Which state sells the most RVs?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Which state sells the most RVs?” We will talk about famous states that manufacture the best RVs and list out some of the motorhome statistics in the US. We will list out the 10 best RV brands that are widely recognized and talk about some of their unique features.

What state sells the most RVs?

According to the latest statistics, Indiana sells the most RVs in the US. The RV culture in the US is very popular and Indiana tops all states in selling the most number of RVs. This is because Indiana is the largest producer of RVs in the United States. Most popular brands like Thor, Keystone, and many more are manufactured in Indiana.

Elkhart County in Indiana has the top RV manufacturers and 80 percent of RVs in the US are manufactured in Indiana. More people have started to purchase RVs and there is been a significant rise in RV sales. Following Indiana on the list is California. Despite the high tax rate for purchasing automobiles, many people own RVs in California.

The number of RV dealers in the US has also increased due to the demand. States like Montana are considered cheaper to buy RVs since there is no tax on an RV purchase. Northern Indiana is famous for recreational vehicles and many people purchase RVs from Indiana since some of the top manufacturers are present in the State.

Motorhome statistics in the US

  • Close to 1 million Americans live in motorhomes full-time and more than 11 percent of US households own a motorhome.
  • The RV industry alone draws close to $115 billion to the country’s economy with $6 billion in taxes alone.
  • There are more than 600,000 people employed due to the motorhome industry.
  • The overall RV ownership has grown close to nine million today.
  • In recent years, millennials have purchased more RVs.
  • There are more than 16,000 campgrounds in the US that are built only for motorhomes.

With RV sales on the rise, the industry is flourishing and more and more dealers have been emerging in every state in the US. Traditional RV manufacturers have adapted to the latest technology and several RV companies are coming up with new sub-brands. Here are some of the top RV brands that are well-known in the US.

10 Best RV Brands

There are several RV brands in the US alone, but these brands have brought out some of the best recreational vehicles. RV enthusiasts have their preferences when it comes to purchasing an RV. Some people prefer to have a travel trailer or a fifth wheel. Despite the type of motorhome, these brands have sustained in the market for decades.

The Grand Design RV

  • The Grand Design RV is one of the best RV brands that have manufactured top-class RVs, trailers, and fifth wheels. They are known for their high-quality recreational vehicles and excellent customer several. 
  • With some of the best floorplans to choose from, the Grand Design RV has an option for every single person.
  • Many models are manufactured by this company and most of them are built to last. 
  • The Grand Design RV is well known for its fifth-wheel trailers. 
  • One of their most famous models is the Momentum G Class. These are luxurious RVs with some of the best features and amenities. 
  • You can also customize these trailers according to your needs.

Winnebago Industries

  • There might be mixed opinions about Winnebago, but the truth is that this is one of the most recognized RV brands. Winnebago has also been around for decades and is one of the oldest RV manufacturers. 
  • Winnebago is also known for their top-quality and long-lasting recreational vehicles. Winnebago’s Class A motorhomes are one of the best and are known for their luxury.
  • They also have some of the best small travel trailers that are built on a Mercedes-Benz sprinter chassis. 
  • Winnebago has a wide range to choose from and they offer some of the best features. With multiple floorplans and four-wheel capabilities, this brand has made most of its customers satisfied with its recreational vehicles.

Newmar Corporation

Think luxury, think Newmar! These manufacturers have been well-recognized for their luxury Class A motorhomes. They have some excellent gas-powered motorhomes and diesel motorhomes with a neat price range. They focus on quality, build, and luxury. One of the most famous RVs is the Newmar Super Star. These RVs are also made for rough terrain.

Thor Industries

  • Thor is one of those top brands that need to be on the list. Thor industries have several sub-brands under their name and they have an incredible reputation across the United States and worldwide. 
  • Thor’s headquarters are located in Elkhart, Indiana and they have several other facilities in Ohio, Michigan, Idaho, and Oregon.
  • Thor has some of the best RVs and they are also known for their fifth wheels and travel trailers. Thor is one of those reputed brands that has been around since 1980. According to reviews, Thor is said to be worth the investment. 
  • These RVs are long-lasting and they have some of the best models available on the market. One of Thor’s famous sub-brands is Keystone RVs.


Airstream is yet another outstanding name and recognized RV for its aluminum and unique shape. Airstream industries are one of the oldest RV manufacturers and they have some of the best models and sizes. Airstream RVs are also known for their bullet shape and their widespread loyal customer base.

Entegra  & Jayco

Entegra is one of those RV brands that build their RVs based on what their customers want. Entegra has been in the market for over 50 years and they have some of the best RVs manufactured over these years. However, they have merged along with Jayco and they still carry out their reputation. Jayco is also well-known for its RVs and trailers.

Forest River

Of course, Forest River had to be on this list for their excellent RVs. Forest River is excellent for people who love to travel and camp outdoors in rough terrain. Forest River has several packages that you can get along with your motorhome. These RVs are built for extreme climatic conditions and winter camping as well.

Host Campers

  • Ever heard of Host Campers? While this name might be new to some people, they do have an excellent reputation. These Campers have been around for a while and they have six truck camper models. 
  • With various customization options, Host Campers are perfect for everyone. One of the best models is the Yukon.
  • Many people are unaware of this brand since they have only a few models. Host Campers are one of the best campers that come with an aluminum structure. 
  • These campers are lightweight campers that are built for heavy-duty at the same time. They also have slide-outs that can provide plenty of space when you go camping.

Leisure Travel Vans

These manufacturers are experts in Class C RVs. Their camper vans are built to take you to your destination and are known for their comfort and luxury. They also come with various floorplans and are known for their exquisite amenities. One of their well-known models is the Leisure Unity. They are known for their unique style and innovative design.


Coachmen industries have been in the market for more than 50 years. Due to their high demand, they have manufactured more than 600,000 RVs. Coachmen RVs are top-class with excellent quality and durability. Their features and luxury are certainly a class apart and are known for their unique innovation and appearance.

Most of these RVs come under the Thor Industries. For the past few decades, Thor has introduced various brands under its name, each of them having its uniqueness. Thor RVs are found almost everywhere and they continue to adapt to the latest technology they bring out some of the best RVs to suit everyone.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Which state sells the most RVs?” We have talked about the famous states that manufacture the best RVs and listed out some of the motorhome statistics in the US. We have also listed the 10 best RV brands that are widely recognized and talked about some of their unique features.



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