What should I look for when buying a park model? (5+ points)

In this article, we will answer the following question: What should I look for when buying a park model? We will discuss a few key points that will help you choose the best park model home. After reading this article, you will know everything about buying a park model, including how to plan a budget for the purchase. 

What should I look for when buying a park model?

When buying a park model you have to take into account some key points that will help you decide on the best-manufactured home:

  1. The structure, dimensions and materials of a park model may vary from model to model. To find the ideal size for your park model, you need to assess your  needs in terms of space (a couple, several children, etc.);
  1. Take into account that, in most cases, park model homes do not have the same personality and identity as traditional houses. However, today, more and more manufacturers are allowing great customization.
  1. Where are you going to install the park model home? Park model homes are built to be placed on levelled soil. However, in most cases, the terrain is not perfect and the foundation will have to be adapted to your requirements. It doesn’t have to be a problem, you just have to take it into account.
  1. Take into account the climatic factors. This is an important aspect if you want your park model home to be energy efficient. The house must be placed or oriented in a certain way (usually where there is plenty of sun in winter and shade in summer). 
  1. New or second-hand park model? Most of the park models have maintenance every certain year, which is important to carry out to preserve the quality of the house, such as, for example, checking for leaks in the modules. Before acquiring your park model home, pay extra attention to how well it was maintained!

Is the land an important point when deciding to buy a park model?

In all types of housing construction, the land is usually the most expensive. 

As already mentioned, park models are designed to be built and founded on suitable land. The biggest investment when building a home is not the materials or paying the professionals, but the purchase of the plot.

In the cost forecast that we do, the foundation of a park model is a key factor. It will not be the same foundation, nor therefore its cost, that of flat terrain with good resistance compared to more rugged, uneven or poorly resistant terrain.

Therefore, before buying a park model, you must also take into account the price of the site and the foundation you need.

Is a park model the same as a traditional house? 

Yes, from many points of view, a park model is the same as a traditional house.  Modular and prefabricated construction has originally been used for temporary constructions, such as prefabricated commercial stands, construction sheds, offices … since they are easier to build, move and are cheaper.

The technical and regulatory requirements for the prefab construction of a permanent home are exactly the same as for a traditional home. Therefore, we should not worry about whether they will resist or last over time.

We have the image of prefabricated type constructions for commercial stands or booths, however, the aesthetics, requirements and demands for this type of temporary construction are far from those required for a home.

There are still many people who do not decide on a park model since they doubt its durability over time and its qualities, however technically the requirements are the same as for a traditional home. There’s no difference.

One of the most outstanding benefits of park models is their low price, they are cheaper than traditional houses. But even so, choosing a park model solely for its price is not a functional decision, unless the modular and prefabricated construction is used only for a temporary building, a wooden shed to store utensils, etc.

Park model materials: Do I choose wood or concrete?

Many people, when they decide to buy a park model, the first thing that comes to mind is the design and aesthetics that the house should have. If it must be modern, traditional, daring, have a pool, have large windows, and so on.

The truth is that the materials of a park model, together with its design, will largely determine the style we want to have in our park model.

The most popular park models are those made of concrete, and they are usually cheaper. They have a greater variety of designs, having an exterior finish in stone or brick.

These houses can also contain thermal insulation systems in their walls, the most used are rock wool and polystyrene, however, there are also natural and ecological thermal insulators.

Prefabricated wooden houses are also widely used, which tend to have a less environmental impact and integrate better with the landscape than concrete houses. But prefabricated wooden houses also require care.

The main benefit of wooden houses is that wood is an excellent natural insulator. But also, other insulating materials are usually added to make the home more efficient.

Should I buy a park model through a professional company?

We cannot trust any company that promises to build the park model of our dreams. It has to be one of reliability, and that is shown in many ways, such as with the years that the company has been in the market offering the product.

But the most important thing is to know the final opinion that other clients have had about that company and see-through videos and images of the work they have done.

As we have already said, to know the final price that the construction of the park model will have in the budget, absolutely everything must be taken into consideration: the foundation of the house, the electrical and water installation, the sale price of the house or the modules, the transport of the modules (if not included), the features we want … etc.

The bottom line

Buying a park model has multiple advantages. But before deciding whether to choose a park model, it is important to consider a number of issues and follow certain tips. Park models are like traditional homes. The only difference is that they are built by combining and joining various modules made by industrialized and standardized systems.

This construction process makes modular homes cheaper than traditional ones and faster to build.

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FAQ on What should I look for when buying a park model?

What should I take into account when buying a park model?

The possession of suitable land, the budget availability, the architectural planning and the design of the spaces, are some of the aspects that you should take into account when buying a park model. The plot is the main thing to do in any construction!

How to improve a park model?

To improve a park model you need to add a touch of your personality! Park models can look flawless with these decorating tips:

  1. Paint your walls;
  2. Refurbish or buy new furniture;
  3. Use awnings, blinds and curtains. 
  4. Combine textures and materials. 
  5. Use the storage space smartly and don’t clutter your park model.

What is the best material to build a park model?

Park models made of concrete are more resistant than those made of wood. In addition, given the thickness of the walls, prefabricated concrete houses also manage to isolate us from the most intense heat, or to maintain a stable interior temperature when the cold outside is extreme.

What is a park model trailer?

A park model trailer is designed for recreational purposes. A park trailer is not used for residential purposes but can be attached temporarily in the same way as a recreational / RV trailer with or without its axles and ties.

What is the best brand of park model trailers?

When it comes to the best brand of park model trailers, the big winner remains the Jayco Jay Flight, which has been at the top of recreational vehicle sales for many years. A brand appreciated by many customers.

What is my park model trailer worth?

It is not exactly obvious to assess the worth of a second-hand park model trailer. The easiest and most common way is to estimate the price of a second-hand park model trailer according to its date of purchase and its original price.


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