What is the smallest Eriba caravan?

In today’s blog post, we will find out what is the smallest Eriba caravan. We will review this curious Eriba model and help you decide whether it is right for you or not. 

What is the smallest Eriba caravan?

The smallest Eriba caravan is the Eriba Touring Familia 320 caravan. This is one of three models to benefit from the over-equipped Silver Edition pack. With its smooth grey sheet metal, the Touring Familia 310 is nonetheless a great touring caravan, very comfortable, but without a bathroom!

Eriba Touring Familia 310 Data Sheet:

  • Number of seats: 3
  • Curb weight in running order: 690 kg
  • MTPLM: 900/1050 kg
  • Payload: 210/360  kg
  • Price: from $24,000

Eriba Touring Familia 310 Dimensions:

  • W x H overall: 4.83 x 2.26 m
  • L x W box: 3.71 x 2.00 m
  • L x W x H interior: 3.66 x 1.90 x 1.95 m

Eriba Touring Familia 310 Anatomy:

  • Tubular metal frame
  • Polystyrene insulation
  • “Silver” grey smooth sheet body
  • Polyester pop-up roof with insulating foam, with canvas surround and integrated mosquito nets
  • 5 opening bays with blinds and mosquito nets
  • Gas locker for 2 gas bottles
  • Retractable step

Eriba Touring Familia 310 Road equipment: 

  1. Rubber element axle with shock absorbers.
  2. Tires 185/70 R 13
  3. Antilacet, spare wheel
  4. Drawbar cover

Eriba Touring Familia 310 Services:

  • Electricity 230/12 V with transformer.
  • 12 V interior lighting and 230 V sockets
  • 70-liter fridge-freezer
  • Propane gas.
  • Gas heating
  • Water: 1 jerrycan of 13 L

More on Eriba Touring Familia 310

The Eriba Touring Familia 310 is with the 320 the smallest caravan in the Eriba Touring catalogue, but it is the only one of the two “minis” to be available with a Silver Edition pack which gives it a very particular style, almost automobile with its smooth grey sheet metal ( as standard, the sheet metal of the Touring is hammered white). 

This model has a mosquito net door, storage hatch, spare wheel, specific lacquered furniture with matching textile atmosphere, cutting board for the kitchen and two tote pockets, this is the complete inventory of the Silver Edition. 

The living room for two guests offers comfortable bench seats. The table is securely held by a rail that allows it to slide, facilitating access to both seats. Fortunately, the GVW of 900 kg has the advantage of offering 210 kg of payload, which is just right. In terms of the interior, it’s like a doll’s house on wheels, with the exception of the fixed bed, which has 185 x 142 cm.

Another nice surprise is the small kitchen (L 107 x 58 x H 91 cm) well-appointed with its storage, sink and two-burner stove, as well as its 70 L fridge (we will gladly forgive this limited capacity, given the size of the passenger compartment). Note that the small worktop is extended by a shelf (to be folded down after use).

On the front, the living room is of course miniaturized, but two adults can nevertheless sit comfortably there (table of 63 maxi x 56 cm). It should also be noted that the seats of the benches have a useful depth of 54 cm, which allows them to be well wedged (H 33 cm for the backsplashes). In the night position, this living room will serve as an extra bed for one person (185 x 73 cm maximum).

On the storage side, in addition to the hold under the box spring (H 47 cm) accessible by an external hatch (50 x 30 cm useful), we can also count with the wardrobe (H 72 x D 58 x 48 cm), the wardrobes of pavilion, chests and all the little tips nested in this rolling shell, essential for a serene use.

The lacquered furniture is specific to the special Silver Edition series. The openings in the mesh, protected by mosquito nets, are very useful in summer. 

A “ready to go” is what this tiny caravan offers, with all the functions for a comfortable trip, except a bathroom. With its large bed, small storage, kitchen and living room for two, this Eriba model has the advantage of being able to be towed by a large majority of cars. 

What we really like about this Eriba caravan:

  • Ease of traction
  • The general finish
  • The 190 x 140 cm fixed bed
  • Additional Silver equipment

What we like less about this Eriba caravan:

  • Refrigerator limited to 70 L
  • No bathroom
  • A single GVWR as standard
  • Height is greater than 2 m (motorway toll).

Are Eriba caravans any good?

Yes, Eriba caravans are a good investment and loved by many adventurers. Whether you are going on a nature hike with the whole family, whether you are going on vacation to the sea or the lake with friends, the Eriba caravan will become your second home, comfortable and functional. 

Here are a few reasons why we believe Eriba caravans are one of the best on the market:

  • Not yielding as premium models, they can be used at any time of the year for travelling with the whole family, travelling with a company on a fishing or hunting trip;
  • The supply of water, gas and electricity and the battery lasts on average from two to seven days of autonomous life
  • Depending on the model, the Eriba caravan can comfortably accommodate two to six people
  • In addition to the basic configuration, which includes a gas stove, refrigerator, dry closet, washbasin, gas heater and berths, a number of optional equipment can be installed at the request of the client.

Each model of Eriba caravans has a wide range of modifications and allows free variation of the configuration and layout. Therefore, Eriba customers can choose a motorhome or caravan according to their taste and financial capabilities. 

Basic versions of motorhomes (C-class) cost about 50 thousand dollars, and the cost of “luxury” motorhomes depends solely on your needs and desire to be “worthy of the best, to be different.”

All Eriba RVs have a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes. Therefore, they can be driven even with a category B driver’s license. However, motorists who are planning to buy “motorhomes” from this German brand should take into account that such a pleasure will not be cheap. 

The average cost of Eriba caravans, depending on the model and configuration, is about 140-160 thousand US dollars.

The bottom line

Eriba Touring Familia 320 is the smallest Eriba caravan that can be easily towed by almost any car model and it is indeed highly comfortable and safe on the road. 

Would you invest in this Eriba Touring model? What wouldn’t you really like about it? Feel free to let us know or to ask any question about the Eriba caravans!

FAQ on What is the smallest Eriba caravan?

Are Eriba caravans any good?

Yes, Eriba caravans are a good investment and loved by many adventurers. Whether you are going on a nature hike with the whole family, whether you are going on vacation to the sea or the lake with friends, the Eriba caravan will become your second home, comfortable and functional. 

Why are Eriba caravans so expensive?

There are a few reasons why Eriba caravans are expensive, but in general terms, these caravans are compact, comfortable, secure and innovative motorhomes that are worth the investment.

Who owns Eriba?

The German company Hymer AG owns Eriba, among several other brands. Hymer was one of the first manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans in Europe. Today it has at its disposal several dozen factories located in different countries of the world. 

What is the smallest caravan?

The smallest caravan is the Going Go-Pod. It is so light that it can be towed with almost any car. 


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