs of that part are lowered and the jack is removed.

The best products to level an RV

Have a look below at the best products to level an RV, caravan or mobile home:

  • Cartrend 10306 RV Supports: This is an easy way to get comfortable inside the motorhome. They are 4 pieces or trestles made of aluminium that provide a wide base to provide stability. They are stainless, so they last longer than other types of supports and although they are very light, they are also quite strong and can carry up to 900 kilograms of weight each, and extend from 280 mm to 430 mm.

The supports can be put in the caravan without using the hydraulic jack, although it is necessary to use the vehicle’s own legs to stabilize it.

  • Stabilizing bases for RV legs: They are 4 very economical hard plastic pieces that improve the stability of the caravan especially on gently sloping terrain. Its function is to serve as a stabilization platform for the legs of the caravan, and in this way that they cannot move when the ground is unstable.

These bases offered by Maypole are designed with the necessary dimensions to fit the legs of any model or type of caravan, so there are no problems in this regard. In addition, they have a really accessible price and do their job perfectly.

  • Fiamma levelling system: When we are looking for reliable and quality caravan accessories or accessories, one of the best options is those offered by Fiamma. This levelling system consists of two wedges with three levels of height and a grooved surface to ensure a better grip for the tires. These can be used at the rear or front of the vehicle to balance the height.

They come 20 centimetres wide, 57 centimetres long and with a height of their maximum level of 13 centimetres. The wedges work on rough terrain or rough terrain in the same way and are made of materials for maximum durability.

  • Froli Stabilizers: It is a stabilizing wedge that consists of three pieces made of hard plastic. Only one wedge comes in each package, so you need to order 2 units to get the pair your caravans need.

It resists up to a total weight of 8000 kilograms. The set includes an accessory to facilitate the entry of the wheel. This is a grid-shaped element that can be placed on the underside of the wedge as a compensation surface. It also includes small support that can be placed against the wheel as a safety element so that it slides back down the ramp.

Final thoughts

It’s not much fun walking around in an RV or trying to sleep at an angle when your RV is not level. An off-level RV can even damage your refrigerator, and you can’t even bake cookies if the oven isn’t level. 

RVs usually come with powered hydraulic levelling brackets to aid in this process. This requires balancing your motor home as easy as pressing a button. However, older models do not have this feature, and you must level your motorhome yourself.

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FAQ on Will my RV fridge work if not level?

How long does an RV Fridge last?

RV refrigerators typically last 10 to 18 years, and the average life of a refrigerator is 14 years. Many factors influence the life of fridges, including the type of refrigerator and environmental factors.

How does the RV refrigerator work?

An RV propane refrigerator works with a propane gas flame to heat ammonia and distilled water using hydrogen gas to circulate vapour and liquid ammonia to cool it down. There are no power lines or inverters and generators to power the refrigerator.

Should I leave my RV refrigerator on all the time?

You don’t need to leave your RV fridge on all the time. This will not extend its life. However, before going on a camping trip, you must turn on your RV refrigerator within 24 hours. This will allow your refrigerator to cool down in time for your trip.

Should an RV be stored level?

It is recommended to store the RV as level as possible.  This way, you relieve the tires and the suspensions of a lot of pressure. By using a jack stand kit, your RV is more stable and the weight of the tires is evenly distributed. 


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