Why are Little Guy trailers so expensive? (5+ reasons)

In today’s article, we will answer the following question: Why are Little Guy trailers so expensive? We will review the top reasons why Little Guy teardrop trailers have a high price and discuss the pros and cons of this camper.

Why are Little Guy trailers so expensive?

Little Guy trailers are expensive for a few simple reasons:

  1. These are very simple and lightweight teardrop trailers: We do not exaggerate when we tell you that Little Guy trailers can be towed by almost any vehicle! This travel trailer weighs a little under 2,000 lbs and is towable even with a small SUV or crossover. 
  1. It is easy to control on the road and to manoeuvre: Even a newbie would manage just fine towing a Little Guy Trailer.
  1. It is aerodynamic: The teardrop trailer has the enormous advantage of not offering significant wind resistance and thus limiting fuel consumption.
  1. It has plenty of amenities: Inside the Little Guy trailer, the traditional design allows space for two sleeping bunkers and a room for storing clothes, camping gear and other dry items. A tiny kitchenette is located outside the trailer, hidden under a hatch.
  1. Easy to maintain and store when, not in use:  The simple and compact design makes it easy to store the trailer when not in use. Best of all, today’s trailers are very easy to maintain, which means the consumer is likely to get many years of service before replacement is required.

Are Little Guy Trailers worth the money?

The cost of a Little Guy Trailer starts at around $25,000 and rises to $36,000, depending on the model and the number of features you want to have onboard. To help you decide whether a Little Guy trailer is worth the money and right for you, we are going to highlight one of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of having a Little Guy Trailer. 

So, let’s start with why you should buy a Little Guy Trailer:

And the answer is quite simple and obvious: for the size. 99% of the time a Little Guy Trailer is the smallest camper at every campground. Their size is 21’ top, so you can get into almost any camping spot. 

Still, there are two aspects that make this small camper feel very spacious and the first is the six-foot seven inch high ceilings. And second, are the windows. There are windows on all four sides of this camper and this really makes the camper feel bigger than it actually is.  

Talking about size, most small campers do not have a full queen size bed, but the Little Guy Trailer does and this is something that we appreciate about it. The dinette area is also large enough to (we dare to say) have some friends over. 

As a bonus, you can add a wet bath to your Little Guy Trailer, which is something to be impressed about in such a small camper. There’s also lots of storage which is important if you want to camp away for a few days or even for a week. 

The size of the Little Guy trailer makes towing, setting it up at the campsite, and backing it up so much easier. It also gives you the ability to go to places that a larger RV just wouldn’t be able to go!

And now, let’s move to why you shouldn’t buy a Little Guy Trailer:

After thorough research, we have found why some buyers are unhappy with their Little Guy Trailer. And the predominant reason is the building quality of some of the trailers.  

Little Guy Trailers has a particular issue with the window corners that just seem to fall off after a few years of use. They’re easy to put back on, but oddly they disappear after they’ve fallen off. 

Also after a few trips, the vinyl countertop has started to peel away inside of the kitchen sink quite a few Little Guy Trailers. And as far as the inside wear and tear goes, you will be able to notice a couple of tears in the flooring of the camper. However, they are small and not noticeable unless you get down to look for them.

How much do Little Guy Trailers cost?

Little Guy Trailers come in three models and their price range from $10,000 to $47,000 and up, depending on the model and the number of features you want to add. 

Little Guy Trailer ModelExterior FeaturesInterior FeaturesOther AmenitiesMSRP
Little Guy MaxPremium 15″ Tires
Custom Tubular Steel Chassis
Insulated Dual Pane Windows
Ultra-Durable Construction
Electric Brake Dexter Axle
100% Hardwood Cabinetry
2 Burner Glass Top Stove
13,500 BTU Roof Mounted A/C
Queen Size Master Bed
13,500 BTU Roof Mounted  AC
16,000 BTU Ducted Furnace
Wet bath
4 Cubic Ft. Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Little Guy Mini Max15″ Premium Tires
Azdel Composite Sidewalls
4 Insulated Dual Pane Windows
Exterior Entertainment Center
Electric Brake Dexter Axle
1 Cu. Ft. Microwave
13,500 BTU A/C
16,000 BTU Furnace
LED Panel Control Center
5 Cubic Feet of Storage Space
Upper Freezer Compartment
26.5″ Deep, 41.5″ Wide, 6′ Tall
75″x70″ Full Queen Size Bed Option
Dual 70″x21″ Twin Size Bed Option
MyPodEntertainment Center
12V/110 Power
Full-Size Sleeping Area
Installed A/C
100% Molded Fiberglass Body
Ultra Lightweight Frame
Protective Gravel Guard
Full/Double Size Bed
760 lbs Dry Weight
Available in white, silver, black, blue or red.

Why are Little Guy Teardrop Trailers so popular?

Little Guy Trailers are popular because they are lightweight and aerodynamic teardrop trailers. And there are several reasons why teardrop trailers are among the most favourite type of campers: 

Aesthetics and functionality. In the world of Teardrop, there is really a way to have fun in terms of design. This is what makes him so popular. Made-to-measure is commonplace, and if not, it is very easy to personalize it in its image and its uses! The wood exteriors, the all-in-Aluminum, the retro-style paint finishes make this small caravan one of the most attractive on the market.

It is also extremely functional. It offers a spacious sleeping area, for two or three people depending on the model while offering a very well equipped kitchen area. Many Teardrops are supplied with electricity through solar panels or a grid connection.

It is ultra transportable. Teardrops are the smallest caravans. Most are 2.50m long and 1.50m wide. So it’s extremely easy to tow them. No need for a 4×4, the Teardrop can be towed by almost any vehicle and that’s really a plus. There are even models towed by motorcycles!

In addition, once detached from the vehicle, it is very easy to make them cover the last few meters in a field or on the sand, by hand. Fairly ideal when you are looking for the calm of the secluded countryside, the banks of the river or the steep paths.

You can DIY. The cool thing about Teardrop is that it can be self-built. Ah !!! The pleasure of doing it yourself! Of course, you will need some spare time and some DIY skills, but it’s not as difficult as building a tiny house or homologating a homemade motorhome.

Teardrop trailers are one of the most popular recreational vehicles, as almost anyone with basic carpentry skills can build their own and sometimes even with only scrap materials. You can paint it yourself, you can add accessories to it, and you can repair it without having to take it to a professional. True freedom. 

Building yourself also means becoming the owner of a unique object, a real vehicle for meeting and conversation wherever you go. You will understand, the philosophy of the Teardrop Trailer is apart and its seductive assets are immense.

FAQ on Why are Little Guy trailers so expensive?

Are Teardrop trailers more aerodynamic?

Yes, Teardrop trailers are more aerodynamic than any other trailer, mainly due to their shape. Many Teardrop trailers these days are built on purchased steel trailers or custom made steel trailers. In our time, we are returning to minimalism, we want to consume less fuel, we avoid the congestion of motorhome circuits, so Teardrop trailers seem like a good choice. 

Are Teardrop trailers worth it?

Teardrop trailers are worth it for those who love the outdoors and want to make a short trip to nature. It is easier to tow and just enough for two people. 

How many can a teardrop camper sleep?

Two passengers can sleep in a teardrop camper very comfortably. Bigger teardrops trailers can fit up to five people, however, this would be indicated by the manufacturer. 

What are the benefits of Teardrop trailers?

Teardrop trailers have many advantages over large trailers. While they don’t offer as many conveniences and features, they still have their place in the market. Small and light in construction, that means you don’t need a huge vehicle to pull them. Plus, they’re much cheaper in price and they provide a place to sleep and eat, without the hassle of a large trailer or tent trailer.


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