What is the RV net forum used for?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the RV net forum used for?” We will talk about the RV net forum features and their benefits. We will also talk about the best RV forums for RVing and camping. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about the RV net forum along with some of the other top forums.

What is the RV net forum used for?

The RV net forum is used to provide information related to RVs and motorhomes. The RV net forum is one of the best platforms to discuss and share information about RVs. This forum has a large community of motorhome owners and RV enthusiasts. This platform helps you get valuable information since it has one of the best sources.

RV net forum features

The RV net forum has some of the best features when compared to the other RV forums. This forum has a large-growing population of RV enthusiasts and it provides the latest news and updates from time to time. You also get to share your experience and contact other like-minded RV owners and motorhome lovers.

Information on all types of motorhomes

  • The good thing about the RV net forums is that it is not restricted to a particular type of motorhome. Instead, it provides information on travel trailers, fifth wheels, camper vans, pop-top campers, and more.
  • The information is vast and is sure to get what you need from their various sub-forums and discussion threads.
  • It does not matter what type of motorhome you have, you can still find and post content as long as it has valuable information.

Information on RV parks and campgrounds

  • The good news is that you get valuable information on RV parks and campgrounds. The RV net forum has dedicated pages for RV campgrounds and RV parks.
  • You can also have discussions and share your experience with a particular RV campground or park. You can check out previous posts or ask a question related to a particular campground or RV park.

The RV buyer’s guide

  • One of the best features and the biggest advantage of the RV net forum is the RV buyer guide. With the RV buyers guide, you get to know all about RVs even before you own one.
  • The RV net forum has a huge database of information when it comes to buying RVs. You get information based on the type of model, floorplans, specs, etc.
  • The RV buyers guide also provides information on purchasing new and used RVs. The large database also provides images for reference.

Active topics

  • The RV net forum has active topics most of the time. This will help you understand what’s trending in all forum threads.
  • The active topics provide information on all motorhomes and other camping-related activities.


The RV net forum has specific sub-forums for almost everyone. These forums are meant for people who want to be a part of a particular community. Here are some of the sub-forums from the RV net forum.

  • Class A motorhomes
  • Class C motorhomes
  • Fifth wheels
  • General RV issues
  • Roads and route discussions
  • RV parks and campground attractions
  • RV pet shop
  • Technology Corner
  • Tow vehicles
  • Travel trailers
  • Truck campers

Under the about mentioned forums, you will get only related information. For example, the technology corner is all about discussions on the latest technology and upgrades. These are discussions by real RV owners and motorhome lovers. On the other hand, you also get to comment and share your experience if you are a part of these forums.

Forum help and support

Being a part of the RV net forum is easy since you get to develop new connections with active members. The best part is that you can seek help and support from this forum. The forum help and support feature will help you with posting and sharing content. There are many forums and discussion threads that you can be a part of.

Free RV news and tips

  • The RV net forum is connected to the Good Sam Club. Hence, you get access to all the latest news and tips. There are hundreds of blogs according to the category and topic.
  • You can find information on food, gear, RV travel, destinations, campgrounds, etc. These blogs are published frequently with adequate information.
  • If you are planning on finding interesting destinations, you will be able to get enough information from these blogs.

Best RV forums for RVing and camping

Many RV forums have some of the best communities and topics. However, there are only a few forums that have the best information for both RVing and camping. Here are some of the top RV forums for RVing and camping.

RV Network

  • RV network is one of the top forums that provide equal information on RVs and camping. There are thousands of active members on the RV network, who posts content frequently.  
  • The RV network also has some of the best sections like tips, tricks, and hacks. Topics like camping and working on the road provide useful tips.
  • The RV network forum has plenty of tips when it comes to camping. It also provides some interesting hacks that you can consider when camping or traveling.

RV forum net

  • The RV Forum net is different from the RV net forum. This forum has lots of camping tips and information on staying on the road.
  • One advantage is that they often provide regular meet-ups with some of the other campers. You get to be a part of a huge community and also plan RV rallies throughout the country.
  • The RV Forum net encourages small-scale RV meetups for members. You also get to know about new topics and discuss camping activities and benefits.

Camping forums

  • Camping forums have a different community of people and this forum is not only restricted to camping but there is enough information on RVs.
  • There are discussions on teardrop trailers, Class B RVs, and various types of motorhomes. All discussions are posted by motorhome owners.
  • Camping forums.com provides information about campsites. You also get to read product reviews and campsite reviews.
  • To make the website more interesting, the creators have added information on camping gear, tents, stoves, cookware, and backpacks.

Camper community

  • The camper community is another platform that has exclusive information on camping and motorhomes. You get additional information about camping gear and other accessories.
  • One of the biggest perks of this website is that there is no need to pay any membership fees. This is free and you get to be in touch with a huge community.
  • The camper community also has discussions on resorts, campgrounds, boondocking, and more. The camper community is a large forum with people from across the globe.
  • The recreational vehicle discussion page provides information about motorhomes and other related topics. It also has moderators and site support from its members.

 iRV2 forum

  • The iRV2 forum has been catching up over the years and they have been spreading across the country. This forum offers free memberships and knowledgeable content.
  • When it comes to camping, the forum provides external links to other websites for quality content. You can find some of the hidden gems at the iRV2 forum.
  • This forum was built for RV and motorhome lovers, but they are also a great source for other camping websites and activities.
  • The iRV2 forum also has a separate RV forum for owners to exchange their ideas and ask related questions. Overall, this is one of those fast-growing RV forums.

Being a part of a forum is sure to bring you benefits. The RV net forum has several benefits that can help you improve your camping and RVing lifestyle. You can also get some of the latest and most valuable information on the other RV and camping forums. Most of these forums have a free membership.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is the RV net forum used for?” We have talked about the RV net forum features and their benefits. We have also talked about the best RV forums for RVing and camping. Drop us a comment below and let us know if you are a part of any RV forum.



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