Why are horse trailers so expensive?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: Why are horse trailers so expensive? We will review the costs of acquiring a horse trailer and also give you advice on how to get the best deal on a new purchase. 

Why are horse trailers so expensive?

Horse trailers are expensive because they have numerous accessories and built-in features. Compared to the alternative (a stock trailer), the horse trailer can have one or more of the following amenities:

  • Ramps;
  • Doors and windows;
  • Dividers;
  • Air vents;
  • Tack rooms;
  • Saddle racks;
  • Gear hooks;
  • Hay storage;
  • Rubber flooring;
  • Lighting;
  • Shower;
  • Living quarters.

Also compared to a stock trailer, a horse trailer is completely enclosed and weatherproofed, double-walled and insulated, and has smooth and ribbed floor mats. 

How much do horse trailers cost?

The cost for a horse trailer, whether new or used, will depend on the type,  year, manufacturer, hauling capacity, weight, the material used to build it and the number of amenities it has. In the table below you can see the indicative price for different types of horse trailers. 

Type of horse trailerNumber of horses it can carryPrice for newPrice for used
Gooseneck Trailer   with Living Quarters1-2 Horse Trailer$$49,350 – $148,382$16,995 – $34,500
Gooseneck Trailer   with Living Quarters3 Horse Trailer$63,850 – $109,997$21,995 – $119,995
Gooseneck Trailer   with Living Quarters4 Horse Trailer$61,119 – $148,382$19,995 – $69,995
Gooseneck Trailer   with Living Quarters5-6 Horse Trailer$88,787 – $156,950$95,000 – $186,442
Gooseneck Trailer   without Living Quarters1-2 Horse Trailer$24,664 – $33,261$7,495 – $19,995
Gooseneck Trailer   without Living Quarters3 Horse Trailer$20,997 – $31,135$7,495 – $35,995
Gooseneck Trailer   without Living Quarters4-6 Horse Trailer$28,256 – $86,852$19,500 – $25,900
Bumper Pull Horse Trailer 1-2 Horse Trailer$8,995 – $28,596$6,995 – $19,999
Bumper Pull Horse Trailer 3 Horse Trailer$8,130 – $31,858$12,995 – $21,650
Bumper Pull Horse Trailer 4-6 Horse Trailer$52,265 – $70,823$14,000 – $33,450

Costs for the equipment of horse trailers

As you probably know already, the horse trailer must be equipped with functional and quality equipment that will come as additional costs:

  • a rot-proof wood or aluminum floor with rubber mat: $42-$120
  • side coverings with polypropylene or aluminum lining: $152-$240
  • a reversing light with an anti-panic system: $18-$22
  • a trailer door hinge: $25-$40

Other fees when purchasing a horse trailer

Whether new or used, there are additional fees when purchasing a horse trailer:

  • Trailer Registration: a one-time fee of $50 to $100
  • License Tabs: $10 – $80 annually.
  • Insurance: $350 a year or $29 a month for that coverage.
  • Maintenance: between $150-$1000 annually

Tips for purchasing a horse trailer and making a good deal

Do you want to go horse riding off the beaten track, go to a competition or join other rider friends? A horse trailer specially used to trace the route and transport one or more horses is, therefore, the ideal solution for moving safely with your mount (s). However, you have to choose the right trailer and, just like buying a used car, evaluate and test it before you buy it.

  1. Establish your requirements and stick to them. Choose the trailer that perfectly matches your needs and expectations. To do this, start by making a targeted selection via the internet: horizontal or side loading, polyester roof with metal reinforcements, chassis equipped with good suspensions, side panels in anodized aluminum planks, ventilation, aluminum floor, double rear door with locking mechanism. 

You will also need space for storing the upholstery, aluminum separation on sliding rails, spare wheel, not to mention the different colours for aesthetic appearance, design and a more modern look … It’s up to you to decide. 

Some trailers are equipped with an anti-panic release. Tinted adjustable windows, interior lighting,  rear stabilizer with integrated lighting or even a windbreak system are also elements to take into account before buying your second-hand horse trailer.

  1. Buy from an individual or a professional? You will certainly get a better deal on the price side by buying a trailer from a private individual, but unless you know a minimum of mechanics, purchasing a horse trailer from a professional may be more advisable. Some trailers sold by professionals are indeed guaranteed, and they can offer you a trade-in of your old trailer, just like, once again, a car.
  1. Quality, finishes, safety: the three essentials. Before buying a used trailer, you must have a B license and have a vehicle with a sufficiently powerful engine (minimum 130 horsepower) to tow it in load, 4×4 or large sedan style. The EB license is not necessary in some special cases, in particular, if the total authorized weight (GVW) of the car and the trailer is less than 9300 lbs, but be careful to check the legislation in force. 
  1. Look at the horse trailer from all angles. Remember to check that everything works correctly and meets the standards: bulbs, smooth walls, well-polished chest bar, level ground, solid and up to standards, good condition of the deck if there is any, floor covering, roof and tires in good condition (no rust!). 

The interior must not present any roughness that is dangerous for the horse’s body. The most important is obviously the floor, which must be able to withstand heavyweights. Be particularly careful if it is a wooden floor. Is it first hand? Was the trailer left outside or undercover? You will understand, you have to be very vigilant before buying a trailer.

 Just like with a car or a motorhome, ask yourself the right questions!

Can you finance a new horse trailer?

How difficult is it to finance a horse trailer?

If you can’t manage the entire purchase with your savings, getting a trailer loan is the same as financing a car, getting a student loan, or getting a mortgage.

When you get the right funding, you have the option of setting up a fixed payment that will be made each month over a specified period. The interest rate at which this loan will be subject will likely depend on your financial history. You will be able to use the trailer or any other equipment while continuing to repay the entire loan.

In the vast majority of states in the US, the registration process is almost similar to that of a car. When purchasing a trailer, you are issued a title deed, and you will then need to follow your state’s next steps to complete the registration. The registration process is not the same in all states. So consult local laws and regulations to understand all the ins and outs.

Final advice

When buying a horse trailer, choose one carefully, as if you were buying a car or a motorhome: comb through all its functional, technical and material aspects … Inspect all key control points and security features. Also, think about how you are going to use it, how much weight you need it to carry and what is your budget. 

Before buying a horse trailer, keep in mind that it must be maintained and stored properly. Any horse trailer must be serviced at least twice a year, more often if you are using it almost on a daily basis or if you are transporting more than one horse! 

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FAQ on Why are horse trailers so expensive?

What credit score do you need to buy a horse trailer?

You need a credit score of at least 620 to buy a horse trailer and a debt-to-income ratio below 36%. Despite the aforementioned figures, there is no accurate answer about the score needed to get a loan.

Should I finance a horse trailer?

Horse trailer loans are a great way to improve your credit score if you pay them off on time. Look for a loan that doesn’t have a prepayment penalty. Selecting a longer-term loan with lower payments is generally a good idea, as you can always prepay and overpay if you wish.

Can you finance an older trailer?

It is not that easy to finance a trailer older than 15 years. If this is your case, you will have to either get a personal loan or a loan from a credit union. The score credit for such a loan should be at least 700, and there are few lenders who finance an older trailer or someone with a low credit score.

Should I buy a horse trailer?

You should buy a horse trailer if you own one or more horses and you:

  • Want to participate in a tournament;
  • Need to regularly visit a vet clinic;
  • Want to go on vacation and need a way to transport your horse(s). 

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