Which RVs have the best resale value? (9 models)

In this blog post, we will discuss: Which RVs have the best resale value? We will review each of the models and give you a few essential tips to optimize the resale value of your RV.

Which RVs have the best resale value?

The following are the RVs that have the best resale value:

  1. Jayco
  2. Airstream
  3. Grand Design
  4. Knaus
  5. Sun roller
  6. Weinsberg
  7. Adria
  8. Challenger
  9. Hobby

The reason why these models are among the best selling RVs is the superior quality, the popularity of the company, the quality of the materials, the number of recalls and overall maintenance costs.

Below we will present each model, the main features and what puts them among the RVs with the best resale value.


Jayco RVs are completely designed for fast, efficient and safe family use. Jayco promises, indeed, arduous attention to plans and models that consider the use of a family with children. For this reason, many families who enjoy camping are definitely heading to Jayco for an RV.

The quality of Jayco products is what makes them particularly reliable. The materials and technology used in the design of their products are of the highest quality. Their products are equipped with: Magnum Truss Roof System, Climate Shield, Solid Foundations, JRide.

Jayco products are, however, also known for their environmental attributes which reduce waste rates as well as lower energy and fuel consumption.


There is nothing like an Airstream caravan with vintage air. Whether it is towed behind the vehicle or simply parked in the driveway if you appreciate the classic and avant-garde design of the 20th century this caravan will become the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

The original Airstream – a sleek and gleaming work of rolling art – was introduced in the 1930s. After evolving over the decades the smaller caravan in the Sport series has been overtaken by the Basecamp series.

Despite its diminutive size, this caravan is quite complete. It weighs only 1,100 kg. (2,425 pounds), but has a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen with a stainless steel sink and refrigerator, and a large cargo area.

Grand Design

The Grand Design is built with laminated aluminium framed ceilings and wide walls covered with a gel-coated fibreglass exterior. Popular brand LG brings you solid surface countertops to match residential-style microwaves, a double sink with pull-out spray, and hand-rubbed maple cabinets.

The Grand Design Reflection looks standard, so why did you make this list? 

Easy – It’s because the Reflection Series never exceeds 15,000 pounds, no matter which model you choose. Smaller models start with a dry weight of fewer than 10,000 pounds, so you don’t need a heavy vehicle to haul this fifth wheel. If you want a fifth wheel but don’t want to ditch your half-ton truck, the Reflection Series may be the ride for you.


In 2017, we saw a motorhome completely covered with solar panels, a caravan that can expand up to three times its size, and a robust adventure vehicle that can go virtually anywhere. 

But at the recent RV Industry Awards in Louisville, Kentucky, none of these innovative vehicles and trailers was lucky enough to be named RV of the Year. That honour went to Iowa-based Winnebago Industries for their Class A Horizon motorhome.

Even Winnebago’s own four-wheel-drive Revel pickup ($ 135,000), which is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, is more representative of where the RV industry is headed. While large Class A RVs like Horizon may continue to appeal to some sections of the population, more and more people are liking the manoeuvrability, price, fuel economy and functionality of other Class B trailers and motorhomes.


Knaus is claimed to offer ideal caravans for family vacations and sports enthusiasts. Among the latter, the Knaus Sport stands out, with less weight and greater cargo space throughout and across.

The newly released Sudwind 500 PF offers a good sense of space through its panoramic roof and large front window. Ideal for couples in search of the greatest comfort and with enough space for guests.

Sun roller

Sun Roller, now extinct, had 47 years of activity. The company focused its main activity on the manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers, as well as bodies for motor vehicles.

It has always been characterized as one of the pioneering brands in the innovation of these motorhomes. Normally, the caravans of this brand are protagonists in articles in the specialized press as well as in various decoration magazines.

The caravans of this brand have always been synonymous with a fully equipped and furnished home, ready to live and with the best value for money in the sector.


A German brand that is part of the Knaus Tabbert GmbH Group. It has more than 45 years of experience in the firm purpose and commitment to help fulfil dreams of freedom with a perfect combination of value for money.

For this, they strive to manufacture vehicles that perfectly satisfy all wishes and needs. They are robust, attractive but also affordable. They are reliable, flexible and suitable for all families. Simple, practical and individual.


Since 1965 it has been one of the most recognized European manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes. Its success is attributed to its constant innovations and the adaptation of its models to the needs of the clients as a great competitive advantage.

The caravan from the “Aviva” range combines easy usability with innovation, which has earned him an award in this category. Added to this is an excellent quality-price ratio, one of the best on the market.


A French brand that for more than 25 years has been exclusively dedicated to democratization and innovation in the field of camping cars. One of its most emblematic models is the Genesis C 256, which has all the features that a late-model caravan should offer.

It has a boiler that uses the fuel of the vehicle with blown air, usable heating in route, LED lighting, exterior lighting, 1.55 × 2.30 overhead bed, 1.46 × 1.32 dining bed, lower bunk bed and 800 × 2.11 upper.


Hobby is one of the brands with the most variety of models and offers. The  Ontour caravan is one of the most recommended for those who purchase one for the first time because it brings together all the essentials in an excellent interior design and layout.

The Deluxe range is ideal for trips with the whole family, and the Deluxe Edition, with a sportier design and a compact layout to suit your taste, is aimed at young couples travelling alone.

The Prestige is like a travelling home, conceived for large families, offering elegance and robustness in its Premium range finishes. What stands out about a brand like Hobby is its variety of designs and specific concepts for each of its models in all its ranges.

7 tips to optimize the resale value of your RV

After investing a considerable amount of money in the purchase and maintenance of your RV, it is good to know a few tips that will help you sell it for a good price.

The key is obviously to regularly maintain the mechanical and aesthetic components of the vehicle, but more specifically, what should be done? 

  1.  Use it! You might think that the less you use your RV, the more it retains its value, but it’s not that simple. Indeed, when you regularly use your vehicle, you tend to keep it in good condition to make the most of it. In addition, some parts will degrade if they are not stressed. The mileage is therefore not proof of everything.
  1.  Keep the original decoration. While it may be tempting to personalize your RV, avoid certain permanent aesthetic changes (painting walls, adding wallpaper, laying carpet, etc.). 
  1. Avoid holes in the walls: It seems obvious, but if you want to hang something on the walls of your RV, use small self-adhesive hooks instead of nails or screws. If you are installing a satellite dish or solar panels, try not to puncture your RV.
  1. Do not apply stickers: Many RVers like to put stickers on their RVs in memory of places they have visited. Of course, you can remove them, but often your RV’s exterior finish will come with it!
  1. Take care of the fabric and wood mouldings: Although the fabric and mouldings will inevitably wear out, replacing them would be rather complicated. Instead, take care of the original fabrics by cleaning them and repair the mouldings with glue or mask the scratches with a wood-coloured repair pencil.
  1. Maintain exterior decorative elements: Vinyl appliqués give your vehicle a stunning look, but if these start to peel, your RV will be a lot less appealing. 
  1.  Do regular basic maintenance. Changing the oil, staying on the lookout for water infiltration, changing the air filters: here are some little things to do on a regular basis.

If you follow these tips, you should improve your chances of getting the price you want for your vehicle. Happy selling! Please feel free to ask any questions or comments about RV purchases and sales.


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