What is the smallest Jayco fifth wheel?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: What is the smallest Jayco fifth wheel? We will review this Jayco trailer and discuss its construction quality, interior amenities and ease of use. 

What is the smallest Jayco fifth wheel? 

The smallest Jayco fifth wheel trailer is the Eagle HT fifth wheel trailer. It weights between 7,460 lbs and 10,110 lbs and has eight floor plans. We offer you details on each one of them below. 

Jayco Eagle HT fifth wheel floorplans

FloorplanSleeping  capacity (adults)LengthWeightMSRP
24RE429′ 2″7,980 lbs$61,892
25.5REOK629′ 2″8,290 lbs$47,289.
27RS632′ 8″8,950 lbs$63,531
28.5RSTS632′ 9″9,345 lbs$79,071
29.5BHDS1034′ 7″9,385 lbs$78,409
29.5BHOK835′ 1″9,290 lbs$72,074
30.5CKTS633′ 11″9,430 lbs$74,149
31MB737′ 2″10,570 lbs$74,192

Jayco Eagle HT fifth wheel trailer: a review

The Eagle HT fifth wheel range offers the most compact and lightweight models manufactured by Jayco in this RV segment. The Eagle HT are designed to suit ½ ton trucks that have more limited towing and cargo capacity, while still offering the features of the original Eagle fifth wheel trailers. If you are more of the classic trailer type, the Eagle HT and Eagle are also offered in trailers with the same quality and equipment!

Construction of the Eagle HT

With Jayco, a lighter and more compact fifth wheel doesn’t mean less well built, the Eagle HT is built with the same processes as other Jayco fifth wheel trailers for superior strength. The chassis is tailor-made for each model, the rails are not extended, which creates weak points at the welds.

Whether it is the side, rear or extension walls, they are all made from vacuum laminated panels the StrongholdVBL ™ way. The aluminum structure, the styrofoam insulation, the prefinished and the fiberglass layer are pressed together under a pressure of 144 tons for 16 minutes, the adhesion of the material layers is therefore superior and the panel more rigid and light. 

The exterior is then finished with a “gel-coat” coating and the nose is protected by a molded and painted fiberglass cap. The decorative automotive-grade vinyl pattern is then affixed for a dynamic look.

The roof is constructed from wood and its Magnum Truss ™ construction provides up to 50% more strength than the average competitor. The frame is held together by oversized studded plates, and supported by 2 inch by 2 inch pieces of lumber, not just 1 inch aluminum brackets. 

In addition, the frame is reinforced near the extensions and is covered with 3/8 inch thick plywood securely screwed in place and not stapled. A one-piece DiFlexx II membrane is then glued to the plywood for protection from the elements.

Like all Jayco fifth wheels, the Eagle HT is Climate Shield ™ tested. This is why Jayco insulates it by adding a membrane under the frame which is heated by an air duct, by placing two layers of mineral wool on the roof and on the floor and by adding an insulating membrane to the roof, floor, front cap and floor of the extensions. 

The Eagle HT is also equipped with a 35,000 BTU furnace and a 15,000 BTU “Whisper Quiet” air conditioner installed in HELIX Cooling System ™ insulated ducts configured to provide better air flow. It is possible to add a second 15,000 BTU air conditioner which will also be connected to the ducts. It is possible to replace the windows of the Eagle HT with windows with thermos glass.

Coming back to the Climate Shield ™ test, it is performed at Dometic which places the Eagle HT fifth wheel trailer in a controlled environment where the temperature has risen to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) for 8 hours and then dropped to 0 degrees Fahrenheit ( -17 degrees Celsius) for another 8 hours. 

All the while, sensors take readings of the interior temperature to ensure that it remains comfortable throughout the fifth wheel. In addition, technicians verify that no freezing has occurred in the water tanks.

Eagle HT: A well-equipped fifth-wheel trailer

The Eagle HT is ready for whatever your camping adventure has in store for you, starting with the route to get! It has Goodyear® Endurance® tires with aluminum rims and a spare tire of the same brand which is installed under the frame, a MORryde® CRE-3000 ™ rubber block suspension, reinforced tandem links, Dexter® axles, Nev-R-Adjust® brakes and EZ Lube® hubs. 

Since ½-ton trucks often have a 6.5-foot box, the Eagle HT features a TrailAir Turning Point swivel hitch box that allows for better cornering clearance. Finally, for those vigilant travelers, you can add a tire pressure monitoring system and as well as a rear and two side camera, the Eagle HT is prepared to be equipped later if you do not select this option. .

For more adventurous travelers, the Eagle HT fifth wheel is prepared to be plugged into a portable solar panel or attached to the roof and fitted with an inverter, you can also optionally have a compartment prepared for the installation of a propane generator and increase the propane reserve capacity. Finally, you can have a 190W solar panel installed on the roof with a controller directly from the manufacturer.

The standard exterior equipment of the Eagle fifth wheel trailer includes electric front legs, electric self-leveling system, MORryde® StepAbove ™ entry steps, electric awning with LED lights, two 30 pound propane tanks with self-regulating, a storage compartment with Slam-latch ™ handles and Keyed Alike ™ locks, a “Quick-Connect” propane connection. 

It also has a 2-inch receiver in the back, a detachable 50 amp Powersmart ™ electrical connection, a shower exterior, a 17.8 gallons per hour DSI rapid recovery water heater and a Nautilus fitting center. The majority of models offer an outdoor kitchen for those who prefer to stay outside as much as possible while on vacation!

Eagle HT: A well-designed interior

Despite the shorter lengths of the Eagle HT fifth wheel models, the models are well set up, well equipped and well built. The flooring is durable with its 5/8 inch plywood covered with Shaw® vinyl imitating wood planks, the extension flooring is also vinyl coated. The extension moldings are made of hardwood and there are LED mood lights hidden there, all the lighting of the Eagle HT is LED lights, including several lights with dimmer to be able to subdue the atmosphere in the evening.

The kitchen has several cabinets with doors fitted with handmade glass plates, an 8 cubic foot refrigerator running on propane gas and electricity, a sink, a microwave and a stainless steel stove. It is possible to change the refrigerator to a 13.5 cubic foot model in some of the configurations or to replace the standard refrigerator with a 10 cubic foot model operating on 12V current.

The main space includes full furniture; a table without legs with benches or four chairs depending on the model and options, as well as a sofa bed, recliners or cinema chair, always depending on the models and options chosen. 

You will also find an HD television, a Bluetooth audio and video multimedia system, the control and monitor center of the fifth wheel, and an optional electric fireplace for certain models. The Eagle HT features the JAYCOMMAND “Smart RV” control system that allows you to monitor and control many aspects of your RV easily from your smartphone.

The bedroom is inviting with its Queen Serta® bed with reading lights and will allow you to store lots of clothing with its wardrobe in the extension, compartments on either side of the bed and easy access to the space under the bed thanks to the pressure tubes installed at its base. The room is also prepared to receive a CPAP machine.

The bathroom includes everything you could find there, a porcelain toilet with foot flush, a countertop with sink and decorative “stone and glass” style backsplash, a medicine cabinet with illuminated mirror door, an EZ fan Breeze ™ 350 CFM and finally a large corner shower with skylight.

FAQ on What is the smallest Jayco fifth wheel?

Are Jayco caravans good?

According to many travel enthusiasts, Jayco caravans are indeed good motorhomes. The quality of Jayco products is what makes them particularly reliable. The materials and technology used in the design of their products are of the highest quality.

How long do Jayco trailers last?

On average, Jayco trailers last up to 25 years. Of course, the lifespan of your motorhome will depend on how you maintain it, in the first place.

How to choose the right travel trailer?

To choose the right travel trailer, it is also necessary to look at two important criteria: the authorized total vehicle weight (GVWR) and the authorized total weight. The GVWR indicates the actual maximum weight added that can reach your car and the trailer.

What are the different levels of Jayco travel trailers?

The different levels of Jayco travel trailers range from ultra-lite to half-ton RVs that can accommodate couples to large families, which are what makes the Jayco travel trailers so popular.

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