What’s the longest 5th Wheel trailer ever made?

In this article, we will discuss: What’s the longest 5th Wheel trailer ever made? We will review and discuss its interior and exterior features. 

What’s the longest 5th Wheel trailer?

The longest and largest 5th wheel trailer currently on the market is the Grand Design Solitude fifth wheel. 

The Solitude line is the most luxurious that Grand Design manufactures. Since the creation of the company, Grand Design has continued to grow and to be rewarded for the quality of their product, they have also won the Trailer Life Readers Choice gold award in 2019 in the fifth wheel category.

It only takes a glimpse of Solitude to understand what sets this Grand Design RV fifth wheel apart from others on the market. Grand Design also offers the Solitude S-Class fifth wheel range with some changes in equipment and finish, but built to the same quality.

Grand Design Solitude: Unique and superior design

First of all, the Solitude is built from a super “drop frame” consisting of 12 “high main rails and 10” high rails in the lowered part. The chassis is also widened, being 101 inches wide, allowing for more interior space, oversized storage boxes and deeper extensions.

Then, the frame is completely closed by a protective membrane lined with an Astro-Foil ™ membrane for insulation, the membrane is also sealed with aluminum rails around its entire perimeter to ensure better sealing and resistance. A layer of mineral wool is then added to the frame, and a second layer of mineral wool is installed throughout the aluminum structure of the floor, even opposite the front attachment, a location often overlooked by the competition. 

The doors of the exterior storage boxes are also insulated to minimize heat loss. Hot air is pushed through the chassis and storage compartments to keep the plumbing cold, even at low temperatures, and each water tank has a 12V heating pad.

On this frame, are then affixed the walls which are all made of fiberglass laminated with styrofoam and an aluminum structure. Even the walls and roof of the extensions are laminated to ensure optimum insulation and durability. The front fiberglass roof and cape sit on a timber frame and are insulated with mineral wool and an Astro-Foil ™ membrane. 

The roof structure is ventilated to allow condensation to escape from the roof, increasing the effectiveness of the insulation and preventing damage to materials. The roof is covered with a seamless TPO membrane. All Grand Design trailer and fifth wheel seals, including the Solitude, are protected by PVC foam or Mylar tape instead of Butyl which is less resistant to temperature variations and little crack.

The fifth wheel Solitude has a gloss Lamilux 4000 “Gel-Coat” coating on all of its walls and its fibreglass front cap which is painted, and its windows are frameless and tinted. It has an awning with integrated LED lights, in addition to a set of LED lights under the chassis for a refined and distinguished look. It is also possible to have the Solitude covered with three complete exterior paint designs.

In addition to the uncompromising insulation of the Solitude, it features a 35,000 BTU furnace and an electric fireplace with a heater for a total of 40,000 BTUs. The interior heating system uses hatches located in their furniture, so these hatches do not accumulate dust and debris and are less at risk of breakage than those located directly on the floor.

Keeping warm is good, but when camping you sometimes want to escape the heat outside. The Solitude is equipped with the Stealth air conditioning system which includes two 15,000 BTU air conditioners connected by a Racetrack duct system. 

Racetrack ducts allow air to circulate better through the fifth wheel, plus Airguide ventilation hatches push air out of the duct for increased efficiency. In addition, the Solitude fifth-wheel trailers are also equipped with the RV Airflow systems which improve air circulation by around 40% in the ducts.

Grand Design Solitude: Equipped for road and camping

Being comfortable on your campsite is good, but you also have to be on the road, which is why the Solitude has been equipped with the very best. It features aluminum rims with 16 inch G rated tires with NitroFill ™, MORryde® CRE3000 suspension, self-adjusting brakes, 7000 pound Heavy Duty axles with upgraded hitches, and a gearbox. MORryde® RPB coupling and a spare tire installed under the chassis.

Installation at a campsite is made simple with a six-point hydraulic self-levelling system, an all-in-one service centre, and easy-to-deploy SolidStep steps. The spacious storage compartments are fitted with Keyed Alike locks, so just one key to open them all, no time wasted finding the right key! Some models are also equipped with an exterior storage drawer on a rail that can hold 2 Kayaks! Finally, it is possible to equip the majority of models with a complete and very practical outdoor kitchen!

Grand Design Solitude: A 5th wheel trailer that will make you feel right at home!

Solitude offers the luxury and quality of a residential finish. The cabinets are made of hardwood with a luxurious finish, the cabinet doors have recessed glass panels, the “solid surface” counters and LED lights are arranged through the various elements for elegant decor. The materials used for the finish are high-end and durable, such as a Congoleum floor covering guaranteed for 3 years and a kitchen backsplash in real tiles. 

In addition, the faucets, the 18 cubic foot propane and electric refrigerator, the residential grade oven and the convection microwave are made of stainless steel. All models have an island, large pantry, MaxxAir ceiling fan with rain sensor, shoe storage under the steps and a wall-mounted table with chairs. It is also possible to replace the refrigerator with a residential refrigerator with an inverter, some models are also prepared to be able to be equipped with a dishwasher.

The living room offers electric recliners with heat and massage functionality, one or two sofa beds depending on the model, a “Smart” LED television connected to a King Jack antenna, a Rockford Fosgate sound system compatible with most media and an electric fireplace. All the places planned to receive a television are prepared for the cable and the satellite; in the living room, in the bedroom and even outside and in the back bedroom in some models.

Solitude is designed for extended occupancy, so it offers plenty of storage in the bedroom which offers a Queen bed, a “walk-in” style wardrobe, a dresser with drawers, a washer and dryer preparation, a LED television and reading lights. The bed can be changed to a King bed. The bathroom has a shower with seamless fibreglass walls and a glass door, a porcelain toilet, a sink integrated into the counter and a medicine cabinet with a mirror integrated into the door. 

Some models offer an additional powder room and two sinks in the main bathroom. The fifth wheel Solitude is equipped with a 12-gallon gas and electric water heater, a 12V water pump and a water filtration system.

The Solitude is equipped with a 50 amp electrical system and a 55 amp converter, no need to worry about devices running simultaneously. They are prepared to receive a solar panel and it is also possible to install a 300W panel on the roof with a controller and an optional 2000W inverter. It is also possible to have a compartment prepared for a generator and even to install a 5500W Onan propane generator.

Grand Design RV offers a 3-year limited warranty on the structure of the Solitude, as well as other warranties such as; 25 years on the floor, 12 years on the roof covering, 5 years on the exterior graphics, 5 years on the axles and 5 years on the tires.

Final thoughts 

The Solitude brand also includes the Solitude S-Class range incorporating the winning elements of the Solitude in slightly smaller and lighter models. The Reflection range also manufactured by Grand Design will offer you excellent quality with different interior decor and exterior colours. 

Jayco offers comparable models, with the Pinnacle fifth wheel and the North Point, and the all-new manufacturer Alliance also rivals its Paradigm line. Check them out!

And if you have any questions about the longest 5th wheel trailer currently on the market, the Grand Design Solitude, let us know!

FAQ on What’s the longest 5th Wheel?

What are the worst travel trailers to buy?

The following are considered the worst travel trailers to buy:

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Why buy a Grand Design travel trailer?

Grand Design is a manufacturer that cares about the quality of its RVs and whose mission is the satisfaction of its customers. Their products have won numerous awards since the start of the company, including the 2019 Trailer Life Readers Choice Gold Award in all categories where Grand Design was present.

Is a fifth-wheel trailer a good idea?

The design of the fifth wheel has many advantages. A trailer with a fifth-wheel hitch design will feel more stable when towing. It shouldn’t experience a lot of trailer sway. This is because the weight of the hitch is on the rear axle (drive axle) of the tow vehicle, which means that the weight of the trailer is better distributed over the entire rig.


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