Will a Casita fit in a garage?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Will a Casita fit in a garage? We will see what the dimensions of a Casita travel trailer are and give you tips for storing it safely. 

Will a Casita fit in a garage?

Yes, your Casita travel trailer will most certainly fit in a regular American garage.  Casita currently offers five models of travel trailers: Spirit, Independence, Heritage, Freedom and Liberty. All Casita trailers have the following standard dimensions

  • Overall Width: 6’8”
  • Overall Length: 17’
  • Overall Height: 8’11”

Please see the table below for data on the average American car size garage:

Average car garage size

Garage typeWidthDepthDoor Width
1 car garage12’20’-24’8’
2 cars garage18’-20’20’-24’16’
3 cars garage26’-28’20’-24’8’-16’
4 cars garage34’-36’20’-24’16’

Does the size of my garage matter for storing a Casita travel trailer?

Trailers, campers and motorhomes are generally longer, narrower, but above all taller than a traditional vehicle. As a result, the volume of the garage is rectangular.

The area also depends on the use of the room. Indeed, the garage expansion can also be an opportunity to create a workshop, a laundry room, a storeroom or even a DIY space. The more functionality your extension has, the larger the surface will be.

The space in the garage to house the Scamp trailer must be at least 180 sq ft. It can reach an area of ​​at least 320 sq ft if the garage also serves as a laundry room, storage or even a workshop. The important thing is that there are enough gaps on the sides to fully open the doors

To optimize the space of a small garage it is essential to exploit every minimum space in a functional way. You need to create interlocking modules, trying to optimize spaces. Hosting a Casita travel trailer and storing objects (such as boxes with Christmas decorations) in the same garage is not impossible!

If you are storing your Casita travel trailer in the garage

Here are the must-do-s before storing a Casita trailer in your garage:

  1. Empty the water tanks: Drain and clean the two tanks (clean water and wastewater). 
  1. Keep the water pump warm: Take it apart and store it in a warm place. 
  1. Disinfect the toilets: It will be necessary to disinfect the tank (always with bleach), then rinse it. 
  1. Clean the refrigerator: You can clean your refrigerator with vinegar or bleach and wipe it down with a clean cloth. 
  1. Empty and clean the cupboards: It is essential to completely empty and clean the cupboards. 
  1. Lift up the cushions and undo the beds: Air circulates with difficulty around mattresses and cushions.
  1. Release the blinds: We also recommend that you open the panoramic skylights slightly to prevent the joints from sticking together after a long period of disuse. 
  1. Wash the exterior of the trailer: Wash the body of your vehicle with a high-pressure jet. When it is dry, use a detergent and a soft brush to loosen the encrusted dirt, rinse quickly before the product dries.
  1. Protect the seals: The seals do not tolerate temperature variations and hate the cold. It is, therefore, necessary to remember to grease them after a long period of inactivity in order to avoid possible cracks. 

Winterizing is also the time to check the attachments of your outdoor accessories such as a top-box, an antenna, a ladder, a bike rack, etc. Allow your vehicle for a short 30 km ride (once a month is perfect!) To prevent the joints from drying out and oiling the engine parts.

Alternatives for safe storage of your Casita Travel Trailer 

There are several options to store your travel trailer when we are not using it: a parking space in a garage, your own or a friend’s land, a campsite that offers us that option, or the most frequent, safe and recommended: a caravan parking.

The later option is what we are going to talk about in this section. When choosing a caravan park to leave your trailer for short or longer term, tt is advisable find a place that has some (if not all) of the following characteristics:

  1. 24 hour surveillance and security cameras (essential in case of theft).
  2.  Access control (close access to highways or national roads).
  3. Close to your home (important to make small repairs or to carry clothes and belongings prior to your trip)
  4. Under a cover (difficult but not impossible). Although the caravans perfectly withstand the weather, it is obvious that under cover they will be better preserved, safe from floods, from the strong sun and better protected against theft.

Normally all the caravan parking storages will have all the options except the last one. In any case, it is essential to put a lock on your Casita trailer.

Can I park my Casita Travel Trailer on the street?

Surely more than once you have been able to see travel trailers and motorhomes parked on the street. Sometimes hooked to a vehicle and sometimes not hooked. And you may have wondered if it is a legal practice and if it is safe.

First of all, you should know that parking a travel trailer on the street is not a good idea. Remember that most trailers, due to their low load capacity, do not need to pay road taxes, since this tax only applies to trailers whose payload is less than 1650 lbs. 

This weight indicates the load capacity, so it should not be confused with the weight of the caravan. But the truth is that, once unhooked, it is considered a construction container or similar, so the City Council could sanction us if we park it occupying space on public roads. 

And it is not necessary for the police to see it, but any neighbor can call to complain and if the owner is not located quickly, the tow truck could even take it away, which carries a higher fine.

The bottom line

Fitting your Casita travel trailer in your garage is going to be an easy job, and if you are not sure whether the storing space is large enough, you can always rent a parking space elsewhere. 

Whenever deciding to park your Casita  long-term, make sure you follow the laws for the state you reside in. It wouldn’t hurt checking with the City Council and the HOA in your area, as well. 

If you want to know how to find free RV parking in your state, click here.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions about the content. 

FAQ on Will a Casita fit in a garage?

Where can I park an RV?

An RV is perfectly entitled to park in the parking spaces along the roadway. However, its size must allow it, it must not interfere with road traffic or pedestrians. However, due to its size, the motorhome cannot park everywhere.

Where to stop with a motorhome?

A motorhome can stop in town in a parking space and spend the night there. It does not matter whether the motorhome operators are on board or not, as long as they comply with the regulations.

What is the average size of a travel trailer?

Mid-range travel trailers are 18 to 25 feet (5.5 to 7.6 m) long, can weigh 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg) or more, and are typically towed by compact pickup trucks and SUVs. Please see the table below for more information.

How to measure a travel trailer cover?

First, you have to measure the length of the trailer, including the gas tank and any protruding elements. You must bear in mind that a cover that is too large will be a problem if the trailer is located outdoors, as it will be difficult to adjust it and the wind could end up tearing the fabric and breaking the straps.


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