Why are Eriba caravans so expensive?

In this blog post, we will explain why Eriba caravans are so expensive. We will also analyze the cost of buying a caravan and what it includes. 

Why are Eriba caravans so expensive?

There are a few reasons why Eriba caravans are expensive, but in general terms, these caravans are compact, comfortable, secure and innovative motorhomes that are worth the investment. Some of the reasons why so many customers are satisfied with the Eriba caravans are:

  • The supply of water, gas and electricity and the battery lasts on average from two to seven days of autonomous life
  • In addition to the basic configuration, which includes a gas stove, refrigerator, dry closet, washbasin, gas heater and berths, a number of optional equipment can be installed at the request of the client.
  • New models of Eriba caravans have a five years warranty.
  • They can be used at any time of the year for travelling with the whole family, travelling with a company on a fishing or hunting trip.
  • Modern technologies, improved comfort characteristics, a wide range of options for planning and interior space design – all this makes it a favourite among connoisseurs of high-class outdoor recreation.

What are Eriba caravans?

Eriba caravans are good quality motorhomes loved by many adventurers. Whether you are going on a nature hike with the whole family, whether you are going on vacation to the sea or the lake with friends, the Eriba caravan will become your second home, comfortable and functional. 

Eriba offers its customers a variety of models. They are all divided into two categories:

  • Semi-integrated. The Eriba range of semi-integrated campervans includes the Eriba T CL, Eriba T-Class SL, Eriba Exsis-t and Eriba ML-T. Semi-integrated “mobile homes” from the Hymer company are distinguished by a rich choice of interior layouts, improved aerodynamic properties and balanced fuel consumption. 

However, it should be borne in mind that the capacity of such motorhomes is somewhat less than for integrated ones. Therefore, they are best suited for small families and groups of 3-4 people.

  • Integrated. The Eriba integrated motorhomes category includes models such as Exsis-i, B-Class, StarLine S, B-Class SL, B-Class PremiumLine, DuoMobil and ML-I. Unlike semi-integrated ones, they are more spacious and can be equipped with 4-6 berths. 

Each model of Eriba caravans has a wide range of modifications and allows free variation of the configuration and layout. Therefore, Eriba customers can choose a motorhome or caravan according to their taste and financial capabilities. 

Basic versions of motorhomes (C-class) cost about 50 thousand dollars, and the cost of “luxury” motorhomes depends solely on your needs and desire to be “worthy of the best, to be different.”

All Eriba RVs have a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes. Therefore, they can be driven even with a category B driver’s license. However, motorists who are planning to buy “motorhomes” from this German brand should take into account that such a pleasure will not be cheap. 

The average cost of Eriba caravans, depending on the model and configuration, is about 140-160 thousand US dollars.

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What does the price of a caravan include

As you can imagine, the offer on the caravan and motorhome market is very varied. Both in professional distribution and in private sales, the choice is immense. The first question you should ask yourself is: do I want to buy a brand new caravan or motorhome or do I prefer a used vehicle in good condition? Take the time to educate yourself. What budget do you have? How many people should be able to sleep onboard?

  • The layout: Also think about the interior layout, the possibilities are not the same for caravans or motorhomes. You also have the choice between several models: integral, low profile, or van.
  • For all budgets: The price of a vehicle is essentially determined by three factors: age, mileage and make. But know that you are the one who sets the price of your camping vacation. There are many options for small budgets. 

For example, you can become the proud owner of a wonderful second-hand motorhome for only 8 to 12 thousand euros. And for the same amount, you can register a fairly recent model caravan in your name!

  • Think about towing: Did you choose a caravan? Don’t forget the additional costs associated with towing the caravan. Do you already have a hitch, or do you need to buy one? Also, think about fitting additional mirrors for the caravan to ensure good visibility.
  • Maintenance and repairs costs: If you take good care of it, you can enjoy your recreational vehicle for years to come. Regular maintenance helps prevent unpleasant or dangerous situations on the road. Despite the fact that you don’t do a lot of kilometres per year with your vehicle, periodic servicing is necessary to keep it in good condition.

For some parts, replacement does not depend on the number of kilometres driven, but on the number of years of use. When it comes to the battery or tires, for example, being stationary for long periods of time requires more attention. Good maintenance will also allow you to better resell or exchange your vehicle at a future date.

  • Technical inspection: Knowing that a motorhome is actually a caravan AND a car in one, it requires more maintenance. The engine should also be serviced. When buying a motorhome, pay attention to the major repairs to be planned and take this into account when setting the price.

Only motorhomes are affected by technical control. After the first technical inspection, the motorhomes are subject to inspection every two years. The price of the technical inspection is not very high, but it is the possible repairs that can be expensive. Also, before buying a motorhome, it is important to check what condition it is in. In any case, having a technical control carried out is always useful.

  • Depreciation. Every year, the motorhome or caravan loses its value. Knowing that the amount you must spend annually on the vehicle depends on the make, model, condition and year of construction, it is advisable to find out the precise amount before proceeding to purchase the vehicle. 
  • Insurance. When you go with your recreational vehicle, you want to make the most of your vacation without worrying about it. So it is better to be well insured to be protected in the event of a problem. 

The insurance premium depends on several parameters such as the year of manufacture, the replacement value and the desired level of guarantee. The more expensive your recreational vehicle, the higher the premium. Insurance providers are numerous, both for caravans and motorhomes. Making a comparison is worth it! And keep in mind that these costs don’t stop when you put your rolling home away for the winter!

  • The taxes. Check the taxes you will have to pay for the model you are interested in and consult the regulations for the registration certificate. And don’t forget to inquire about the highway toll rates for the class of your caravan or motorhome.

The bottom line

The average cost of Eriba caravans, depending on the model and configuration, is about 140-160 thousand US dollars. Would you buy an Eriba caravan, considering the price? After researching their history and having a look at their website, we are sold! What do you think? Are Eriba caravans any good?

FAQ on Why are Eriba caravans so expensive?

Where are Eriba caravans made?

Eriba caravans are made in Germany, as the brand is owned by Hymer AG. 

Do Eriba caravans have showers?

Yes, Eriba caravans have showers, a toilet and a small sink. 

Are Eriba caravans any good?

Yes, Eriba caravans are a good investment and loved by many adventurers. Whether you are going on a nature hike with the whole family, whether you are going on vacation to the sea or the lake with friends, the Eriba caravan will become your second home, comfortable and functional. 


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