Why are Lance Truck Campers so expensive?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Why are Lance Truck Campers so expensive? We will review the costs of acquiring a Lance Truck Camper and also share with you five reasons why we believe these truck campers are worth your money. 

Why are Lance Truck Campers so expensive?

Lance Truck Campers are expensive for their ease of use, convenience, layouts and options. Lance Truck campers adapt to a variety of pick-ups, maintenance and insurance are not expensive and it is also much more comfortable and better insulated than other truck camper models currently on the market. 

5 reasons why Lance Truck Campers are worth the money

Here are five indisputable advantages of Lance Truck Campers and reasons they are definitely worth the money:

  1. The outside structure: A Lance Truck Camperis built differently than other campers because of the way they build the frame with aluminum. The floor is suspended and it does not rely upon the bed of the truck for its support. You can easily remove the truck camper at the campsite and travel without  your pick-up. 

Also on the outside, Lance surprises us with a smart awning – it’s all automatic and it pops out by itself. The awning has a wind sensor in it so that it will pull itself back in when the weather becomes unfavorable for camping. 

  1. The remote control electric jack:  One of the other things that are a real pro of the Lance Truck Camper is the remote control electric jack, which means that you can literally be in the process of slipping your truck underneath the camper. If you need to make an adjustment you don’t have to get out and run around and crank it up. It’ll just take care of it automatically for you! 
  1. The bathroom size: The design of the Lance Truck Campers is very well done, as you are able to expand the room and size of the camper bathroom by putting a pocket door in it. This way you don’t take up all of your hall space to get in the bathroom. And of course, the shower &  toilet it’s all one unit. 
  1. Four seasons camper: Lance Truck Campers are good to camp down to zero degrees and don’t keep the furnace on because of the way they have been insulated. Lance Truck campers are one of the few campers that have double pane windows throughout. 
  1. The sleeping capacity: Lance Truck Campers have a full-sized queen bed.  You also got a dinette that converts and storage lockers that you can pop down and it becomes a bunk bed.  

Overall, Lance Truck Campers are very spacious and comfortable campers. The kitchen is certainly capable of handling a weekend or a week trip for two people; an extended stay would be just fine. You’ve also got a microwave, a propane stove, a furnace, onboard air conditioning up top and of course a fridge. 

How much do Lance Truck Campers cost?

The price for a Lance Truck Camper will depend on the dimensions and the type of the camper as well as on the number of amenities it has onboard. In the tables below you can see how much you have to pay for a Lance short-bed, long-bed or all-bed truck camper. 

Price for Lance Short-Bed Truck Campers

ModelLance 650Lance 825Lance 855sLance 865
Floor Length6’10”8’6”8’11”8’7”
Overall Length15’6′16’3”8’9”8’0”
Exterior Width86”86”18’0”16’5”
Exterior Height8’1”8’0”96”86”
Interior Height81”77”81”77”
Cabover Height3’2”2’9”3’5”2’9”
Dry Weight1700 Lbs.1837 Lbs.2997 Lbs.2012 Lbs.
Center of Gravity21323834
Fresh Tank22 Gal30 Gal30 Gal30 Gal
Grey Tank15 Gal13 Gal20 Gal14 Gal
Black Tank16 Gal14 Gal25 Gal13 Gal
Refrigerator3 Cu. Ft.3 Cu. Ft.5 Cu. Ft.3 Cu. Ft.
Propane Tank1-5 Gal1-5 Gal2-5 Gal1-5 Gal
Furnace BTU18M18M20M18M
Sleeping Capacity34/54/55

Lance Long-Bed Truck campers

ModelLance 960Lance 975Lance 1062Lance 1172
Floor Length9’11”10’4”10’11”11’11”
Overall Length96”96”96”96”
Exterior Width9’0”9’0”9’0”9’0”
Exterior Height3’5”3’5”3’5”3’8”
Interior Height79”79”79”80”
Cabover Height3’5”3’5”3’5”3’8”
Dry Weight2970 Lb3499 Lbs.3613 Lbs.4174 Lbs.
Center of Gravity47″49″48″60″
Fresh Tank45 Gal45 Gal45 Gal42 Gal
Grey Tank28 Gal30 Gal27 Gal35 Gal
Black Tank28 Gal26 Gal22 Gal35 Gal
Refrigerator5 Cu. Ft.6 Cu. Ft.6 Cu. Ft.6 Cu. Ft.
Propane Tank2-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-5 Gal2-7 Gal
Furnace BTU14.3M20M20M20M
Sleeping Capacity3445/6

Lance All-bed Truck campers

ModelLance 850
Floor Length8’11”
Overall Length17’7”
Exterior Width96”
Exterior Height8’6”
Interior Height76”
Cabover Height3’2”
Dry Weight2501 Lbs.
Center of Gravity34
Fresh Tank30 Gal
Grey Tank20 Gal
Black Tank18 Gal
Refrigerator5 Cu. Ft.
Propane Tank2-5 Gal
Furnace BTU20M
Sleeping Capacity5

Are Lance Truck Campers easy to remove?

As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages of a Lance Truck camper is that it is easy to remove and live off the truck.

Here are steps to follow if you need to remove a Lance Truck Camper:

Step 1: Find a level place to park: You don’t want the truck or the camper to shake when trying to separate the two. 

Step 2: Release tie-downs from the truck camper mounting brackets: be careful so as not to scratch or damage them in any way camper at this point. 

Step 3: Check the jacks/stabilizers: make sure you know how to use them. Read our article on how to stabilize a camper for instructions. 

Step 4: Deploy the stabilizers: Ask someone to help you lift the truck camper from the bed. Be careful to deploy the jacks until they touch the camper (all in sync). 

Step 5: Carefully move the truck straight forward about three ft: You must go straight ahead and lift the camper more if necessary.  

Step 6: Unplug the cable to the truck: This is the cable responsible for recharging your camper batteries. Remove it now. 

Step 7: Carefully drive the truck forward again: Make sure there is no other cable connected to the camper beforehand. Drive enough to be able to lift the front side of the truck camper. 

Step 8: Lower the truck camper to desired height & level: Make sure you keep the camper level and that you lower it slowly and with precision. 

Now you are free to camp in the truck camper of the truck!

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Lance Truck Campers are caravans that are placed on the bed of a truck or pickup. This RV class typically seats two or three people and offers basic sleeping, cooking and eating facilities. The newer and more luxurious models have extensions that greatly expand and improve the living space.

What do you think of Lance Truck Campers? Let us know!

FAQ on Why are Lance Truck Campers so expensive?

How long do truck campers last?

Truck campers last approximately 155,000 miles (about 250,000 kilometres), which corresponds to approximately 25 years. Factors such as how often your camper is used, the quality of maintenance and cleaning all have an impact on the life of the vehicle in one way or another.

Can you ride in a truck camper?

Yes, except for five states which you will find in the table below, it is legal for you to ride a truck camper. But before going further, we feel the need to highlight that pets and children should never ride in a truck camper and should never be left unsupervised or alone in the truck camper for the duration of the entire trip!

Can you stay in a truck camper without the truck?

Yes, you can stay in a truck camper without the truck. As long as you park it legally and in a secure place, you are more than welcome to camp in your truck camper!

Are truck campers easy to remove?

The good news is that truck campers are easy to remove, once you get used to how to do it. The bad news is that if you do not reattach the truck camper properly, you risk damaging both the camper and the pick-up truck. 

Are diesel pickup better for pop-up truck campers?

When considering your options, diesel engine variants will provide as much torque as possible to pull a large trailer behind so factor that into the price. Also, inquire about your tow hitch options as if you want to tow very large trailers you may need the fifth wheel hitch which will add to the base price. 


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