What is the value of a 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the value of a 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper?” We will also talk about the factors that contribute to the value of the 1994 Shadow Cruiser. Additionally, we will touch upon the features and specifications of this vintage camper. 

What is the value of a 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper?

The value of a 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper is $4000. The value of the 1994 Shadow Cruiser can vary based on the condition and functionality of the camper. However, the maximum value can go up to $4000 since the 2004 Shadow Cruiser has a value of $10,000. The average retail price can cost up to $3,400.

It is still possible to find used Shadow Cruiser truck campers in the US. Many people camper enthusiasts own a Shadow Cruiser. However, the latest truck campers arrive with some of the best features compared to the 1994 Shadow Cruiser. These truck campers were famous in the early 90s.

The Shadow Cruiser was manufactured and produced in the early 2000s by the Cruiser RV. Only a few people are keen on owning a Shadow Cruiser as they still need to be considered one of those top vintage motorhomes. The good news is that they are still available and are worth the price of around $4000.

Factors contributing to the value of the 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper 

The 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper had decent features and specifications worth noting. This model was comfortable for a couple and was enough to get out on the road and camp over the weekend. With the right truck bed, the Shadow Cruiser was one of the best models 1994. These factors contribute to the camper’s value.  

Excellent sleeping accommodation

  • Despite being a truck camper, the Shadow Cruiser has a comfortable queen-size bed with excellent sleeping accommodations. The bed is located at the camper’s front part, which comes over the front head of the truck. It was spacious enough to accommodate up to two people comfortably.
  • The sleeping area also had overhead lights and a vent that could open at night. Surprisingly, guests had an extra room as the couch could be turned into an extra bed. The 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper was well-known for its foldable couch conversion futon bed.

Fully Functioning kitchenette

  • Another surprising part of this camper was the fully-functioning kitchenette. Unlike the other truck campers, this camper had a double kitchen sink with a solid three-burner stovetop. 
  • It also had a refrigerator with a freezer that could be used as a three-way unit. The refrigerator was designed to function on gas and electricity according to your preference.
  • The kitchen was also equipped with a compact and neat microwave for heating up the food while camping. The stove top had an electric vent above it to eliminate all the smoke while cooking.

Multiple storage options

  • Yet again, the 1994 Shadow Cruiser set high standards with multiple storage options. One of the significant advantages of this camper was the storage space. The foldable couch had storage options above. Along the side of the queen-sized bed were enough storage shelves to keep all your clothing or bed linen.
  • The kitchen had multiple storage options under the sink, and overhead storage cabinets were placed near the microwave. Right to the side of the kitchen area were drawers and storage shelves conveniently placed to keep all the utensils or other camping gear.

Lightweight and easy to transport

  • The 1994 Shadow Cruiser was a lightweight truck camper eight feet long. Despite being a hard-sided camper, the cab-over truck camper was light. It arrived in two variations, the 8’6” model and the 9’6” model. Both models were light, and it was perfectly built for easy transport.
  • The 1994 Shadow Cruiser was also a versatile truck camper since it could be altered according to your preference. It was also built for both cold and hot weather conditions. 
  • The air conditioner on the roof can quickly cool down the camper in just a few minutes. It also had a tremendous gas furnace that was perfect for cold temperatures.
  • The plumbing was organized in the 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper. The white and grey water tanks were located in a convenient position, and it was easy to clean. The electrical outlets were also positioned correctly, and charging all gadgets and other electric items was easy.

Attractive interiors

  • The 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper did not compromise on the interiors. The interiors of this camper were attractive, with top-quality cushions and seats. The upholstery added to the appearance. The camper also had curtains for the windows to provide more privacy.
  • The Atwood floor jacks and the jack drill-bit as easy to load and unload. The sturdy roof ladder was located at the back and was strong enough to take enough weight. The ladder was also broad enough to climb up with ease.
  • The entrance of the camper was at the side, and there were enough windows to bring in extra light and cool air from the outside. The side dinette was one of the significant interior attractions of this excellent camper.

Those were the factors contributing to the value of the 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper. This camper was a decent model with great features and specifications. The latest models had better features, including a purification system and better insulation. Overall, the 1994 Shadow Cruiser was worth the price. 


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is the value of a 1994 Shadow Cruiser truck camper?” We have also talked about the factors that contribute to the value of the 1994 Shadow Cruiser. Additionally, we have touched upon the features and specifications.  



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