Which teardrop campers have sleeping space for four?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Which teardrop campers have sleeping space for four?” We will talk about the best teardrop campers that have sleeping space for four and we will touch upon their features and specifications. We will also discuss some tips for purchasing a teardrop camper.

Which teardrop campers have sleeping space for four?

The teardrop campers that have sleeping space for four are listed below:

  • Taxa Outdoors
  • Little Guy Trailers
  • Homie teardrop campers
  • Raindrop campers
  • NuCamp campers
  • Wide Path 
  • Oregon trailer 
  • Dreamer travel trailer
  • Winnie drop

Taxa Outdoors

This is a small travel trailer for people looking for a space for four people to sleep comfortably. Taxa campers can be as long as 18 feet and weigh less than two thousand pounds. These campers are also spacious, with space for four adults and one small dog. In addition to having sleeping space for four people, these trailers are also convenient for sports activities like yoga or athletics.

Sleeping space

  • Taxa Outdoors has released a new teardrop camper that features a pop-up roof for ventilation and extra sleeping space. 
  • The trailer comes with a full-size bed, bunk beds, and a kitchen and dining table. 
  • It seats up to four people and has a water heater, cassette toilet, and shower. 
  • It also has electricity and can be equipped with hot and cold water.

Build and price

  • The Taxa Outdoors teardrop camper has a lightweight aluminum frame and an ergonomic galley.
  • The exterior height is under seven feet and it can be towed by a compact vehicle. 
  • One can easily fit two adults and a small child inside the teardrop camper with an optional rooftop tent. 
  • The price for these campers starts at $26,500.

Little Guy Trailers

A Little Guy teardrop camper is a stylish and convenient travel trailer that can easily be towed by almost any vehicle. Whether you are headed for a weekend away or a month-long road trip, a Little Guy camper is a great choice for families or groups of friends. They also feature an attractive look and a variety of color combinations, making them a great choice for any camping trip.


  • Its spacious interior is also available with optional features like a heating/air conditioning system, ceiling fan, and roof rack for adventure gear.
  • The interior of a Little Guy trailer has a classy finish, with carpeting and a vinyl-clad headliner. 
  • Little Guy is one of those reputed brands that have been in the market for a long time.

Sleeping space

  • The four-person sleeping arrangement offers plenty of room for a foam mattress. 
  • It comes complete with a comfortable, queen-size bed and a kitchenette with overhead cabinets. 
  • Unlike some other camper models, these trailers are lightweight and easy to tow with a car. 
  • There is enough sleeping space and it is more than some of the other campers boasting queen-size beds or bunk beds.

Towing options

  • These trailers can be towed by most mid-sized vehicles, making them perfect for families with teenagers. 
  • Other features include kitchenettes and showers. Some models even feature an awning room. 
  • The advantage is that you can always add a tent to the back of your trailer to provide additional sleeping space.

If you are looking for a camper with sleeping space for four, a teardrop trailer may be the best choice. These campers are perfect for families who want to go on long road trips without spending a lot of money. Teardrop trailers are among the smallest towable vehicles and can sleep two to four people. A convertible dinette and a queen-size bed are also available.

Homie teardrop campers  

A teardrop trailer can be difficult to sleep a family, but the Homie teardrop camper is perfect for accommodating four people. It features two sleeping areas in the main cabin and a rooftop tent. The Homie teardrop weighs only 441 pounds, so it can be towed behind any vehicle with a tow bar. The sleeping space inside the camper is large enough to accommodate four people comfortably.

Raindrop campers

The Raindrop teardrop trailer has a queen-sized bed in the main sleeping area. It also includes a convertible couch that converts into a bed. The teardrop model is a standard teardrop camper, with a length under 14 feet. While you will have limited sleeping options, the Raindrop sleeps four comfortably. Its sleeping area is spacious enough for two adults and two children.

NuCamp Campers

Another teardrop camper is the NuCamp. This trailer is one step closer to a standard trailer. It has four cabinets and a kitchenette area with a sink and stovetop. The NuCamp also features a wood paneling. This trailer is equipped with a queen-sized mattress and comes with an adjustable dinette table for four people. It weighs 2,890 pounds when dry.

Wide Path

This teardrop camper has a floor plan that is spacious enough to sleep four people, and the sofa converts into a bed. The dinette converts into a bed as well, and the dinette can be set up either inside or out. You will find plenty of shelving and drawers for storage, as well as a large stargazer window. A small kitchen includes a sink and stovetop oven.

Bathroom features

  • The bathroom in the Wide Path teardrop camper is compact but functional. It includes a sink, a large cabinet, a marine toilet, and a shower. 
  • The toilet is located inside the camper’s bathroom and features a high seat and adjustable showerhead. 
  • There is also a refrigerator and countertop space for a TV, which make this a great option for families or travelers who like to entertain.

Sleeping space and furniture

  • There is a queen-sized bed and bunks for two additional guests. It is 15 feet long and weighs just over one thousand pounds, which makes it perfect for four people. 
  • The interior can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different needs. This is a great option for families who like to stay out in nature.
  • Sleeping accommodations are often limited in teardrop campers. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a teardrop camper is whether it fits in your vehicle. 
  • A wide path teardrop camper is safe to tow, and many large cars can safely pull it. The wide path is one of those versatile campers that many people own.

Oregon Trailer

The Fron-Tear is one of the best-selling models of the Oregon Trailer. It is almost completely customizable. Owners have added decorative metal shells to customize their Fron-Tears. Its base color is silver and it has a unique shape. The Fron-Tear has sleeping space for four people. The Oregon Trailer weighs 630 pounds dry and 110 pounds with a tongue weight of up to 130 pounds.

Dreamer travel trailer

The Dreamer travel trailer features two private sleeping spaces: a master bedroom and a bunkhouse. The master bedroom is spacious and features a Queen-size bed. There is a private entrance to the bathroom from the exterior. The bunkhouse offers sleeping space for four, with four bunk beds and four drawers below each. It’s also equipped with a kitchen and bath area. A fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom complete this unit.

Winnie drop

The Winnie Drop features a queen-sized bed with storage underneath. There is a small kitchen area, complete with a sink, stove, microwave, and oven. Inside, there is wood paneling and a TV mount. Four people can sleep comfortably in this trailer and enjoy the scenery while you are traveling. It is six feet long and features two feet of floor space for a kitchen and dining area.

There are different types of teardrop campers with sleeping space for four. Whether you are looking for a minimalist trailer with sleeping space for four or a more spacious teardrop with a sleeping area for six, there are some campers to fit your lifestyle. We have reviewed the more popular brands and they are listed below.

Tips for purchasing a teardrop camper

Purchasing a teardrop camper for four requires you to be prepared. Some teardrop campers feature a toilet, but others don’t. If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to take your family on a camping vacation, be sure to put your needs first.  However, if you are a family with young children, you will need to think about what amenities you need in your teardrop.

  • The best teardrop trailers have a queen-sized bed, two bunk beds, and lots of storage space. Be sure to find enough room to stretch out and relax in your own space. 
  • A teardrop camper has limited sleeping options, but there are some options to consider before buying one. These are a few tips that you need to consider.
  • When purchasing a teardrop camper, keep in mind that some models have limited features. 
  • Some do not have a shower or bathroom, but you may be able to upgrade to a unit with a 12-gallon freshwater tank. 
  • If you are planning to take your family on a trip during the colder seasons, you will need to purchase a teardrop camper with sleeping space for four people.

When you are buying a teardrop camper, be sure to consider the floor plan. Many teardrop campers do not have enough space for four people, so you need to make sure that you have figured out what kind of sleeping arrangements work best for you. That said, the above tips and campers are sure to be a good fit for you.


In this blog post, we answered the question: “What teardrop campers have a sleeping space for four?” We talked about the best teardrop campers that have sleeping space for four and we touched upon their features and specifications. We have also discussed some tips for purchasing a teardrop camper.



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