Why are trucks with high mileage so expensive? (5 reasons)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Why are trucks with high mileage so expensive? We will do our best to explain the final price of pick-up trucks, but we’ll also share some timeless models of trucks that you shouldn’t have second thoughts about! 

Why are trucks with high mileage so expensive?

Trucks with high mileage are expensive, first of all, because of the idea they represent. Pick-uk trucks are uniquely American and have been the best-selling vehicle type for decades. 

The other reasons why trucks with high mileage are more expensive than other types of vehicles are:

  1. Pick-up trucks are durable, reliable, and high performance. Simply put, they were built to last and have many uses. 
  1. Pick-up trucks have among the highest towing capacity. They are thus popular for camping. 
  1. Demand for pickup trucks has been very high for decades. Trucks are heavily used for work and they are quite versatile.
  1. High resale value & low depreciation rate. This is a multipurpose vehicle that can last up to 200,000 miles with low investment and just regular maintenance. 

A pick-up is one of the components of the family of trucks, that is vehicles with four wheels used for the transport of things and people. In particular, unlike a classic van, a pick-up offers a cabin, single or double, capable of accommodating from two to 4 or 5 people. The load, on the other hand, must be positioned in a loading area that is totally separate from the passenger compartment, called the body.

The cabin and the body are physically separate and are not accessible from each other, almost as if they were part of two different vehicles. Furthermore, compared to a traditional van, the load compartment is open at the top, allowing even very tall and bulky objects to be crammed.

These vehicles were born as real work vehicles: less expensive and bulky than a truck, they allowed workers, farmers and ranchers to take their goods to the city, to markets or around to work.

3 tips to save money while buying a truck

Buying a used pickup truck at a good price is not an impossible mission as you might think, you just have to be clear about the model we are looking for, the use we want to give it and above all, know the depreciation suffered by the vehicles.

For example, we can tell you that, on average, cars of any type lose 27 per cent of their value in the first year after purchase and after three years on the street, their value drops by half.

In this way, we could tell you that the most basic model of the Ford F-150, which new costs 28 thousand dollars, by 2021 could be around 14 or 15 thousand dollars thanks to the depreciation and if we add the user to that, we can anticipate that you will get it even cheaper.

So here are three tips to get a good pick up at a good price:

  1. One of the situations that we suggest the most to all those who want a used car, is that they preferably verify that it has Electronic Stability Control (ESC or ESP), which is mandatory since 2012 and has saved thousands of lives. Models prior to that time may or may not have it, so we suggest you look for them.
  1. Fancy models that are known for their durability, this is obvious because you will be buying a vehicle with several miles on the engine and of course years of use that could be rough.
  1.  Search in your local market, although you can also search in other nearby markets through several specialized pages, only then will you be able to compare prices. Take into account that not all regions of the country give the same use to this type of vehicle.

Best trucks you should buy even with high mileage

We already mentioned the reasons why trucks are expensive, but here are several models that, if you get an acceptable offer on it, you should definitely consider acquiring them even with high mileage. 

Toyota HiluxFor five decades, Hilux has been a symbol of reliability and durability over time.
This is still one of the toughest mass-produced machines in the world. Of course, with all these modern features, Toyota will make you believe that the legendary pickup is more comfortable than ever and in a way, this is the truth but do not expect now the feeling of floating specific to a Land Cruiser. 
Ford Ranger The Ford Ranger is the “small” of the American manufacturer’s pick-up family, just below the legendary Ford F-150 and the even larger and more capable Ford Super-Duty. Despite being the smallest truck in Europe it is a huge car, almost off the scales. 
Nissan NavaraThe Nissan Navara is the pick-up “made in Spain”, a tough car like few others, with great load capacity and quite economical within the segment.
It has a reasonable price, general toughness, and a quite likeable interior. 
Mitsubishi L200The Mitsubishi L200 is a modern and comfortable as well as robust pick-up, whose main characteristic is the existence of a lockable centre differential, which allows it to circulate with 4×4 traction on asphalt without losing off-road skills.
With the renovation, improved finishes, equipment and efficiency, as well as offers a much more appealing set. New 150 hp engine and six-speed automatic transmission, and as always, a very capable all-wheel-drive on all types of terrain.

Volkswagen AmarokThe Volkswagen Amarok is available in single and double cab versions, with 4×2 and 4×4 configurations.
The best: solid feel, successful aesthetics, very neat interior, outstanding performance. 


Trucks are expensive even if they have high mileage because they were made to last, are extremely reliable cars and have a variety of uses. Newer models of pick-ups offer the same comfort as luxury cars, as well as the same safety features. 

However, a truck is more spacious and has a more comfortable interior. There is room to accommodate up to 8 passengers as well as all their luggage thanks to the large capacity trunk. With the seats folded down, it can hold up to 73.3 sq ft. of load, enough to carry all your gear. It’s also so comfortable and modern that you will feel like you are in your living room. 

Whether you want to hit off-road trails or just want to tackle winter, there is the right truck for you. An off-road selector will also allow you to tailor your driving to whatever road you meet.

Do you agree with us? What do you think are some pick-up trucks worth considering? Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments or questions about the content. 

FAQ on Why are trucks with high mileage so expensive?

Why is GMC so expensive?

GMC truck models are so expensive first of all because their target customers are looking for luxury vehicles. On average, a GMC truck is $50,000 and it suggests the idea of exclusivity. Second, GMC is the highest-rated premium brand on the Satisfaction Index, according to JD Power.

Why are Toyota pickups so expensive?

Toyota pickups are so expensive because they are reliable, low maintenance, made to withstand rough conditions, and have a high towing capacity – in simple words: Toyota pickups last longer than the average pickup. 

Why buy a pickup truck?

You should buy a truck because they have all the amenities for passengers to travel comfortably. In addition, the rear box allows a greater load capacity than any trunk. On the other hand, the trucks are equipped to provide superior driving experiences. Upholstery, air conditioning, connectivity and much more.

What is better to buy a car or a truck?

If it is better to buy a car or a truck will depend on your needs and lifestyle. A car being smaller is less heavy and having a body closer to the ground offers greater stability. On the other hand, a truck is larger, it is heavier and the height of the chassis to the ground is greater which translates into less stability.


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