What size is a double bed in a caravan? (5 sizes)

In this article, we will answer the following question: What size is a double bed in a caravan? We will review the most common five caravan beds sizes and help you decide which one fits you best!

What size is a double bed in a caravan?

A double bed in a caravan is usually 54”x 75” and is ideal for single adults with or without pets and teenagers who sleep crosswise in their bed. In truth, there is not ONE mattress size, but MANY mattress sizes and each corresponds to a specific sleeper situation!

Let’s briefly summarize these and in which case to choose them:

  • The twin beds, (38 ”x 75”), are perfect for children, but also for adults living in a confined space, such as a student apartment for example.
  • Twin XL beds (38 ”x 80”), are ideal for larger students and teenage bedrooms.
  • Double beds (54 ”x 75”) are ideal for single adults with or without pets and teenagers who sleep crosswise in their bed.
  • Queen beds(60 ”x 80”), are a great alternative for tall adults, couples wanting more space, and singles who sleep across or with their pets for lack of something better.
  • The larger Olympic Queen beds (66 ”x 80”) give more room for the occupants and can accommodate a pet when you are a couple to sleep, for those who do not want to invest in a King bed.
  • King beds (76 ”x 80”) offer more than enough space for you, your spouse, and your large pet. They are ideal for larger master bedrooms (preferably measuring 12 “x 10”).
  • California King beds(72 ”x 84”), are specially intended for above average couples, or if you like having plenty of room for you, your partner, and all your dogs and cats. A must, as long as your room is large enough.

Does the thickness of the mattress matter for caravan beds?

Yes, the thickness of the mattress matters a lot for how comfortable a caravan bed will be. Choosing the right mattress depends first of all on your weight and build.

Here are a few tips:

  1. For sleepers 130 pounds and less: the mattress thickness may be less than or equal to 10 inches.
  2. For sleepers ranging from 130 to 230 pounds: The thickness can be between 8 and 12 inches for acceptable comfort. But many will prefer a mattress thickness of between 10 and 12 inches instead.
  3. For sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds: The thickness for those heavier sleepers should be a minimum of 11–12 inches. However, the majority will have a mattress thickness greater than 12 inches as their preferred thickness.

All the sizes of caravan beds 

Now, we will describe in more details all the sizes of caravan beds that exist, and hopefully, help you decide which one is right for you.

  • Caravan Twin Size Beds

Measuring 38 ”x 75”, these mattresses are primarily intended for young children and young adults. In this sense, these mattresses are ideal for singles and students, who often live in an apartment or shared flat. These are therefore suitable for rooms with measured space, from 7 x 10 feet.

On the other hand, if you are tall and/or live with a partner, immediately forget about this solution, except if you like to sweat and sleep on top of each other (you never know), or if you spread out. when you sleep.

  • Caravan Twin XL Beds

This type of bed is longer than its standard counterpart, and peaks at 38 ”x 80”. This is a dream mattress size once again for college students and the one you’ll see most often in post-secondary dorms. They can still fit into a tight space while still providing extra length for those of you who are taller. It’s also an ideal solution for a teenager’s bedroom.

It is, therefore, suitable, as its standard counterpart, for student apartments and shared accommodation. However, it is not at all suitable for couples and those who occupy their entire bed when they sleep.

  •  Caravan Double Size Beds

These mattresses, a priori for two, are in fact not for two. Indeed, they only allow one foot more in width compared to the two types of twin mattresses above. This was the standard used for couples’ beds decades ago when rooms in houses were made smaller. They are now used to accommodate single adults, and teens who really want to stretch out when they sleep.

They are therefore perfect for any child, teenager or adult wanting more personal space, or sleeping with their pet. Or couples who like to sleep close together and aren’t afraid to turn up the heat.

However, they are not recommended for couples who want some personal space to stretch their legs or who move around a lot, taller adults, or couples who cannot sleep without their cat (or dog). Their size is 54 ”x 75”.

  •  Caravan Queen Size Beds

 Queen mattresses are the most popular in terms of sales today, and that’s understandable: they offer a longer length for taller adults, and a sizable extra width so couples can sleep close together if they want it all. allowing everyone to have more personal space for their own movements at night.

These mattresses, which are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, are also perfect for any single adult who likes to spread out over the entire surface of the bed or sleeps with their pet, and for couples who want to sleep close to each other but without their cat or dog.

  •  Caravan Olympic Queen Size Beds

6 inches wider than a standard Queen mattress for an equivalent length (66 ”x 80”), the Olympic Queen mattress offers more space for each of its occupants and even allows you to add your dog or cat to the room. equation, without investing in a king-size mattress. So it’s a perfect in-between!

So, if having more personal space for you and for your spouse is important, the Olympic Queen is a mattress size to consider, as well as if you like to sleep with a mountain of pillows, which will necessarily take up more space. It’s also a particularly suitable mattress if your bedroom is wider than it is long, but you don’t have room to fit a King mattress in it.

  • Caravan King Size Beds

Remember that this type of mattress is equivalent to two twin mattresses placed side by side. You might as well say that with these mattresses you, your partner, and your Rottweiler will sleep with unparalleled comfort! Indeed, King mattresses offer more than enough personal space to each of their occupants, on two legs or on all fours. They are perfect for a larger master bedroom (ideally 12 “x 10”).

  • Caravan California King Beds

These mattresses are actually two XL twin mattresses glued side by side. Their size is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. They are particularly suitable if you are taller than average as a couple, or if you like to have (a lot) of individual space. 

They are also perfectly suited if you want to sleep with all your furry animals, whether dogs or cats. This is the ultimate, as long as you have a room capable of accommodating it by its dimensions!

Last thoughts

You will understand, choosing the size of your caravan bed is far from easy, and above all meets very specific rules depending on your body type, the number of occupants of the bed, and the size of the room.

To find a summary of all the information presented in our guide, we invite you to return to the top of the page!

 If you enjoyed reading our article, or if you have any questions about caravan beds, let us know!

FAQ on What size is a double bed in a caravan?

How do you turn a single bed into a double bed?

To turn a single bed into a double bed you can bring together two single beds and add a few blankets and pillows for more comfort.

What size is a caravan queen bed?

A caravan queen bed is 15300 mm wide to 1900 mm long.

What is the size of a single caravan bed?

The size of a single caravan bed is usually 1800 mm wide to 610 mm long.


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