Which is better: Scamp or Casita travel trailer?

Which is better: Scamp or Casita travel trailer? We will review the pros and cons of each travel trailer brand. We will hopefully make it clear to you whether Scamp or Casita are more worthy of your money. 

Which is better: Scamp or Casita travel trailer?

A Casita travel trailer is better than a Scamp travel trailer in matters of safety, comfort and functionality. Scamp travel trailers, on the other hand, have better interiors, are easier to tow and overall have a better and more stylish look than any Casita currently on the market. 

It is difficult to say which one is better overall, as some factors may or may not matter to you so much. This is why we compare the two travel trailer brands below. 

CriteriaScamp Travel TrailersCasita Travel Trailers
Safety An emergency hand brakeElectric brakes and safety chainsAn escape window
Comfort & AmenitiesStandart drawers & cabinets A queen size loft bed with 5” cushionsA 9-gallon tank shower & toilet;12 Volt Water Pump3.7 Cubic Foot RefrigeratorGroup 24 Battery Pack. Silverware drawerSink coversOutdoor showerTwo-burner cooktopPlenty of storage space. 
VersionsScamp 13′ Bath PackageScamp 13′ Deluxe Bath PackageScamp 13′ Deluxe Front DinetteScamp 13′ PackageScamp 16′ DeluxeScamp 16′ StandardScamp 16′ Standard Front DinetteScamp Scamp 19′ DeluxeScamp 19′ Standard

16 Foot Standard16 Foot Deluxe17 Foot Standard17 Foot Deluxe
Price$11,000 to $24,000$17,000 to $20,000 

Scamp Travel Trailers

The Scamp travel trailer is known for its aerodynamic shape, a very practical aspect for nomadic travellers. Its profile, much more attractive than the aluminum trailer, facilitates movement on the road and promotes a certain fuel economy. A significant advantage if you like to drive a lot to explore new landscapes!

Their size, weight, fuel economy, aesthetic qualities, here are the top reasons for choosing a Scamp Travel Trailer:

  1. The layout: Often, Scamp trailers have more compact dimensions than aluminum sheet trailers, which makes them easier to manoeuvre.
  1. The weight: For the same size, a fibreglass trailer is lighter than an aluminum model. It could therefore be easier to tow by a utility vehicle or a minivan, for example.
  1. The fuel economy: Who says less weight says savings at the pump! Indeed, since a Scamp camper is generally lighter than a sheet metal trailer, it will require less effort to be towed, thus reducing fuel consumption! In addition, their more aerodynamic shape offers less wind resistance, which also helps to increase fuel efficiency.
  1. The Scamp camper is more aesthetic: It’s all a matter of taste, of course, but the glossy finish and the various graphics on the exterior of the Scamp camper are the most beautiful effect! In addition, unlike aluminum sheets which can sometimes have their paint peeling, fibreglass remains beautiful for a long time … obviously provided you take good care of it!

Casita Travel Trailers

According to RV Insider reviews, Casita travel trailers have better sleeping arrangements than Scamp travel trailers as it has two twin beds instead of one queen bed. Many of the Casita floor plans have the option for changing the bed around, as well.

Casita travel trailers have larger holding tanks. They come with 16-gallon freshwater that can easily be upgraded to a 25-gallon tank. If you buy a new Casita you can order it with the 23-gallon tank and if you like to stay off-grid sometimes it is worth getting the 32 gallons grey water tank and the 15 gallons black water tank. 

The third thing that the Casita travel trailers have over the Scamp is a larger refrigerator with a freezer. The standard Casita trailer has a four cubic foot refrigerator with a small freezer, so if you want to have ice cream it’s a game-changer!

Here are other pros of owning a Casita travel trailer:

  • All the casita deluxe models come with a wet bathroom. 
  • Due to its small size, it is easy to tow and park almost anywhere. 
  • Casita has affordable prices compared to travel trailers in the same category. 
  • These travel trailers are narrow enough and easy to manoeuvre on city streets or the highway. 
  • Casita Trailers are also high enough so you do not have to worry too much about passing under a bridge. 
  • Just like the Scamp trailer, Casita trailers have an indoor kitchen that is really well apportioned for the size of the trailer. 
  • The other advantage to Casitas is that they have a really good resale value. Fibreglass trailers in general have a really good resale value!

The bottom line

We understand if, even after listing all the specifics of both the Scamp travel trailer and the Casita travel trailer, it is still difficult for you to decide which is better: Scamp or Casita. 

From our point of view, Scamp should be your choice if:

  • You are looking to save fuel expenses;
  • You need a lightweight travel trailer that can be towed by most cars, minivans or SUVs;
  • You are impressed by its retro trailer look and spectacular looking interior.

On the other hand, go fo a Casita if:

  • You look for a durable travel trailer that you plan on keeping for many years;
  • You like to fully- customize your future travel trailer;
  • The add-ons count more than the final price for the trailer. 

Whatever your choice, we hope that we have helped (at least a bit) to make it easier! So, in your opinion, which is better: Scamp or Casita travel trailers?!

FAQ on Which is better: Scamp or Casita travel trailer?

Do Scamp campers leak?

Yes, Scamp campers are prone to leaks. In truth, fibreglass campers, such as the Scamp models, are less likely to leak. Still, improper maintenance is the main cause of Scamp camper leaks and if it has been a while since you last thoroughly checked your camper roof and seals, don’t be surprised if you find water leaking inside!

Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms?

All Scamp trailers have wet bathrooms as an option included on certain layouts. It is important to understand that not all Scamp trailers have bathrooms as standard and that the company often refuses to add them after purchase. 

How much do the add-ons on a Scamp trailer cost?

When speaking about add-ons costs, something you might want to think about is if you want a 13’ Scamp or a 16’ Scamp and whether your car has the required towing capacity to pull the trailer. Keep in mind that the final price will vary greatly depending on the Scamp travel trailer dimensions, but also on the number of amenities you plan on adding. 

What are Casitas made of?

Casita travel trailers are made of two pieces of molded fibreglass. They are lightweight trailers that can be towed by most vehicles, come with plenty of floorplans and add-ons. Casita gives you the possibility of customizing your trailer just the way you wish it to be! 

Do Casita trailers hold their value?

Yes, Casita trailers hold their value well. Most fibreglass trailers, in fact, hold their value and depreciate slower than aluminium trailers. Casita travel trailers are also known for retaining almost 100% of their value. And considering the scarcity of these models on the market, you could actually make a good deal if you want to resell your Casita!

Why are Casita trailers so popular?

Casita travel trailers are popular because they are good value for money. These lightweight trailers are made from fibreglass and thus are extremely durable and reliable. Compared to other travel trailers from the same category, Casita trailers are less prone to water damage and mould infiltration. They also have among the best resale value!


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