Where can I find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Where can I find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40?” We will discuss some of the top websites dealing with various vintage motorhomes parts. We will also discuss additional options to find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40 vintage motorhome.

Where can I find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40?

Here is where you can find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40.

  • Ritchie List
  • Rock Auto
  • Buy Auto Parts
  • U Need A Part
  • Autozone
  • Craigslist
  • RV Forums
  • Social Media Groups

Ritchie List

  • Finding parts for the 1977 Dodge F40 can be challenging, especially considering the vehicle is a vintage model. The good news is that you are still in the dark, as some websites still sell parts for the 1977 Dodge F40. One such website is Ritchie List.
  • Ritchie List has a list of sold parts, especially for the 1977 Dodge F40 Sports Man motorhome. Ritchie List is a website that provides options for sellers to sell their motorhome parts. This website is an easy, secure way to buy and sell motorhome parts privately.
  • There are plenty of categories and options to choose from but bear in mind that these parts can be delivered according to availability. The easiest way to find a part at Ritchie List is by calling them directly and requesting them.

Rock Auto

  • Rock Auto.com is one of the other websites that could have parts for the 1977 Dodge F40. This website deals with several parts for various motorhomes, including the Dodge pick-up trucks, Aspen, and other Dodge vehicles manufactured in 1977.
  • There is also a list of motorhome parts that can be found from the late 1960s. Customers can find specific parts by scrolling through the categories. There are parts like the belt drive, idler pulley, camshaft, cylinder head alignment dowel pin, and more.
  • It is easy to search the Rock Auto website for a desired part. The part number search makes it easier for customers to find a particular part.

Buy Auto Parts

  • Buy Auto Parts.com has a fast shipping process for orders over $99. These parts are shipped from warehouses across the country and arrive with a warranty. They have an easy return process within 60 days with a full refund policy.
  • Buy Auto Parts have several motorhome parts for Dodge motorhomes that were manufactured from 1965 to 1980. Several parts include AC compressors, power steering gearboxes, and more. Additionally, there is free shipping offered for orders above $50.
  • There is a vast list of motorhome replacement parts and a toll-free customer support number for easy contact. Buy Auto Parts also has accessories like cylinder head gasket sets, brake drums, engine gasket set timing covers, etc.

U Need A Part

  • U Need A Part is another website that helps customers get the right parts for their vintage motorhomes. This website is a used parts locator service, and finding replacement parts for the 1977 Dodge F40 is pretty simple.
  • The website boasts of 7,000 part suppliers, both new and old, for the 1977 Dodge F40. It provides the opportunity for customers to search through their inventories. The search feature helps customers select the vehicle type and year of manufacture.
  • The helpful website uses auto, truck, and motorcycle parts. U Need A Part has a simple search option for customers to find their desired parts. Some possibilities include used engines, transmissions, rear axles, and more.


  • Autozone.com is a famous website for finding parts for vintage motorhomes. It helps customers to shop by category and choose from popular brands. There are also in-store services, and it is easy to locate a store in your area by just typing in the zip code.
  • Autozone has several parts for the 1977 Dodge F40. Some parts include fuel pumps, batteries alternators, spark plugs, etc. They also provide a 20 percent discount for more than $100 offers. The easy-to-ship options and free next-day delivery is one of the advantages of this website.
  • The simple search option helps customers to find the right part with the exact fit. All you need to do is select the year, brand, model, and type of part required. Autozone also has a list of parts for other vintage motorhomes.


  • Everybody knows about Craigslist, and there is a big chance of finding what you want on Craigslist. Multiple sellers across the country post their ads online to sell motorhome parts. Just log on to Craigslist and search for the particular part you want.
  • Most people will be surprised at the stuff that is available on Craigslist. Plenty of auto parts are posted on Craigslist for sale directly by the owners. While it might not always be available, there is still a high possibility of finding a particular part on this site.

RV Forums

  • RV Forums are dedicated spaces for all types of motorhome owners. RV Forums are among the best places to get suitable leads for motorhome parts. There are specific forums for Dodge motorhomes. Searching for a particular part of these forums will help connect with sellers.
  • Most RV Forums have specific sub-forums that are dedicated to buying and selling. On the other hand, you can also create a post asking for a particular part of your motorhome. 
  • Forums like RV.Net has a dedicated page for the 1977 Dodge Sportsman motorhome. These specific forums will help you to get connected with other motorhome owners.

Social Media Groups

  • Social Media Groups on Facebook are yet another easy way to connect with people. There are plenty of Dodge motorhome groups on Facebook. Being a part of these groups will allow you to post a query about specific motorhome parts. There is plenty of people to help you or direct you to the right places to find parts for vintage motorhomes.

Additional options to find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40

While those were some of the best websites to find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40, there are still a few alternative options apart from these websites. Here are some of the options described below.

Specialty auto parts stores

  • Plenty of stores in every state across the US specialize in providing parts for vintage motorhomes. It is essential to check with the local auto part stores to help find such parts. In most cases, they can direct you to the right place. It is always good to check with the local auto parts stores to find vintage motorhome parts.

Dodge dealerships

  • While this might be a long shot, getting some of the best contacts is still possible. There is no shortage of Dodge dealerships, and there is nothing wrong with enquiring about a specific part for your 1977 Dodge F40.
  • Getting an original part from these dealers might be challenging, but they can provide some of the best suggestions or sources to acquire them.

Junkyards and salvage yards

  • It’s worth checking junkyards or salvage yards to find such parts. Visiting these places might just give you what you are looking for. Be on the lookout for junkyards or salvage yards specializing in older vehicles. You might just find a 1977 Dodge F40 itself in such places.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Where can I find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40?” We have discussed some of the top websites that deal with various parts for vintage motorhomes. We have also discussed some additional options to find parts for the 1977 Dodge F40 vintage motorhome.



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