Who builds the best Class C motorhomes?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Who builds the best Class C motorhomes? We will review several Class C motorhomes from the most popular manufacturers currently on the market. 

Who builds the best Class C motorhomes?

The best Class C motorhomes are built by well-known and trustworthy manufacturers such as Thor Motor Coach and Jayco Inc. 

The reason we have chosen to present you five Class motorhomes from these two companies are the superior quality, the popularity of the company, the quality of the materials, the number of recalls and overall maintenance costs.

Without further adieu, here are the five best Class C motorhomes that we are going to review today:

  1. The Compass Class C motorhome
  2. The Esteem C-Class range of motorhomes
  3. The Odyssey Class C motorhome
  4. The Greyhawk Class C motorhomes
  5. The Gemini Class C motorhome.

The best Class C motorhomes from Thor

Thor RVs is a good brand of motorhomes. Thor Industries is one of the largest American groups in the sector and it has managed to generate a profit of $2.0 billion in the second quarter of the last year, with an addition of $637.1 million in net sales from Erwin Hymer Group (“EHG”), which Thor Industries owns and manages. 

In fact, Thor Industries is the company behind all of these popular motorhomes:

  • Airstream
  • Heartland RV
  • Hymer
  • Dutchmen
  • Jayco
  • Keystone RV
  • Thor Motor Coach
  • K-Z
  • Crossroads RV
  • Redwood RV.

The Compass Class C motorhome

The Compass Class C motorhome manufactured by Thor Motor Coach is compact and is ideal for frequent travellers who want to cover long distances and move constantly. Its forward heading is more streamlined than those of classic C-class motorhomes, which is why some will classify it as a B + class motorhome, not as big as a Class C motorhome and a little larger than a Class B.

Thor Motor Coach was no less dead for the equipment of the Compass motorhome which includes:

  • an electric stabilization system
  • an electric awning with integrated LED lights
  • a “Quick-Connect” propane connection
  • a high capacity battery of group 31
  • a 100W solar panel with the controller
  • an Onan® RV QG 4000 gasoline generator
  • a 30-amp electrical connection
  • An electric stabilization system.

Although it is not visible, the tanks are fitted with heating pads, the black water tank has a “Black Tank Flush” drain system and a 360 Siphon vent and the water heater is a model on request, therefore without a tank. Finally, on the roof, you can see the 13,500 BTU streamlined air conditioner and Winegard® ConnecT 2.0 antenna supporting TV, 4G network and WiFi. The air conditioner can be changed to a 15,000 BTU model.

The Compass motorhome has tanks of 25 gallons for fuel, 68 pounds for propane, 31 gallons for fresh water, 37 gallons for greywater and 19 gallons for black water.

The Gemini Class C motorhome

The Gemini is considered a Class C motorhome, but it is also referred to as a Class B + motorhome because it is compact. Easy to manoeuvre and ready for adventure, the Gemini is an excellent choice for nomadic campers. The Gemini motorhome is built by Thor Motor Coach which is a manufacturer recognized for its high-quality motorhome brands.

The Gemini has a 13,500 BTU streamlined ceiling mounted air conditioner with ductwork with hatches for better distribution. It also has a furnace with a capacity of 19,000 BTUs. The air conditioner can be replaced by a more efficient model offering 15,000 BTUs.

You can set up anywhere and quickly thanks to the many types of equipment giving you autonomy and facilitating the arrival at the campsite such as:

  •  an electric stabilization system
  • the RapidCamp + ™ Multiplex system controlling the lighting and appliances
  • Winegard® ConnecT 2.0 supporting TV, 4G network and WiFi
  • 30 amp electrical hookup
  • high capacity group 31 battery
  • 100W solar panel with a controller
  • Onan® RV QG 4000 gasoline generator.

To enjoy the outdoors, the Gemini is equipped with an electric awning with LED lighting and a quick-connect propane “Quick-Connect” connection. The VR Gemini 23TE is not equipped with an electric stabilization system.

The best Class C motorhomes from Jayco

Jayco RVs are completely designed for fast, efficient and safe family use. Jayco promises, indeed, arduous attention to plans and models that consider the use of a family with children. For this reason, many families who enjoy camping are definitely heading to Jayco for an RV.

The quality of Jayco products is what makes them particularly reliable. The materials and technology used in the design of their products are of the highest quality. Their products are equipped with: Magnum Truss Roof System, Climate Shield, Solid Foundations, JRide.

Jayco products are, however, also known for their environmental attributes which reduce waste rates as well as lower energy and fuel consumption.

The Esteem Class C Motorhome

The Esteem C-class range of motorhomes offers several luxurious and functional models. The Esteem is an RV built with all the know-how of Entegra Coach, which has been a member of the Jayco family since 2008, and the best materials available. Entegra Coach made its debut by offering Class A diesel and high-end motorhomes and now offers Class C RVs making its expertise more accessible!

Its outdoor equipment leaves nothing out and will allow you to fully enjoy your stays! The Esteem Class C motorhome features a self-levelling hydraulic stabilizer system, an electric step, an electric and LED-lit awning, an entertainment centre with a 32-inch television and speakers, 120V outlets Outdoor GFCI, bumper with sewer hose storage, 30 amp electrical hook-up, outdoor shower and “Black Tank Flush” sewage system.

Even more devices and equipment are tucked away in the underside of this RV:

  •  a 56-pound propane tank
  • two 12V batteries with illuminated disconnect switch
  • an Onan MicroQuiet ™ gasoline generator with a capacity of 4000W
  • a 60 amp inverter, a 1000W inverter, a 190W solar panel and two controllers,
  • a Girard® on-demand water heater, a water filtration system, a 12V water pump, heating pads under the water tanks
  • a 31,000 BTU furnace with a wall thermostat and a 15,000 BTU with heat pump. 

The Odyssey Class C motorhome

The Odyssey Class C motorhome also manufactured by Entegra Coach will offer you excellent value for money and allow you to enjoy your vacation in comfort. Entegra Coach has been part of the Jayco family since 2008 and builds its motorhomes with the same concern for quality using the best materials and proven manufacturing processes.

The exterior equipment of the Odyssey motorhome includes:

  • an electric ladder
  • Speakers
  • an electric awning with LED lights
  • a 120V GFCI outlet
  • a ladder for access to the roof
  • a 30 amp hook-up
  • storage for sewer hose in the rear bumper
  • a system of emptying black “Black Tank Flush” buckets
  • and an outside shower. 

The compartments located at the bottom of the walls do not only offer storage, they also house a 42-pound propane tank and a 4000 W Onan MicroQuiet gasoline generator. The Odyssey is prepared to receive a hydraulic stabilization system and automatic, but the system is optional.

The motorhome has a 15,000 BTU air conditioner which is installed on the roof and connected to ducts, a 30,000 BTU furnace with automatic ignition and controllable by a wall thermostat, a converter, a 1000W inverter, a 12V battery a system filtration system, a 12V water pump and a 6 gallon DSI water heater running on propane gas and electricity.

The Greyhawk Class C motorhome

If you are looking for a well-equipped and spacious C-Class motorhome, you will appreciate the Greyhawk models made by Jayco. They are designed to provide maximum convenience and storage, letting you enjoy your stays to the fullest.

The Greyhawk’s outdoor gear will get you up and running quickly, enjoying the outdoors and using all of its features virtually anywhere! It is equipped with:

  • an automatic hydraulic stabilization system
  • a 56-pound propane tank
  • an Onan® MicroQuiet ™ 4000 W generator
  • a 60 amp converter, a 1000 W inverter, one 190W solar panel, two controllers
  • two 12V batteries
  • 30 amp power hookup
  • electric awning with integrated LED lights
  • outlets 120V 
  • outdoor shower
  • roof access ladder
  •  sewer hose storage in the bumper
  • sewage drain system “Black Tank Flush” 
  • and numerous storage compartments with Slam-latch ™ handles.

The interior of the Greyhawk is tempered by a 31,000 BTU self-igniting furnace with a wall thermostat and a 15,000 BTU air conditioner with an integrated heat pump.

The bottom line

Class C motorhomes are known as the most “versatile” motorhome that has more room for amenities and beds, with an average length of between 20 and 31 feet. The beauty of a C-Class motorhome is its flexibility. Sometimes it can be difficult to convince yourself that an A-Class motorhome is worth taking with you, but a C-Class is never a huge problem.

What do you think of the Class C motorhomes brands we present above? Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments on the content!

FAQ on Who builds the best Class C motorhomes?

Which RVs have the best resale value?

The following are the RVs that have the best resale value:

  1. Jayco
  2. Airstream
  3. Grand Design
  4. Knaus
  5. Sun roller
  6. Weinsberg
  7. Adria
  8. Challenger
  9. Hobby.

Is driving a Class C motorhome difficult?

Driving a Class C motorhome can be difficult compared to manoeuvring other types of RVs. As welcoming as the interior of a Class C motorhome can be, it is easy for new RV  drivers to feel a little intimidated. 

How fast can you drive a Class C RV?

You should be driving a Class C RV faster than 65 miles per hour (105 km/h). The ideal speed is between 63 and 65 mph. Don’t drive your RV over the recommended speed, as its size and load reduce the braking time and increase the risks of overturning, especially in high winds. 

What are the best small RVs?

After thorough research, these are the best small RVs in our opinion: 

  • Wingamm RVs
  • Laika Ecovip 305
  • Hymer Van 314
  • Burstner Travel Van T590G Edition 30
  • Adria Compact SP.


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