Where are Adria Caravans made? (a review)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Where are Adria Caravans made? We will review Adria caravans, discuss how reliable they are and explain why they are so popular!

Where are Adria Caravans made?

All Adria Mobil caravans are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, central Europe, and benefit from first-class warranties with a network of over 450 dealers and after-sales service and parts efficient spare parts. The Adria brand offers innovative designs for its recreational vehicles, contemporary styling, premium comfort and ingenious features.

With half a million caravans and more than 70,000 motorhomes assembled in 50 years, Adria is undoubtedly one of the European giants of the leisure vehicle, alongside the French group Trigano and the German Hymer. 

In a still complicated context which sees a certain stagnation in new sales, Adria is doing particularly well since registrations continue to grow, with the group’s market share reaching 6.2% in Europe.

How popular are Adria Caravans?

Based in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, the Adria plant will manufacture no less than 9,000 motorhomes, caravans and mobile homes this year for its 32 export markets. Benefiting from numerous quality certifications, the manufacturing unit is one of the largest in Europe (40,000 m2 for the main production unit) and employs more than 1,200 people. 

Quality is a real obsession here and it must be recognized that the countless checks carried out throughout the chain pay off since the brand enjoys a particularly enviable image of robustness.

To properly mark its 50 years of presence on the VDL market, Adria launched the “Silver Collection”. These are limited series featuring a metallic silver body and available only for the brand’s best-selling models, Matrix and Twin.

Above all, an Adria is robust! This Slovenian manufacturer is very famous for its manufacture of campervans, but the semi-integral Coral is famous in Europe! For several years now, Adria has had a particularly large offer in a Semi-integrated drop-down bed, called the Matrix. 

Unlike other brands, Adria does not have a large domestic market in Slovenia, but this has become its strength. Over the years Adria has been marvellously successful in setting up a production system that gives the possibility of adapting each range of motorhomes to the requirements of each individual country!

How did Adria motorhomes start?

Adria built her first caravan in 1965! In 1980, Adria was the European market leader! 1985 was an important year as Adria moved to her new factory in Novo Mesto! It was also the year that Adria developed her first prototype on a Fiat Ducato chassis.

 This will be the basis of a whole range built in Belgium. Considering the great success of the brand, Adria decided to set up a brand new factory near Novo Mesto! In 2005 the new factory was put into operation, the annual production could therefore be increased to 17,000 pieces.

Adria understands very well that a motorhome costs a lot of money. Their main foundation is therefore to create maximum value for the money that the owner of an Adria invests! Moreover, Adria really realizes that free time has become so precious to man and that he is looking for “reliable” partners for this free time. Adria wants to be that reliable partner by delivering motorhomes you can trust.

Why choose the Adria caravan?

The Adria caravan is more than just a vehicle: it is a real travelling companion. In front of the multitude of models of low-profile, integrated, alcoves and converted vans, you are sure to find the motorhome that will meet all your needs. 

Find the different ranges of Adria motorhomes:

  1. Compact range – If you want to combine the ease of a van and the comfort of a motorhome, choose this range combining innovation and common sense.
  1. Matrix range – This range is probably the most complete of the Adria brand thanks to 7 different models of so-called “crossover” profiles. The latter will allow you to escape without road constraints: mountain or forest roads will no longer hold any secrets for you thanks to this versatile range! The strong point is undeniably the space and comfort on board.
  1. Coral range – Composed of profiles, this range offers comfort and brightness in 2 or 3 sleeping places thanks to an installation in twin beds or central bed. The panoramic roof is the real plus of the ADRIA motorhome.
  1. Sonic range – These models constitute the top of the range of Adria motorhomes. The manufacturer wanted to bring together the best of its skills in this integral range. Comfort, visibility and modernity are the keywords of these leisure vehicles.

How reliable are Adria motorhomes?

Adria motorhomes have a reputation for being robust in construction, reflecting their focus on design, construction and quality management. Adria’s exclusive “Comprex” construction combines the torsional strength of wood, the durability of polyurethane, and the moisture-wicking properties of polyester.

Adria motorhomes are made from:

  1. composite wood panel
  2. polyurethane gaskets
  3. eps styrofoam
  4. polyester body shell (sidewall)
  5. polyester body shell (floor)
  6. XPS Styrofoam Insulation Foam
  7. Reinforced hardwood profile

Their motorhomes are built to Adria ‘Thermo-build’ standards, making them suitable for year-round use, with optimized insulation materials, a precision-engineered heating design, and Adria’s airflow system. that allows airflow through the vehicle.

All vehicles are tested in their own climate chamber, from -40 to +60 degrees and in humidity from 45% to 80% between +30 and +60 degrees. Comfort is ensured in warmer conditions with good ventilation and integrated shading, including heat shielding and integrated screens in our panoramic windows.

Note: Optional factory-installed air conditioning is also available upon request.

The heating system of Adria motorhomes is also note-worthy. Easy-to-use Truma hot air distribution system with optional electric underfloor heating. On selected models, the Alde heater, which is a liquid-based central heating system, distributes heat evenly throughout the caravan. On select models, Alde hot water underfloor heating is available.

The Adria MACH smart control app remotely controls the vehicle’s heating, cooling, and other utilities (available from Astella, Alpina, and Adora). Plasma treatment technology is a robotic process that cleans and applies adhesive to ensure a perfect seal of door and window joints.

The bottom line

What we most like about the Adria caravan is that they have great equipment, ensuring general harmony and interior comfort. Other notable options are the exterior lines of the panoramic roof, access to the bed by the folding staircase and the 7-year warranty against water infiltration!

What do you think about Adria caravans? Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or thoughts about Adria caravans. 

FAQ on Where are Adria Caravans made?

Where are Adria made?

All Adria Mobil caravans are manufactured in a factory in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, where the company has its headquarters. 

Are Adria Caravans good quality?

Adria Caravans are of very good quality and have high reliability. Adria motorhomes have a reputation for being robust in construction, reflecting their focus on design, construction and quality management. 

What is the best brand of caravans?

The ranking of the best caravan brands is as follows: Bürstner, Fendt, Hobby, Tabbert, Dethleffs, Adria, Eriba, Knaus and LMC rank at the top of the table and have maintained their position. When it comes to motorhomes, VW is still in the first place.

How to choose the right caravan?

To choose the right caravan ask yourself how many people will be on board: solo, in a couple or in a family with children, the size and the arrangement of your caravan will be impacted. The budget is an important criterion, it will determine the model of your caravan and its equipment. the desired use.


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