Where can you find a caravan in India for rent?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Where can you find a caravan in India for rent?” We will list the best places to rent a caravan in India. We will also talk about the amenities, specifications, and unique features that are provided by these caravan rental services.

Where can you find a caravan in India for rent?

You can find a caravan in India for rent at the following places.

  • Trippy Wheels
  • Motorhome Adventures
  • Relax Caravan
  • Vanity Van India
  • Caravan on rent
  • Green Dot Expeditions
  • Camping Co
  • Luxe Camper
  • Wacation on Wheels

Trippy Wheels

  • Trippy Wheels is one of the best places to find a caravan in India for rent. Trippy Wheels is one of those reputed caravan rental services in India that offers affordable options. They also have a simple booking process that can be done online or directly at their store.
  • The caravans that are available at Trippy Wheels are built for Indian terrain. These caravans are tested for both on-road and off-road conditions. The caravans are built with tough materials and are equipped to travel across various terrains in India.
  • All the caravans provided by Trippy Wheels arrive with a kitchenette and all the required amenities for comfortable travel. These caravans have comfortable beds and are built for cooking. They also arrive with a few amenities for indoor and outdoor games.

Motorhome Adventures

  • Motorhome Adventures have taken the caravan experience to a new level with their innovative caravans. These caravans are perfect for a weekend getaway, and they also arrive with customizable appliances. Motorhome Adventures are also known for its incredible expandable caravans.
  • There are caravans for couples, families, and large groups. With a wide variety of caravans, you get to choose some of the best available options. Motorhome Adventures have pop-up campers, four-berth campers, and 12-berth caravans.
  • They also offer hassle-free booking with various packages. There are more than 15 caravan options to choose from at Motorhome Adventures. When it comes to pricing, Motorhome Adventures offer a reasonable price for their quality motorhomes.

Relax Caravan

  • Relax Caravan is one of the top caravan manufacturers in India. With decades of experience, Relax Caravan has manufactured and produced excellent recreational vehicles. It is easy to rent some of this place’s best caravans and vanity vans.
  • One of the major advantages of Relax Caravans is their excellent interiors. These caravans are fully equipped with top-class amenities and excellent kitchen features. The comfort level of the bedding area is excellent, and it can accommodate up to four members.
  • Most of the caravans arrive with a fully-functional kitchen. Some amenities include a refrigerator, microwave, cooking unit, and more. Relax Caravan has an experienced team to help customers with hiring.

Vanity Van India

  • Vanity Van India offers top-class luxury caravans with some of the best amenities. Vanity Van India is known for their ultra-luxury caravans that arrive with unique features and specifications. These caravans also have special features, including a mini bar, sunroof, etc.
  • The sleeping area in these caravans are comfortable, and they also have well-equipped washrooms. One of the major advantages of Vanity Van India is that they are available in most of the top cities. All caravans are fully furnished with bedrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • They are perfect for long-term stays and for large families. Some of the caravan models arrive with awnings and extra outdoor accessories. Vanity Van India provides luxurious features, and there is a wide variety of caravans to choose from.

Caravan on rent

  • Caravan on rent offers excellent recreational vehicles to suit all your requirements. They also offer an attractive discount for first-time users. The caravans are new and are equipped with all the safety features. When it comes to comfort and convenience, Caravan on Rent provides the best.
  • Renting a caravan is a simplified process, and you can also hire a driver to take you along on your adventures. Several people hire drivers for their road trips while they sit back, relax, and enjoy their travels.
  • There are no hidden charges, and all the caravans arrive with enough storage space. Some features include a comfortable sleeping area, couch, refrigerator, and more. They also offer an affordable rate and excellent 24/7 customer service to answer all your queries.

Green Dot Expeditions

  • Green Dot Expeditions not only offers caravans for rent in India, but they also take their customers for excellent trips. Enjoy some of the best outdoor activities, like wildlife and birdwatching. There are caravans for couples and families based on your requirements.
  • Green Dot Expeditions are known for having India’s first luxury roving camp. Their caravans are designed for rough terrain and are perfect for off-grid camping. Apart from the rest, Green Dot Expeditions are also known to be one of India’s best caravan design and fabrications consultants.
  • Some key features include front-facing reclining and pushback seats, onboard portable toilets, solar panels, tents, chairs, tables, hammocks, etc. There are plenty of lockers and storage space to keep all your baggage. Yet another perk is the onboard crew that prepares all types of meals, including lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

Camping Co

  • Camping Co is another recognized company offering excellent caravan and camping services. There are off-road campers and pop-up campers that arrive with all the basic requirements for a weekend getaway.
  • The major perk of Camping Co is their reasonable price range. They also help customers to travel and camp at some of the top campgrounds in the country. These campsites have attractive outdoor activities like off-roading, cycling, campfires, etc.

Luxe Camper

  • Luxe Camper allows you to rent a caravan or motorhome in a few simple steps. This is where you get to find some of the best campervans and campsite packages in India. Luxe Camper offers luxury camping for camping enthusiasts around the country.
  • Renting a caravan is simple with a wide variety of options to choose from. If you own a caravan, you also get the opportunity to list it on their website. There are several camping packages to choose from according to your preference and budget.
  • Luxe Camper has not compromised on space as most of their vehicles arrive with two bedrooms and a rear lunge. The kitchenette has a three-hob induction gas, kettle, large freezer, RO system, and toaster.

Wacation on Wheels

  • Wacation on Wheels has been around in India for a while, and they offer caravans that can easily accommodate up to nine people. The largest caravan arrives with nine expandable berths with all the comforts for sleeping.
  • The washroom arrives with a toilet and shower with cold and hot water. The kitchen has a microwave, refrigerator, barbecue, and cooking essentials. When it comes to entertainment, there is an LCD TV with a music system.
  • Camping chairs and tables are provided with this excellent caravan. However, it is worth remembering that all rented caravans will have a driver to take you around. Hence, you are not allowed to drive the caravan alone.

Those were some of the best places to find a caravan in India for rent. The above-mentioned list has a reasonable price range, offering top-class caravans for all motorhome enthusiasts. Some caravan rental services provide self-driving options for those who want to drive their vehicle independently. These caravans provide the best amenities for comfortable camping.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Where can you find a caravan in India for rent?” We have listed the best places to find a caravan in India for rent. We have also talked about the amenities, specifications, and unique features that are provided by these caravan rental services.





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