What was the longest motorhome made on a truck base?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: What was the longest motorhome made on a truck base? We will also discuss the layout design specs and amenities that arrive with this incredible motorhome. Additionally, we will talk about the optional features and touch upon some technical aspects of this motorhome.

What was the longest motorhome made on a truck base?

The longest motorhome made on a truck base was Dubbed the Commander 8×8. This incredible motorhome is 40 feet long and has sleeping space for up to 10 people. It is two stories tall and is designed by Australian luxury expedition manufacturer SLRV. This motorhome is just like a traditional home that functions on wheels.

The Commander 8×8 is still known as the largest expedition vehicle ever built. This motorhome was built to explore the remote regions in Australia. Due to the exceptional features and space, the Commander 8×8 was expensive. The estimated price of this motorhome was from $670,000 to $1,370,000.

Commander 8×8 motorhome layout design, specs, and amenities

The Commander 8×8 motorhome undoubtedly has some of the best features and amenities that any motorhome could ever have. These features and specs make this wonderful home on wheels unique and special. Here are some of the top features and unique specifications of the Commander 8×8 motorhome.

Military-grade truck base

  • The Commander 8×8 is built on an exceptional military-grade MAN TGS truck base. This truck base is built to push the limits and bring out the best performance while traveling. It is a highly durable truck base constructed for absolute off-road capability. It is suitable for deployment and is one of the strongest truck bases in the market.

6.5-foot roof lift

  • The 6.5-foot roof lift is what makes the Commander 8×8 a particular motorhome. With just a push of a button on an LCD screen, the truck’s upper part is activated and transformed from one story to two. This is one of the defining features of this excellent motorhome. It easily opens up as an extension and provides an extra floor.

State-of-the-art electric systems

  • The Commander 8×8 is also known for its excellent state-of-the-art electric systems. The entire motorhome is built with top-class electric systems that make them one of a kind. 
  • It has some of the best lithium batteries that high-quality solar systems charge. The diesel backup generator and alternator do not need to depend on shore power.
  • The Commander 8×8 has a unique alternator used for the first time in a motorhome. This particular feature makes this motorhome perfect for camping in remote areas.

Exclusive exteriors

  • When it comes to the exteriors, the Commander 8×8 has not compromised with quality and features. The walls of this motorhome are almost five inches thick, enabling them to bring out the best insulation. It is built to withstand extreme climatic conditions. There is no need to worry about the heat or cold outside.
  • Yet another unique feature is the washer unit and sink that can be accessed from the motorhome’s exterior. Unlike the usual motorhomes, the Commander 8×8 has these units in a convenient spot. The manufacturers have made the best use of the available space to bring out the best results for camping enthusiasts.

Incredible interiors

  • The interiors are top-class and cannot be compared with some of the other motorhomes. The interiors of this motorhome were designed to provide all the comforts of a traditional home. This includes exceptional features like ducted air conditioners and heating.
  • One of the most attractive features of the motorhome is the lounge area on the first floor. This lounge area has a solid seating capacity of up to 10 people.  
  • The kitchen is fully functional and has a double burner stovetop with two microwave ovens and two fridges. All the amenities in the kitchen are made of high-quality materials. Overall, the kitchen is elegant, with the latest technology for easy use.
  • The bathroom is past the kitchen area, with a separate shower and toilet area. The amenities used in the bathroom have unique designs. The Commander 8×8 motorhome can hold up to 264 gallons of water. This allows travelers to camp for weeks, even in remote areas.
  • The manufacturers have done a great job once again regarding the bedroom. The lounge can also be converted into a bedroom to accommodate guests. To access the second level, the Commander 8×8 has floating stairs that lead up between the dinette and kitchen.
  • There are six single beds that are comfortable, and each of these beds has individual widows. Straight down the sleeping area is a TV sitting perfectly on the wall. The beds can also be folded up to access the storage compartments underneath.
  • The interiors are extremely spacious and are built with high-end cabinetry. It has solid surface benchtops and enough shelves to keep all you need on a road trip. The living space is incredible, with lounge combinations that are furnished with Italian leather.

Rear garage

  • Imagine a motorhome that has a rear garage to store large items. The Commander 8×8 has a spacious rear garage to store mountain bikes, tables, and even a motorcycle. This space can keep all the necessary camping gear while traveling. The rear garage area makes the Commander 8×8 one of the first to have such features.

Optional features

  • Despite being one the longest motorhomes made on a truck base, the Commander 8×8 also has optional features. This motorhome is available in both single and double-story configurations. It can be customized to suit specific requirements. The Commander 8×8 is available on the MAN TGS or the Tatra Phoenix 8×8 platform.
  • Some of the other optional features include the electric guest bed and the front club lounge. The Commander 8×8 is designed for all types of families, extensive families. This motorhome also has a multi-tank water system of 500 to 1,000 liters. This enables occupants to select tanks individually during filling and usage.
  • The other equipment and features include indoor and outdoor entertainment systems and outdoor kitchen hardware. The Commander is not just any off-road motorhome built on a truck base. It is also a luxurious motorhome with exceptional features and specifications.

The Commander 8×8 was not just one of the longest motorhomes made on a truck base, but it was also one of the most comfortable.  Some of the other motorhomes are long but not as comfortable as the Commander 8×8, and their features are not as exclusive as this particular model. The Commander 8×8 is also an off-road motorhome that is long.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: What was the longest motorhome made on a truck base? We have also discussed the layout, design, specs, and amenities that arrive with this incredible motorhome. Additionally, we have talked about the optional features and touched upon some technical aspects of this motorhome.



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