Why are caravans always white?

In this article, we will explain: Why are caravans always white? We will also guide you in painting a caravan no matter the colour you want it! We also share some inspirational pictures with interesting and cheerful caravans.  

Why are caravans always white?

Caravans are always white for three essential reasons:

  1. White paint saves a lot of costs as it usually cheaper to paint and reapply;
  2. White is easier to “fix” in case there is any damage to the colour of the caravan;
  3. White is believed to keep the caravan cooler during warm summer days. 

If you are not a fan of the white, it is easy to repaint a caravan. First, sand the surface of the caravan. Second, place masking tape in areas where you don’t want it to be painted, like windows, for example. And finally, our tip is to paint the caravan with a paint gun. 

Below we discuss in more detail how to repaint or restore the exterior of a caravan. 

How do I paint a caravan?

First things first: the body of a vehicle is not a wall or a wall, so a brush and regular paint will not suffice. What you will need is masking tape, sponge sandpaper, soap and water, hardener, a paint gun and, of course, paint. Ideally, you should use a two-component polyurethane-based paint, catalyst and thinner, which you will have to mix yourself. To know the ratio of the mixture, just take a look at the product’s technical sheet.

Before starting, it is best to do a small test of paint on a piece of the caravan, to make sure that it looks good and that the paint is compatible with the material of the body. If you have doubts, you can always consult a workshop.

Next, to paint the caravan follow these steps:

  1. Choose a spacious place where you do not disturb; Be aware that you could stain other vehicles or even other people.
  2. Cover unpainted parts, like window panes, with masking tape to protect them. Make sure it is properly attached.
  3. Sand the entire exterior surface of the caravan that you are going to paint with the sandpaper sponge until the shine is removed.
  4. Clean it thoroughly with soap and water so that no dirt remains, and then dry it with a cloth.
  5. Now you will have to pour the paint into the gun and give the body a coat; When it’s dry, give it another one. Respect the drying time or you could spoil the result.

With these tips, you are ready to paint your motorhome. Do not hesitate, give it a new look!

How to spray paint a caravan?

To spray paint a caravan it is very important to be patient and use good products. The technique does not have to be the hastiest, but for a good finish, it is better to do the task calmly.

Before you start painting, you must have the right materials:

Spray paint a caravan step-by-step:

1. First of all, the areas that are not going to be painted must be protected to prevent the

Paint evaporation damages other parts of the car.

2. Clean the area to be painted with degreaser to prevent subsequent damage to the paint.

3. Leave the surface to be painted completely smooth, to have a finish that is as perfect as possible. For this, you have to sand the area to be painted. In case of being a flat sheet or where the sander can be used, use the orbital sander, in an area with little or difficult access to the sander, use the nylon drill brushes, depending on the area where it is going to be used, or a block and manual sandpaper. 

If the area to be worked on is not completely smooth or you want to repair an area, it can be caulked. These types of putties are two-component, having a separate hardener that is mixed in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer. Once hardened, it can be sanded without problems.

4. Once the surface is prepared for painting, it is necessary to apply a primer coat. For the paint to adhere much better, give it about 3 or 4 coats, letting it dry between them for about 5-10 minutes and at a distance of about 20 cm. Learn how to apply primer.

5. On sheet metal work, a re-sand is required for a finer finish. It can be sanded with very fine-grained water-based sandpaper to later apply the spray paint. Making passes at a distance of about 20 cm horizontally and continuously. You should not stay in one place so as not to load an area too much and prevent it from leaking, thus leaving a poor finish.

6. The final finish will be done with varnish, in this case in a spray. You can apply 2 or 4 layers of varnish, leaving a drying time between them. Automotive varnish is applied in a cabin where, through filters, the passage of dust is prevented, allowing an almost perfect finish. If it is done outdoors, you may have specks of dust that adhere to the varnish. This can be avoided by covering the area, in this case, it is also important to have a good mask.

7. For a good finish, polish the painted area to further highlight the shine and remove some imperfections.

Inspiration pictures for painting your caravan

As you know by now, your caravan mustn’t stay white! If you want to personalize your caravan or add a touch of colour, you are more than welcomed to do so. We hope that the pictures below will inspire you with great ideas!

Summary of the steps to paint the exterior of your caravan

  1. Remove any stickers that the caravan may have.
  2. Disassemble or cover what does not need to be painted.
  3. Wash and degrease the caravan.
  4. Sand with a sponge or fine sandpaper.
  5. Paint with a universal primer.
  6. Wait for it to dry, sand, clean and repaint with primer if you think it is necessary.
  7. Paint the caravan.

This is a small summary of the basic steps you have to take, as you can see, step 6 is optional and you will only repeat the sanding, cleaning and priming process if necessary and as many times as you see fit.

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

FAQ on Why are caravans always white?

Are the caravans ray or roller painted?

Caravans can be both spayed or roller painter, if you know how to use the spray gun, go ahead since the paint is the best, but it is more frequent if you do it at home with a roller.

Is any roller suitable for painting a caravan?

Not any roller is suitable for painting a caravan. It has to be it lacquer or velour roller of about 20 or 25 cm in length, although it can also be used smaller.

Is it mandatory to paint the caravan white?

No, it is not mandatory to paint the caravan white. Paint your caravan whatever colour you want!


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