What is the VW beetle camper trailer?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the VW Beetle camper trailer?” We will talk about the camper trailer features and the El Chico travel trailer. We will also discuss the Volkswagen Super Beetle and describe the interior features of this trailer. Additionally, we will touch upon all the other features that were included in this vintage camper trailer.

VW beetle camper trailer

The Volkswagen beetle camper trailer is a vintage trailer that was one of the best during the 1970s. Owning the Volkswagen beetle camper was considered a luxury back then. These camper trailers were immediately recognized for their unique appearance. Their features were excellent for their time and owning such a trailer now is rare.

The Volkswagen Beetle camper had a roof-mounted gooseneck hitch. There are only a few of these camper trailers available in the world and those who own them are considered to be lucky. This camper trailer had an incredible setup and it was easy to two given the features and specifications for that time.

This trailer model hit the market first in 1970, it was introduced by a company named International Travel Trailer Inc. The Volkswagen Beetle was the appropriate combination for this trailer. It is hard to get your hands on one of these trailers today since most of them are probably destroyed or lying somewhere in some junkyard.

Camper trailer Features

The combination of using the Volkswagen Beetle with this travel trailer was a genius idea. It was the first of its kind and these travel trailers have created history in the RV world. The travel trailer consisted of some amazing features and they were built to last long. These features are basic, but for a trailer to have them in the 1970s, was considered incredible.

  • Fully-loaded kitchenette
  • Bath and shower
  • Toilet
  • Sleeping capacity up to 4 people
  • Sofa in the living space
  • Spare tire
  • Roof-mounted gooseneck hitch
  • Rear window, side doors, and side windows.

This trailer has a neat kitchen that comes equipped with a stove. There are just enough cabinets in the kitchen and cooking in this camper trailer might have been a great experience. However, the stove is located just under the bedroom area and that might have been the only disadvantage of this camper trailer. Getting down from the bed while someone is cooking might have been hard.

El Chico travel trailer

The International Travel Trailer company manufactured the El Chico model and it was compatible with the VW Beetle. The company took to fame a few months after its launch. This travel trailer was considered the most unique one of its time and there are no other trailers that can replace this model even today.

Since not everyone had to potential to own travel trailers back then, only a few were fortunate to own the El Chico. The company manufactured only a few of these travel trailers and their numbers are still unknown. At present, there have been only two models that were found and restored after 2014. These are probably the only two remaining models of this trailer.

With the basic features, the VW Beetle camper trailer was one of those unique models with a roof-mounted gooseneck hitch. The gooseneck area is laminated wood and it has enough space for the Beetle to reverse and turn itself around. This particular invention has made it easy for navigation, especially with the VW beetle camper.

Volkswagen Super Beetle (1971)

The Volkswagen super beetle was the right model to two this trailer. These beetles had a stock of 1,600 and they could tow the travel trailer at 50 to 60 miles per hour. The Volkswagen super beetle was the perfect car to tow this travel trailer and the overall combination was well-matched. The Super Beetle proved that you don’t need a truck to tow a trailer.

With the gooseneck hitch, the car can turn a full 360 degrees. The aerodynamic design was a huge advantage and the sleeping room for four adults made it perfect for a medium-sized family. If there are two adults, there will be enough space for three children. Finding a travel trailer like this now is rather impossible.

Interior Features

The interior features are just perfect for this camper trailer. The amenities are just right and there is nothing more and nothing less. The layout is built perfectly for long-term and short-term camping. This camper trailer has the kitchen area located on the right once you open the front door. The location is perfect for a kitchen and a sink.

Kitchen features and amenities

  • It has a small removable stove that is attached to the kitchen counter. This stove can be removed and stored in the cabinet underneath if required. 
  • The sink is located right near the stove on the left. 
  • The gas line for the stove is kept in the bottom cabinet. This is ideal for outdoor cooking and you can keep your gas on a table.
  • There is a small shelf located just below the sink. This space is perfect for storing a few utensils or other kitchen items. 
  • The sink is small and it is right near the stove. It might be a little hard for two people to stand side by side and use the sink and the stove at the same time. However, this compact setup was required to have all the necessary features.

Bathroom features

The Bathroom is located right next to the kitchen area. The bathroom is compact and there is enough space for fixing a shower if required. However, it is impossible to use the shower and the toilet at the same time and this bathroom is just right for one person. There is not enough room to have a separate shower.

Bedroom features

This camper trailer has no separate bedroom as such. The sleeping space is located right above the kitchen area and the sink. There are windows on either side for ventilation and air and it has a comfortable bed that easily accommodates up to two adults or three to four kids. The bed has a foam mattress with enough headroom for a fully grown adult to sit up.

Other features

  • There is a vent that is located at the top of the kitchen area. This vent can be handy, especially when cooking. 
  • The fridge is located on the wall itself and it’s a tiny fridge that can hold enough food to last for a week or more. This camper trailer is just right for four people or two adults and three kids. Anything more is going to make it uncomfortable.
  • There is a closet for storage baggage or clothes. It can also be sued to store fishing gear or any other outdoor gear if necessary. 
  • The furnace is located at the bottom opposite the closet. 
  • The seating area has enough space for six people. It has a table in the middle that can be used as the dinette itself. The table can be lowered and converted into a bed for sleeping.
  • The sitting area is large with a wrap-around couch. 
  • The huge window can be opened up if necessary. 
  • The only disadvantage with this floor plan was the bed located at the top of the sink and kitchen area. This made it a little inconvenient to cook while anyone was asleep and it turned out to be a tough challenge to get down from the bed.

The VW beetle camper trailer which is known as the El Chico was one of the best trailers back then. The unique hitch connected to the roof and the combination of the Volkswagen Beetle made this trailer one of a kind. There seem to be only a couple of these trailers left in the world right now and owning one is considered lucky.


In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the VW Beetle camper trailer?” We talked about the camper trailer features and the El Chico travel trailer. We also discussed the Volkswagen Super Beetle and described the interior features of this trailer. Additionally, we have touched upon all the other features that were included in this vintage camper trailer.



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