Who makes the best-insulated toy hauler?

In today’s blog post, we will discuss: Who makes the best-insulated toy hauler? We will review the best-insulated toy hauler currently on the market and discuss its features. We will also explain: Is it possible to live four seasons in a toy hauler and how to do so?

Who makes the best-insulated toy hauler?

The best-insulated toy hauler currently on the market is Grand Design Momentum 276TH. Grand Design has revolutionized the Toy Hauler category with its Momentum cargo fifth-wheel trailer range.  It offers most of the additional equipment and options of the Momentum, with configurations available at lesser length and weight. As usual, for Grand Design, there is no compromise on the quality of materials and assembly. 

Why is Grand Design Momentum 276TH the best-insulated toy hauler?

The Momentum toy hauler is designed for extended use and therefore offers some of the best, if not the best, construction and insulation on the market. The Grand Design Momentum 276TH insulation features are:

  • Weather-Tek insulation leaves no stone unturned, starting with the roof which has a layer of mineral wool and an insulating membrane that both run down to the bottom of the moulded fibreglass cap at the front. 
  • The wood frame of the roof is covered with a TPO membrane and is discharged through a vent, allowing moisture to escape and keeping the wood dry. 
  • The rest of the structure is made of laminated panels with an aluminum structure, polystyrene insulation, interior prefinished and fibreglass exterior cladding. 
  • The rear garage door, walls and roof of the extensions are all also laminated for superior durability. The floor also has an aluminum structure but is insulated with mineral wool. The floor of the extensions as well as the floor of the upper section are protected by an insulating membrane.
  • One of the key elements is the chassis, it is widened to be 101 inches wide and is a drop frame style with 12 inch top rails and 10-inch bottom rails. It, therefore, provides a solid base for the structure in addition to offering oversized storage boxes at the front. 
  • The compartment doors are 1.5 inches thick and are insulated with Styrofoam to limit heat loss. The frame is closed and insulated along its entire length, the protective membrane is lined with an insulating membrane, then a layer of mineral wool is placed inside. The protective membrane is held firmly in place by aluminum rails attached along its perimeter. 
  • Finally, the plumbing lines are isolated, the tanks are equipped with heating pads and the hot air ducts bring air from the 35,000 BTU furnace directly inside the frame, the storage box and the centre all-in-one connector.

This insulation also facilitates air conditioning during warmer temperatures, the Momentum Toy Hauler has two air conditioners connected to a Racetrack duct system offering 23% better airflow than the competition which is now also equipped with the RV Airflow system which increases by 40% air circulation in the ducts. 

It is also possible to add a third air conditioner connected to the ducts in the garage and equip the Momentum with thermos windows. The temperature of the bedroom, main space and garage are all thermostatically controlled, each with its own separate zone for comfort anywhere.

Is the Grand Design Momentum 276TH a good toy hauler?

Grand Design gave the Momentum a dynamic and luxurious look with a “Gel-Coat High Gloss” finish on the fibreglass, a painted front cap with integrated LED lights, frameless windows and LED lights illuminating under the sash. You can add optional extension awnings and have the entire Momentum covered with one of five exterior paint designs that won’t go unnoticed! 

Speaking of details, Grand Design replaces the butyl typically used to seal gaskets with PVC foam or Mylar tape which is more effective and durable. Butyl will crack and swell sometimes protruding from the screw cap and being able to let water through, while the Mylar tape will remain intact.

Momentum’s exterior equipment includes virtually everything! Starting with improved road equipment; a MORryde RPB hitch box, 17.5-inch H-rated Cooper nitrogen-filled tires with aluminum rims, a spare tire mounted under the frame, a MORryde CRE3000 suspension and 7000-pound axles with self-adjusting brakes. 

For once-at-destination amenities, the Momentum includes a hydraulic self-levelling stabilizer system, Step-Above steps, entertainment centre with TV, DVD player and Rockford Fosgate branded speakers, two electric awnings with lights LED, a folding ladder for access to the roof, a fuel station containing up to 60 gallons, a 30 amp electrical hook-up, two 30 pound propane reserves.

The cargo section is equipped for transport and evenings! The door is fitted with the Fast Ramp system which assists in opening and closing, the door remains in the desired inclination and opens and closes at the slightest pressure allowing only one person to operate it. 

The floor is covered with an oil and fuel resistant Tuff-Ply floor covering and has several integrated clips with a capacity of 2,500 pounds. The bottom of the side walls are protected by a debris plate and ventilation hatches are placed on each side. 

For evening entertainment, a 32-inch television is installed, a bathroom is accessible directly from the garage and it also has several options; a Happi-Jac sofa and bed system on rails, a railing system with a rear awning to transform the door into a patio, patio steps, a screen wall or a three-season wall with windows and Momentum patio chairs! The 376THS lacks some of these options as its configuration includes a rear bedroom with the main bed on the rail in the cargo section.

The Momentum toy hauler is self-sufficient, prepared to accommodate a rooftop solar panel and generator. If you like simplicity, it is possible to take the option of the 300W solar panel already installed with its controller and a 2000W inverter, it is also possible to have an Onan 5500W gasoline generator installed. All combined with its oversized water supply offering up to 155 gallons of fresh water in select models, you’ll be ready for adventure!

Are toy hauliers good for four-season living?

Yes, toy hauliers are good for full-time living. The toy haulier is a cross between a fifth wheel and a travel trailer. It offers you all the comforts of a home with the advantages of camping! It includes a master bedroom raised above the van platform. 

With its sliding section, you can increase the interior space of your unit up to three feet in width. The toy haulier provides great stability thanks to the heavier axles but it is easy to tow at the same time. 

Here are some things to consider before moving full-time in a toy haulier:

  • Select a toy haulier that is in your price range and offers you the options you want. There is a wide selection of options and floor plans available on different models of toy hauliers hitches. Some have an extra space where you can store a motorcycle or ATV. This option will sacrifice space for living but will provide additional storage space. 

Toy hauliers also have various organized insulation, entertainment systems and small luxury items that can be added with upgrades. Kitchen counters can be upgraded on some models to provide durability as well as functionality. One particular area you will want to check out is the bathroom. 

Many toy hauliers offer a similar compartment shower that is very small. Others offer a larger shower but sacrifice the ability to hook up a washer and dryer.

  • Make a list of areas you will be living in or visiting in your toy haulier. Whether you are staying somewhere or planning to travel in your toy haulier, you will need a location to park your toy haulier. College students will want to know about the parking areas where they can live while going to college. 
  • People travelling with a toy haulier will want to look at different regions to see where they plan to stay and what parks are available. If you have your own property where you want to park your toy haulier, you will need to have utilities in place. This includes a source of water, electricity and a connection to the sewer system. 

You will also want to educate yourself on how each of the systems works on your toy haulier. These systems can run off propane or electricity and knowing how to use them will save you hours of inconvenience during an outage.

  • Moving in your toy haulier. Unpack your personal effects and fill the cupboards with dishes and. Whether you are on the move or staying put, a fifth wheel toy haulier can provide you with a comfortable home you can live in forever.
  • Insure your toy haulier as part of your insurance rather than the vehicle owner’s insurance to save money.
  • Have access to, or own a truck that is large enough to pull your toy haulier. In most cases, a 1-ton truck equipped with the right hitch is required to move the toy haulier


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