What rooftop tents come with an awning?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What rooftop tents come with an awning?” We will describe some of the best rooftop tents with their key features and specifications. We will also talk about the top 4 awnings that can be used for camping. At the end of this post, you will get to know some of the best rooftop tents and awnings.

What rooftop tents come with an awning?

The rooftop tents that come with an awning are listed below

  • iKamper X-Cover 2.0
  • Roofnest Sparrow
  • Thule Tepui Kukenam
  • Freespirit Recreation High Country
  • Budtrol rooftop tent with awning

iKamper X-Cover 2.0

iKamper has produced some of the best rooftop tents over the years and they continue to manufacture quality hard shell and soft shell tents. The iKamper X-Cover 2.0 is designed to carry cargo and extra weight. With the awning option available, this tent has some impressive features and benefits that will enhance your camping experience.

  • Hardtop shell
  • Lightweight build
  • Spacious mattress
  • Easy to pitch
  • Sleeping capacity up to four people
  • Enough space to mount extra gear
  • Optional rack system

Most of the iKamper tents are easy to set up and they can be done under two minutes. The X-Cover 2.0 rooftop tent has powder-coated aluminum cross bars. There is also room for mounting a bike or kayak. The double sky views and large windows provide enough light. Several customizable accessories can be purchased along with this rooftop tent.

Roofnest Sparrow

The Roofnest Sparrow is one of those affordable tents that come with great features. This hard shell tent is aerodynamic, lightweight, and constructed with strong material. The tent has a decent peak height of 40-inches and it has enough capacity to accommodate up to four people. Here are some of the best features that arrive with this rooftop tent.

  • 28.2 sq. ft. floor area
  • ABS and fiberglass shell
  • Waterproof solar bag
  • Solar panel
  • 3-inch thick mattress
  • 3 full-sized doors with awnings
  • Attached ladder

The Roofnest Sparrow is built with simplicity and it is a compact tent. This tent is perfect for mid-sized families and weekend getaways. However, the only disadvantage is that there is no means to connect an annex. One of the biggest advantages is the price as it costs around $3,195. For the price range, this tent has good features and amenities.

Thule Tepui Kukenam

Thule Tepui Kukenam rooftop tent arrives with an awning and several models were manufactured by Thule. The Thule Tepui Kueknam 3 is one of those top tents that are perfect for three people. This tent can be purchased with an awning and there are a couple of beautiful colors to choose from. Here are some of the key features listed below.

  • Four-season tent
  • Built with high-quality material
  • UV and mold-resistant
  • 600 D 260 gsm poly-cotton blend
  • 6.5 cm high-density foam mattress
  • Quick setup time
  • Warranty included

The Tepui Kukenam has a couple of models but the Kukenam 3 is one of the best tents and several customizable options are available. This tent has shoe bags to store shoes and it helps keep the rooftop tent clean. There are convenient mesh pockets situated at the right places to store all your camping gear.

Freespirit Recreation High Country

The Freespirit Recreation High Country is one of the fastest moving tents. These tents have incredible build and quality and they arrive at a reasonable price. However, there is only one window awning that arrives along with this tent. The price for this tent is around $2,395 and it is one of the best budget tents that are available at present.

  • 37.4 sq. ft. floor area
  • 46-inch peak height
  • Three different styles
  • Oversized windows for an open viewing
  • 2-inch floor
  • 2-inch mattress

The premium model has various options like LED lights, thick walls, etc. Due to just one awning, you might be required to button up the exposed sides while it rains. The height of this camper is not too tall and that might be a slight drawback. If you are looking for something to comfortably camp over the weekend, this will be one of the best options.

Budtrol rooftop tent with awning

Not many might have heard about this excellent rooftop camper, but it is catching up due to its excellent features. The hard shell rooftop tent arrives with an awning and it is pretty compact and spacious. The Budtrol rooftop tent is easy to install with the roof rails and bars. This tent arrives with an awning and a ladder.

  • 340 gsm canvas weatherproof construction
  • 2 side windows with cover
  • Fly screen and mosquito mesh
  • 420 D polyester oxford PU 2000mm
  • 2.3 M aluminum telescopic ladder
  • Aerodynamic and foldable design
  • Hydraulic gas strut

The shell of this rooftop tent is constructed with polyethylene composite material. The Budtro rooftop tent can resist wind speeds of up to 60 km/h. The overall weight of this tent is 167 pounds and it can be carried around with ease. You can also opt for a travel cover to secure your tent while traveling. This tent is built for rains and harsh climatic conditions.

Several rooftop tents have awnings, but these tents are not too expensive and they also have enough space. They are perfect for weekend camping and the overall build of these tents is strong. They can also withstand rain and harsh climatic conditions. These are tents are compact and neat to travel with and are some of the best tents that come with an awning.

Top 4 awnings for camping

Not all vehicles arrive with an awning and several vehicles come without an awning or annex. However, you can still fix an awning or annex on these vehicles separately. Here are some of the best awnings that can be used for camping.

Quick pick weather shade

  • This is a heavy-duty awning that is built for removal trips. It provides ultimate 207-degree coverage and it is a sturdy, and streamlined awning.
  • The canvas is built of high quality to keep you protected from rain and sun. The ceiling of the canvas has a silver lining to reflect the sun and keep you cool at all times.
  • This awning provides a solid shade area of 161 sq. ft. the length of the awning is 4.3 ft. and the weight is around 60 pounds.

King Camp SUV awning shelter

  • King Camp is a versatile brand and they have several camping gears sold. King Camp SUV awning shelter is waterproof and it is one of the tear-resistant car awning materials.
  • You can also attach this awning to an RV, van, car, or, jeep. The material consists of polyester, alloy steel, and fiberglass. It is portable and weighs only 9.7 pounds.
  • The 2000 mm waterproof PU coating is perfect to keep you dry in the pouring rain. It also protects you from UV rays.

Red camp waterproof car awning

  • The red camp waterproof car awning is yet another incredible brand. These awnings are portable and weigh only 9.7 pounds in total.
  • It is a multipurpose awning and it is universal for trailers, vans, pickup trucks, Hatchback, Sedan, SUVs, and more.
  • The waterproof design and durable three-tire PU 3000 makes this awning perfect for outdoor camping.

Tailgate shade awning

  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly awning, this one will top the list since the price range is pretty reasonable. Tailgate’s universal awnings come in various sizes and these can easily fit your SUV or car.
  • With a huge coverage area, a tailgate can easily provide space for up five to six people. This awning is easy to set up and convenient to carry around.
  • It comes packed in a small bag and it is super easy to install without any hassle. It has UV resistance and is perfect to keep the rain out.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What rooftop tents come with an awning?” We have described some of the best rooftop tents with their key features and specifications. We have also talked about the top 4 awnings that can be used for camping. Let us know what your favorite awning is by leaving a comment below.



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