Where can I park my RV in Portland Oregon?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Where can I park my RV in Portland, Oregon?” We will discuss the RV parking laws and rules in Oregon and look into the various parking options available in the state. We will also list some of the best RV Parks and campsites to park your RV legally in Portland, Oregon.

Where can I park my RV in Portland Oregon?

You can park your RV in designated RV campsites and RV parks. RV living might be legal in Portland, Oregon, but their parking laws are not lenient, and are only allowed to park in a designated place. Failing to comply with the laws can lead to paying a hefty fine and you can be in trouble. 

  • You are not allowed to park in a residential neighborhood or on any public road. 
  • You cannot park your RV in a yard or driveway for more than 48 hours.
  • Just like the other states in the US, Oregon has its parking laws that everyone must comply with. 
  • Parking in an RV on the street or any unauthorized parking location is strictly prohibited. 
  • You cannot park on highways and in most public places. 
  • Oregon has designated parking areas that are only meant for motorhomes. You are only required to park in such areas.

You are allowed to park your RV on your property but you are not allowed to live in it for a long time. In Oregon, there are different zoning requirements. The law does not state that living in an RV is illegal. Yet, the parking laws are totally strict, and failing to comply with the law can be an offense. Here is what the law says.

RV parking laws in Portland Oregon

As per the law, you are only allowed to park a vehicle where parking space markings are placed. You cannot park an RV in a place legally if there are no parking signs. If you are parking your RV at home, be sure that there is no interruption with neighbors. Here are the key points of the RV parking laws in Portland, Oregon.

  • You are not allowed to park on an elevated structure or any bridge.
  • Parking in alleys is restricted unless you are loading or unloading materials.
  • Strictly prohibited from parking on public property or using the vehicle for selling stuff.
  • You cannot park your vehicle on any road and repair it unless there is an emergency.
  • Avoid parking at parkways unless you are specifically authorized to do so.
  • Parking between 10 feet of a fire hydrant is strictly prohibited.
  • Parking 15 feet from the driveway entrance of a fire station is strictly prohibited.
  • Parking in spaces that are reserved for disabled people is not allowed.
  • You cannot park in front of the United States Postal Service.
  • In case of loading or unloading materials, you are only allowed to park for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Parking in front of bus stops is strictly prohibited.
  • Your RV cannot be an obstruction for any other vehicle and regular activities while parked on a street.
  • Parking RVs for sleeping or living other than recreational vehicle parks is strictly prohibited.

Those were some of the most basic rules and the key points of the parking laws in Portland, Oregon. There are many other parking laws and regulations that need to be followed. Simply put, you cannot park an RV anywhere in Portland, Oregon unless there is a parking sign allocated for recreational vehicles.

Parking at campsites and RV parks

With the laws in place, you are left with only a few options. You can either park at a campsite or an RV park. These places are legal to park in an RV and will not get you into trouble. There are options to live in your RV and park at particular campsites on a long-term basis. Parking at campsites and RV parks are the only best long-term options that are available.

Parking on a short-term basis might not be an issue. However, parking for more than 48 hours in one place might be an issue. The few other options other than campsites and RV parks are truck stops and Walmart parking spaces. These places provide overnight parking, but only for 24 to 48 hours. Truck stops give you a place to park only if no truckers are waiting in line for parking.

Best RV parks and campsites to park in Portland Oregon

There are several options available for parking your RV in Portland, Oregon. Most people take advantage of the RV parks and the campsites. The good news is that there are plenty of RV parks and campsites located in and around Portland. At your convenience, you can choose the best campsite that offers the best facilities and amenities.

Jantzen beach RV Park

  • Located inside Portland this park offers 20, 30, and 50-amp hookups. It offers a heated pool along with a game room, basketball court, fitness center, clubhouse, and many more facilities. 
  • There is free Wi-Fi and cable TV provided. This park is only 15 minutes downtown and it offers daily weekly and monthly rentals for RV and motorhomes.
  • The Jantzen Beach RV Park is a pet-friendly park and there are several hiking trails located nearby one of their biggest attractions is the Multnomah Falls and Mount Hood. 
  • There are also several restaurants and local breweries around to bring you the best camping experience. Many RV enthusiasts prefer to go down to the Jantzen Beach RV Park.

Columbia River RV Park

  • If you are looking for something with a lesser budget, the Columbia RV Park is one of the best places to camp. 
  • This is a budget-friendly camping area that has some of the best facilities including all the amp hookups and laundry machines. 
  • You also have a rec room with Wi-Fi and a pet-friendly environment. This park is located close to downtown Portland and the airport.

Fairview RV Park

  • This park is located only eight miles east of downtown. 
  • It has an exceptional natural setting and is open all year round with 407 campsites. 
  • It has a swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center, and Wi-Fi facilities. 
  • You are allowed to bring two pets to this campsite which is purely designed for RVs. Hence, you are not allowed to pitch any tents.

Roamers Rest RV Park

  • If you are looking for something towards the south of Portland, this is sure to be one of the best attractions. 
  • This park is located near wine country and it has some of the best facilities including private bathrooms, laundry facilities, propane delivery, and many more. 
  • There are 93 sites loaded with all the required services and it is also a pet-friendly park.

Sandy Riverfront RV resort

  • For those who love camping near rivers and enjoying beautiful nature, this is the perfect location. This park is well-suited for outdoor enthusiasts. 
  • There are waterfalls nearby and for all those who love fishing and boating, this resort is not going to be a disappointment. 
  • It offers free cable TV and Wi-Fi. However, some dog breeds are restricted.

Fox run Mobile Home Park

  • This park is located on the North East side of Portland and it is easily accessed by highways, airports, restaurants, and other entertainment places. 
  • RVs up to 40-feet long are allowed to visit this park. 
  • There are several facilities and all the utilities are provided. Overall, there is access to restrooms, showers, and many more.

Reeder Beach RV Park

  • This RV Park is plenty of hookup options for water and it comes with a 30-amp electrical hookup. 
  • There are plenty of river view sites and restrooms with showers. 
  • The only disadvantage is that you can stay for a maximum of 30 days at this campsite. 
  • Regardless of the duration, you are bound to enjoy the experience in this RV Park.

Most of the campsites and RV Parks in Portland provide long-term stays. Finding a parking spot for your RV in Portland is not a tedious task with so many options to choose from. The parking laws are strict, but you can find ways to comfortably live in an RV in Portland, Oregon if you follow the rules and regulations.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Where can I park my RV in Portland, Oregon?” We have discussed the RV parking laws and rules in Oregon and looked into the various parking options available in the state. We have also listed out some of the best RV Parks and campsites to park your RV legally in Portland, Oregon.



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