What weight can a caravan bunk bed take?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: What weight can a caravan bunk bed take?  We will discuss the weight limits for bunk beds, their utility, safety and ease of installation. 

What weight can a caravan bunk bed take?

A caravan bunk bed can take between 136 kg (300 lbs) to 272 kg (600 lbs) weight. Some custom made bunk beds can take up to 900 kg (2000 lbs), but you will have to check that with the manufacturer! See below some examples to get an average idea.

Examples of bunk bed weight capacity

Type of Loft or Bunk BedWeight Limit (Lbs.)Weight Limit (Kg)
Wood Bunk bed, twin top bunk165 Lbs.75 Kg (approx.)
Metal Bunk bed, twin top bunk200 Lbs.91 Kg (approx.)
Wood Bunk bed, full bottom bunk400 Lbs.181 Kg (approx.)
Metal Bunk bed, twin bottom bunk220 Lbs.100 Kg (approx.)
RV Camper loft bed or bunk bed, Wood165 Lbs.75 Kg (approx.)
Twin Loft Bed, Wood165 Lbs.75 Kg (approx.)
Twin Loft Bed, Metal200 Lbs.91 Kg (approx.)
Double Loft Bed, Wood250 Lbs.114 Kg (approx.)
Double Loft Bed, Metal250 Lbs.114 Kg (approx.)
Full Loft Bed, Wood200 Lbs.91 Kg (approx.)
Full Loft Bed, Metal300 Lbs.136 Kg (approx.)
High Weight Capacity Loft bed1100 Lbs.500 Kg (approx.)
Adult Bunk Bed450 Lbs.204 Kg (approx.)
Child Bunk BedUp to 250 Lbs.114 Kg (approx.)
Low Loft Bed200 Lbs.91 Kg (approx.)

Quality bunk beds are manufactured according to different safety standards. Either way, it is important to ensure that the bunk is assembled correctly. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s weight recommendations, avoid rough use of this type of bed, and regularly inspect the bed for safety.

There are many situations in which wooden bunk beds are used by adults. It is a type of bed widely used in rest and vacation homes, or in dormitories for university students, for example. Bunk beds are also widely used to accommodate adults in hostels or shared rooms. 

There is no recommended age to use bunk beds, but it is always important to check what weight the upper bed supports. Lastly, it is recommended that the upper bed be used only by adults who can easily climb and descend from the upper bed.

Are caravan bunk beds comfortable for daily use? 

There is an important factor that decisively influences the comfort of a caravan bunk bed. That is the quality of the mattress since most of these beds, being designed for small places, tend to occupy as little as possible and therefore do not allow thick mattresses. 

That is why the integrated mattress with extra flexible slats is a very important piece in the folding ones because in combination with a suitable mattress it is the one that provides us with comfort at bedtime.

 Regarding the thickness of the mattress, as we have said, bunk beds are furniture designed for small spaces, so their depth is usually small, which is why most folding beds need thinner mattresses than conventional beds.

Traditionally, the idea that a thin mattress is a bed mattress has been associated because in old models that were often the case. However, today we have viscoelastic mattresses that -in the highest quality models- have performance and achieve superior comfort than thick mattresses.

A bunk bed with a good box spring and a suitable mattress provide superior comfort even if the mattress is not thick. Normally, the mattress is about 3 cm thinner than the space available to store the made bed.

Can an adult sleep in a caravan bunk bed?

Well of course an adult could sleep in a caravan bunk bed. In general, bunk beds hold more weight than conventional beds.

In these, its capacity is measured in the bed base and the minimum resistance is 120 kilos in single beds up to 105 cm wide and 180 kilos in the 135 and 150 Cm double beds.

In the bunk beds, the usual idea is that the upper bed resists the same weight as the lower one, being the most advisable to choose bunk beds with legs on the lower bed and support ladder since these models distribute the weight much better and “pull” a lot less of the wall than bunk beds that lack these reinforcement elements.

It is very important that the folding bed or bunk is perfectly levelled and correctly fixed to the wall to guarantee its correct operation and safety.

Can bunk beds be mounted on plasterboard walls?

The models of bunk beds without legs or without a ladder, in which the entire weight of the bed and the person who uses it hangs from the wall, cannot be mounted on this type of wall. Of the models that include ground support elements (legs and ladders), the bunk beds as a general rule can be installed on this type of wall.

It must be taken into account that in plasterboard walls, it is only possible to make resistant joints in the nerves that arm them, which means: 1st, that they must be searched with detectors and 2nd, that the bed or bunk should allow to vary the points anchor to fix it coinciding with the rib.

Are caravan bunk beds safe?

According to experts, it is not recommended that a child under 5 years of age sleep in a bunk bed, although this is relative. Regardless of age, minimum safety standards must be taken into account. There must always be a safety rail on the top bed.

The world of bunk beds is wide and full of options that will help you in the furnishing of complicated spaces. Always keep in mind that all our furniture, despite the fact that many cases are intended for the most frequent public in the house, are not for the exclusive use of children, that is, the bunk beds can be used by both children and adults, either the lower beds or the upper beds.

Are caravan bunk beds worth it?

The bunk beds do not leave anyone indifferent, you either hate them or love them. Truth to be told, bunk beds solve many problems, not only of space but also those derived from the lack of it. 

A bunk multiplies the space of a room, allows two or more people to share the same room to sleep. So yeah, bunk beds are a great addition, especially for langer families!


Bunk beds are a great idea for caravans as they occupy less space, have a great weight capacity and are fun to use!  As long as you follow the necessary precautions, consider investing in a good and comfortable mattress as well, as it changes the whole experience of sleeping in a caravan bunk bed.

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FAQ on What weight can a caravan bunk bed take?

How many kilos can a wooden bunk hold?

A wooden bunk bed can hold up to 80 kg unless otherwise stated. 

How much weight does Ikea bunk bed support?

The maximum weight that an Ikea bed can support is 150 kg. The design has no sharp corners and edges, and chips do not appear on durable material.

How long is a bunk bed?

The standard measurement of a bunk mattress is 90 cm wide by 190 cm long. However, the measurements of, for example, children’s mattresses can also be 60 x 130 cm or 80 x 190 cm. Another element to take into account is the thickness

How long is a foldable bed?

Conventional measurements are 80, 90 and 105 cm wide, but we can put a pull-out bed frame on any bed size, from 80 to 135 or even 150 cm. As for the possible lengths for the nest beds they are: 180,190, 200 or 210 cm.


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