Where is my caravan VIN number?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Where is my caravan VIN number? We will explain what your caravan VIN number is and where you can find it. We will also discuss the importance of this code and what to do if it’s missing. 

​​Where is my caravan VIN number?

Your caravan VIN number can be found in the following places:

  1. On the bottom right corner of each window;
  2. On the caravan chassis, often on the A-frame;
  3. And in your caravan’s logbook (if there is one). 

Caravan VIN number meaning

The VIN number of your caravan is a unique identification number that all motor vehicles must-have. This VIN number is used to obtain all the information and history of the vehicle. They currently have 17 alphanumeric characters.

With the chassis number it is possible to obtain data on past revisions or repairs of the vehicle, which accidents it has suffered, the number of miles in each inspection and of course, all its characteristics and specifications, such as the type of engine or gearbox, the make, the model or the registration date.

Where exactly the VIN is marked on a vehicle depends on the manufacturer, although the most common places are under the hood, inside the engine block, or directly in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Although locating the chassis number on the vehicle is somewhat more complicated, this identification number can always be consulted in the vehicle’s datasheet.

Caravan VIN number reading

There are two different types of VINs, the European model and the American model. Since 1981, they have been made up of 17 characters, both numbers and letters, except for a few such as I, O, Q and Ñ.

In the European model, the first character refers to the country of manufacture, the second to which brand it belongs and the third to the vehicle’s manufacturer. Characters 4 through 9 are used for the series. The character number 10 indicates the model year, the 11 to know in which production plant it was manufactured and the last numbers to the production number.

In the American model, the first three characters indicate the same as in the European model. The next six characters indicate the series, engine type and model in the case of the first five, and the last character refers to the control number. The next character is used to indicate the model year, then the production plant is indicated, and finally, the final six characters are used for the production number.

What is the chassis number for?

The chassis number allows vehicles to be identified, with a unique number assigned to them. This is essential when buying or leasing a vehicle for a long period of time, and must be visible for any possible roadside checks by the police, or during a technical check.

The chassis number is particularly useful during a theft because when such a situation occurs, it is possible to track down any transactions made following the theft. This makes it possible to determine whether the vehicle was sold in spare parts by the thief in particular.

It is also compulsory as part of the subscription to insurance (As a reminder, all vehicles must be insured to travel).

As a general rule, here are the points where the chassis number is of real interest:

  • For vehicle verification: When the vehicle is purchased, the new purchaser is advised to inquire about the vehicle’s VIN and verify all of the parts bearing the number, to ensure that the parts are original and that the registration document has the same number as the vehicle parts.

 If this is not the case, the vehicle may have defects, and more importantly, it was put up for sale following a theft. Therefore, it is essential to check the different numbers and ensure that each VIN code matches the other.

  • For the identification of parts suitable for his vehicle: If the owner of a vehicle wishes to replace some parts of it, the chassis number is imperative to know if the compatibility of the desired parts matches the type of his vehicle
  • To identify a vehicle in the event of a misdemeanour or accident: If a vehicle is involved in an accident or is abandoned, law enforcement will check the VIN code in order to assess whether the vehicle has been stolen or not, as well as to identify the owner and trigger civil liability.

Caravan VIN number Manufacturer and Year codes

VIN number: Manufacturer codes

EXExplorer Group
SWSwift Group

VIN number: Year codes


Why is it important to know the VIN number of your caravan?

The first thing to know is that the serial number or chassis number is printed on the underside of a caravan. And, of course, this number must coincide with the one that appears on the papers or the technical sheet. Why is it important to keep this in mind? We are talking about caravans that do not exceed 1,650 lbs. 

This type of caravan does not require a registration or an official registration. But that does not mean that they do not have to have a technical sheet. And it is that, without that type of card, it will be impossible to circulate. 

In this document, which is the same as all cars in the US, the characteristics of the caravan must be written and defined: weight, measurements, wheels and, of course, the chassis or serial number. And, as we have already mentioned before, that number appears at the bottom of the caravan, on the underside. 

And, if, on the contrary, we want to look for it in the file that we are highlighting, we will find it at the top: “IDENTIFICATION NUMBER”. If you wonder why it is essential to know what that number is and that it matches the technical sheet after reading this, we will solve your doubt.

The fact that caravans that do not exceed 1,650 lbs do not have to be registered or registered in the respective official departments means that there is an attempt to cheat in the process of buying or selling them on many occasions. By not knowing all these kinds of things, the user who wants to buy a caravan does not give importance to the serial number and may acquire a product with an identification number different from the one that appears on the card.

And that is where the main doubt or the main problem when buying this type of vehicle lies, in that it does not appear in any official registry. For this reason, we remind you of the dangers of buying or selling and not doing it through companies dedicated solely and exclusively to the market for this type of car.

Just needing a technical sheet makes it easier for caravans of less than 1,650 lbs to be stolen and sold with it. The dangers are many, and we recommend that you always follow the legal channels and be advised by experts like us.

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FAQ on Where is my caravan VIN number?

Where is the VIN number on a Bailey caravan?

The VIN number on a Bailey caravan is imprinted on the chassis of the caravan, under the front A-Frame cover (for all Bailey models), or you can find it on all caravan windows ( for Bailey models built 1992 and onwards).

Where is the chassis number on a caravan?

The chassis number on a caravan is either printed on a window or underside of a caravan’s A-Frame. And, of course, this number must coincide with the one that appears on the papers or on the technical sheet.

Where can I find the VIN?

The VIN can be found by checking from the front on the panoramic glass or windshield, on the driver’s side. It is on a plate attached to the board or cluster. If you don’t find it legible there, then you can check for the driver’s side door sill.


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