Which brand has the 57-foot fifth-wheel camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Which brand has the 57-foot fifth wheel camper?” We will talk about the key features of this camper and also look into the interior features. We will also touch upon the key specifications and customizable options. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the 57-foot fifth-wheel camper.

Which brand has the 57-foot fifth-wheel camper?

Spacecraft is the only brand that has a 57-foot fifth-wheel camper. While most fifth-wheel campers range from 30 to 40 feet, Spacecraft was the first and the only company to introduce a 57-foot fifth-wheel camper. If you are looking for a huge fifth wheel, the only option to consider is Spacecraft. This camper is huge and spacious with the best features and amenities.

Spacecraft has been manufacturing fifth wheels for close to 60 years and they have introduced one of the longest fifth wheels that ever existed. Spacecraft is known for its custom fifth-wheel travel trailers. The company’s mission is to provide the ultimate camping experience by having enough space. The smallest Spacecraft trailer starts at 40 feet.

Spacecraft 57-foot fifth wheel key camper features

Spacecraft manufactures custom fifth-wheel campers. Each trailer is built according to your specifications. By bringing out the best luxury and quality, Spacecraft has stood the test of time over decades. The company works with its customers by developing floorplans based on your requirements. Here are some of the features of this huge camper.

Removable steps and handrail

  • This trailer has removable steps and handrails with only a push of a button. If you do not want the removable steps, you can have the steps pulled out from the basement door.
  • The steps have great width and it is easy to move in furniture and other equipment. The entry door is 36-inches wide making it easy to bring everything out from the camper.

Basement storage options

  • This trailer has the best storage options in the basement. There is a pull-outside side tray in the basement that gives you full access from both sides of the camper.
  • You can easily store all your items on the tray and simply push them back inside. This is a full pass-through storage compartment that can be accessed from both ends.

Electronic slide-out rooms

  • Spacecraft has impressive electronic slide-out rooms from this camper. These side-out rooms have a 12V motor with a ball-bearing screw rod. The slide-out rooms are user-friendly and heavy-duty.

10KW Onan diesel generator

  • This camper is equipped with a 10KW Onan diesel generator. This generator has a 50-gallon fuel tank. You can start up this generator at any point and it is perfect for camping and running all the appliances without any hassle.

Hydraulic leveling jacks

  • This trailer arrives with hydraulic leveling jacks. These are four-point systems and the frames can handle these jacks with ease. There is no need to upgrade to a six-point system.

Interior Features

The interior features are incredible and all the appliances are made from high-quality products. These features are built for luxury and comfort.

Kitchen features

  • The kitchen is a fully-residential appliance kitchen. The huge refrigerator is perfect for storing everything you need. With this refrigerator, you can easily stock food for weeks together.
  • The island has two drop leaves on each end with a hammered copper single-bowl sink. There are numerous cabinets in the kitchen for storing utensils and other food-related items. You can choose the color and type of cabinets according to your wish.
  • The residential range cooktop and microwaves will make you feel at home. Along with these, the kitchen also has a dishwasher. Another addition to this luxury is the granite table for dining.

Living area features

  • The living area is also equipped with excellent features. There are options for a small workstation desk, sofa, recliner, fireplace, and end tables. You can also have file compartments at the end tables. There is also a 65-inch television with full surround bose sound and still enough place to add more furniture or appliances.

Bathroom features

  • The bathroom is equipped with a 48-inch shower and there are two vessel bowls on the outside. The shower is spacious with marble walls. On the outside, there is a storage area to keep all your linen. There are closets for coats and other clothes as well.
  • The toilet is spacious with cabinets on top. The monitor and the start switch for the generator are located in the toilet room.
  • The bathroom vanity has a mosaic backsplash and it is built according to the residential style.

Bedroom features

  • The bedroom is equipped with a king-bed with residential mattresses. There is a padded headboard with nightstand shelves on each side.
  • There is also an added storage space for cell phones and small items. The wardrobes are huge with mirrors and automatic lighting. 
  • There are cabinets at the bottom of the wardrobes that can be used to store shoes. The bedroom also has a seating area near the window and a television.
  • The second bedroom is at the rear of the trailer. There are bunk beds on each side with drawers down for storage. 
  • The overhead cabinets are above the bed and are easily accessible. There is also a television hung on the wall. The third bedroom is the same as the second and is located just opposite.

Interior specs

  • The height of the interior is approximately 92 inches at the sides. The ceiling is made up of molded fiberglass and the air conditioning duck runs through this ceiling.
  • The ceiling has three inches of fiberglass insulation to keep you warm during winter. The entire roof of this trailer is wrapped with extra protection. The roof is maintenance-free since it has fiberglass on the inside and the outside.
  • The floor area has three and a half inches of fiberglass insulation. The holding tanks are also insulated with heat tubes.

Weight and wheel specs

  • The trailer weight is 37.000 pounds and the hitch weight is 11,000 pounds. The gross weight of the trailer is 45.000 pounds. Another key feature is the frameless door pane windows.
  • This camper has Alcolor aluminum duo wheels on the outside. The size of the tires is 22.5-inches. Each axle is 22,500 pounds. 

Water tanks specs

  • The freshwater tank is 100 gallons and the black and grey water tanks are 50 gallons each. Additionally, there is another 50-gallon grey water tank. 
  • The bathroom and the kitchen have a separate grey tank each, which gives up plenty of storage. They are also equipped with no-fuss flush and water filters. 
  • The electric water heater is 20 gallons and it can be increased to 28 gallons. This trailer is equipped with a 31,000 BTU furnace.

Customizable options

  • Spacecraft has a multitude of options when it comes to the paint job. You can choose any color and style that you need or you can opt for Spacecraft’s unique painting combinations and designs.
  • Since spacecraft builds customized campers, you can also choose the interiors and exteriors according to your liking. From cabinets to wardrobes and furniture, the choice is yours.
  • One of the other major advantages is that you can eight opt for residential-style appliances or RV-style appliances. You get to choose the size of the fridge, TV, sofa, and more.

The lighting is left up to you or can go with Spacecraft’s lighting options. Spacecraft gives you endless customization opportunities and you can build your motorhome. The 57-foot fifth-wheel camper is one of the best luxury vehicles that exist. You have multiple options and Spacecraft is known for its top-quality and long-lasting products.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Which brand has the 57-foot fifth wheel camper?” We have talked about the key features of this camper and also looked into the interior features. We have also touched upon the key specifications and customizable options. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you would like to own this camper.