Will a 6×12 trailer fit in the garage?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Will a 6×12 trailer fit in the garage? We will also give you tipson how to easily park a 6×12 enclosed trailer even in a small garage. 

Will a 6×12 trailer fit in the garage?

A 6×12 trailer will fit in most American garages. A 6’ long, 12’ wide and 7’ tall enclosed trailer is average size, easy to maneuver and park in almost any garage. Don’t know the exact measurements of your garage space? See the paragraph below.

Standard garage and driveway dimensions

There are four standard garage dimensions in the US:

  1. One-trailer garages: A single garage is the smallest dimension to park a single trailer. Standard sizes for a single garage are 20 feet deep, 12 feet wide, and a minimum of 9 feet for door width.
  • Garage entrance: 9 feet wide
  • Garage interior: 12 feet wide
  • Depth: 20 feet
  1. Two- trailer garage: One of the more popular alternatives to a one-door garage is the double garage with two single doors that are around 9 feet wide. But if you want to save costs, you can go for a single large door approximately 16 feet wide. 

To have a double garage, you need a minimum space of 20 feet wide along with the same depth, that is, 20 feet by 20 feet. This is the extra space to comfortably get in and out of the vehicle. But some people may even recommend that you go 24 feet by 24 feet to give yourself some extra space for storage, the boat, or the motorcycle.

  • Garage entrance (double door or one large door): 16 feet wide
  • Garage interior: 18 feet wide
  • Depth: 20 feet
  1. Three-trailer garages: A three-trailer garage is quite rare, even in big cities. Large families with adult children are usually those with a three-trailer garage. The cheapest option is to install a wide door (about 16 feet) and use the extra depth for maneuvering.
  • Garage entrance (single door): 8 feet wide
  • Garage entrance (one double door): 16 feet wide
  • Garage interior: 28 feet wide
  • Bay depth: 20 feet
  1. Four-trailer garages: Those who live in luxury properties or neighborhoods may need larger garages to store their farm vehicles, trailers, and tools. Large families with two teens or more may also need 4-trailer garages. 
  • Garage entrance (one double door): 16 feet wide (each)
  • Garage interior: 36 feet wide
  • Bay depth: 22 feet

How to park a 6×12 trailer in a small garage?

Even in your own garage you may have difficulty maneuvering a 6×12 trailer due to the limited space. By following the instructions below, you will be able to park a 6×12 trailer in tight spaces without particular difficulties.

Take into account the size of the garage and that of the trailer. If we have to park a 6×12 trailer in a small garage, two things must be taken into account. 

First of all, we have to save space because shelves and cabinets inevitably take up space. Secondly, let’s consider the size of the trailer. We remind you that the parking manoeuvre must be easy, otherwise, it is preferable to leave the trailer outside the garage. Try not to be afraid of bumping into something every time you park the trailer in the garage. 

Analyze the room for manoeuvre and proceed calmly. In some cases, a garage has a narrow entrance and then expands as you enter. We always analyze the spaces for manoeuvre, so that we will understand how to park in the easiest way possible. For a 6×12 enclosed trailer it is better to park by entering the garage with a reverse gear engaged. 

During the manoeuvre, remember that you need to steer. However, try not to crash, otherwise, you will line the side of the vehicle. If you want to feel safer, apply sponges or bumpers on the walls. With the right attention and proceeding slowly, you will be able to park almost anywhere. The important thing is to maneuver in complete tranquillity, without any rush.

Note: A minimum of precision and driving skills will help us not to damage the trailer when parking. To avoid the risk of rubbing the side of the trailer against the garage wall, you can apply soft protections on the walls.

Parking a 6×12 trailer in a garage: Forward or reverse?

It goes without saying but we still remember that to avoid damaging a trailer it is always advisable to make sure of the space available. Measure in hand then checks that the length of the garage with the door closed is sufficient for your trailer and that you do not need to close one of the rear-view mirrors to enter. Who is better asked to park in reverse or forward? The answer depends solely on:

  • space outside the garage. If the common corridor is narrow, it will be easier to reverse with a number of manoeuvres that depend on the space available;
  • presence of an overhead door. If you park forwards, there is a risk that when you open the trunk you will hit the overhead door, which when open occupies a large part of the entrance area.

Parking a 6×12 trailer in a garage: useful tips

Among the advice on how to park in a narrow garage, the same rules apply, sometimes underestimated, when parking between trailers. If you do not have aids such as rearview camera and sensors, it can certainly help for the first few times:

  • Adjust the side mirrors downwards so that you can clearly see the wheel arches and keep them under control when manoeuvring. Better if you can see a good part of the side up to the rear fenders;
  • Parking in reverse in the narrow garage without scratching the mirrors is not impossible, just do slow manoeuvres and do not swerve too much. In this way, the trailer will be kept as parallel as possible to the walls, avoiding hitting the rear-view mirrors;
  • It can help to put an empty cardboard box against the back wall of the garage the first few times. Or even some soft bumper sponge. However, if it is too soft you will not have any feedback and you risk doing damage;
  • If you have noticed that it is better to park in reverse in the garage with an overhead door, remember to leave enough space between the door and the trailer. This is important because when opening and closing some overhead doors “slide” approaching the trailer. Furthermore, if you plan to close the garage door with the engine hood open (e.g. to change the battery), you risk bumping into it.


Whenever in doubt if a trailer fits in a garage it is best to compare the dimensions of both. If your garage is too small (or too narrow) you could look for either outdoor or indoor storage shelters for trailers. 

If you store your 6×12 trailer outside (especially in the cold season), consider investing in a good quality, breathable and light trailer cover. A trailer with a protective cover can be safely stored inside and outside, no matter the season, but especially in winter. 

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FAQ on Will a 6×12 trailer fit in the garage?

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