Why are RVs so ugly?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Why are RVs so ugly?” We will also describe some aesthetically pleasing RVs along with their features and specs. Additionally, we will also describe a few tips on how to make your RV look good.

Why are RVs so ugly?

RVs are ugly because of their shape, exterior design, color combinations, and size. RVs are motorhomes that are designed for comfort and convenience. Hence, there is little focus on their overall appearance. Most RVs might look the same, but they are built for a certain purpose. Here are some of the reasons why are RVs so ugly.

RVs have a strange shape

  • RVs have a strange shape and not many people are fans of these RVs. Most RVs are manufactured to bring out the best features and specifications. In most cases, they will need to compromise on the shape to deliver their best. 
  • On the other hand, certain standards and criteria need to be followed when it comes to the shape of the RV.
  • An RV must be designed for safety and it cannot be constructed in any shape or every shape.   

They have a bland design

RVs are known for their bland design as they miss out on some characteristics. Due to their design, they might be uninteresting to look at. There are reasons why RVs remain bland or plain, especially on the exteriors. The size plays a crucial role once again and it is hard to have exquisite designs on such huge motorhomes.

They have funny color combinations

  • The color combinations are undoubtedly funny on RVs since they are more brown and beige. Regardless of the manufacturer, RVs have swirling graphics on the exterior. 
  • Most Class A manufacturers stick to funny color combinations and not everyone likes to have their RVs with these funny color combinations. However, there seems to be no other option unless you plan on changing the colors and patterns on your own.

Their come in funny sizes

  • RVs do come in funny sizes, each Class has its size and requirements. Class A RVs are generally bigger than Class C designs. 
  • Another important aspect is that RVs need to accommodate enough space on the inside for sleeping, cooking, sitting, bathing, etc. Hence, the exterior shape is bound to change according to the features of the RV. 
  • Some motorhomes have awnings and bedrooms that can be extended. Having an exterior kitchen is also common, but the size of these extensions might not be appealing.

Some RVs use cheap materials

  • While most RVs are made of top-quality products and strong material, there have been a few that is believed to have used cheap materials. When the exterior is made up of cheap material, the chances of wear and tear become common. 
  • Some RV manufacturers tend to build their motorhomes cheap and fast. They also try to brighten out the best deals for customers by compromising on the quality of the products. It’s all about manufacturing more number of RVs in a short period.
  • While this has been an issue in the past few years, not all manufacturers compromise on their quality and some of them bring out some of the best RVs.

Repainting RVs are expensive

RVs are likely to get discolored and worn out soon since they are always exposed to sun, rain, and other harsh climatic conditions. Repainting RVs can turn out to be an expensive process and many people leave their RVs the way it is. RVs are made up of different materials and you will be required to use the right paint to suit them.

Aesthetically pleasing RVs

Those were some of the reasons why RVs are considered so ugly. While there are people who do not like the appearance of RVs, there are some who go all the way to modify their appearance. With the latest technology and innovation, many RVs have a striking appearance. Here are some of those good look RVs that are available on the market.

Airstream Interstate 24X

The Airstream Interstate 24X in a Class B RV has one of the most aesthetically pleasing appearances. This RV looks luxurious on the exterior with a classy design and color combination. The Airstream Interstate 24X has kept it simple a combination of silver and black. There are no swirls and swooshes on the body and it has a rich look.

Forest River FR3 33DS

The Forest River FR3 33DS has a catchy appearance as it arrives with a black and white combination. This is a good-looking RV on the outside and it also has some of the top features on the inside. The Forest River FR3 33DS is a Class A motorhome that is under 35 feet. The Forest River FR3 33DS also has some luxurious interior features.

Fleetwood Discovery 36Q

The Fleetwood Discovery 36Q is one of those Class A motorhomes that have a neat appearance. The features of this diesel RV are excellent and the exterior is pretty attractive. It does have swirls on the outside but the blue, grey, and white combination seem excellent. The Fleetwood Discovery has been in the market for decades and it is one of the best-looking RVs.

Winnebago Ekko

Winnebago has established a reputed name in the RV industry and there had to be one that is good-looking. The Winnebago Ekko is a Class C RV with an all-wheel-drive option. The Winnebago Ekkok has a combination of white and black and it is one of those campers that cannot go unnoticed. It also has some of the best features and specifications.

Tiffin Wayfarer 25LW

The Tiffin Wayfarer 25LW is one of the best RVs that has been on the market. This is a Class C RV with a length of 25.8 feet. It has a 3.0 six-cylinder turbo diesel engine and the overall exteriors are attractive. This RV looks a little similar to the Winnebago Ekko, but it has more color options to choose from. The Tiffin Wayfarer is a comfortable and luxurious RV.

How to make your RV look good?

The exterior of the RV is not the only important part, the interiors are equally important for the appearance. You can make your RV look good on the inside by decorating it. If you want to modify the exterior, there are a few things that you can do.

Give your RV a paint job

  • Most people don’t like the pattern and the design of the RV. You can give your RV a good paint job if you have some money to spare. You can come up with your design, pattern, and color combination. Painting an RV can be a fun and enjoyable task and you can also be creative and add multi-colors to gain attraction.

Install curtains

  • Adding curtains to your RVs will enhance the look of the interior and the exterior. You can add curtains that will suit the color of your RV.

Add decorations

  • Adding decorations to the interiors will make your RV look great. You can also stick to a theme that you like. Another great way is to add outdoor lights while camping just to give your vehicle a good appearance.

Add personalized signs

  • To give your RV a good touch you can add personalized camping signs. You can add some personality to your vehicle by adding these signs to your camper.

An RV is a home on wheels and they are built mainly for comfort and convenience. You can easily modify your RV to make it look better by following a few simple steps. You can personalize your RV according to your wish and requirement. If you are still unable to do so, you can hire a professional to make your RV look good to your satisfaction.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Why are RVs so ugly?” We have also described some aesthetically pleasing RVs along with their features and specs. Additionally, we have also described a few tips on how to make your RV look good. Drop us a comment below and let us know if you have a few tips to make your RV look good.



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