What is the price of the Escape 5.0 trailer?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the price of the Escape 5.0 trailer?” We will discuss the Escape 5.0 travel trailer features and touch upon the custom personalization options. We will also describe the dimensions, measurements, and key features of this incredible travel trailer.

What is the price of the Escape 5.0 trailer?

The price of the Escape 5.0 trailer is $40,495 in the US and $40,995 in Canada. The Escape 5.0 is one of the best fiberglass ultralight travel trailers that is manufactured by the Escape trailers. This travel trailer is built for long-term camping and it has top-class features and specifications. It can also be personalized according to your preference.

Escape 5.0 travel trailer features

The Escape 5.0 travel trailer has some of the best features for the base model and you can also upgrade this trailer with extra amenities if required. This trailer is loaded with base features to keep your travel and camping experience comfortable. Below are some of the key features of the Escape 5.0 travel trailer.

  • This travel trailer has excellent interior options like Maple, Oak, or Contemporary.
  • You can also get a choice of colors like cream, white, dark brown, or the standard Escape colors.
  • The flooring and Formica countertops add to the interiors of this travel trailer.
  • The base features include a 3,500-pound tandem torsion rubber ride suspension.
  • There are rear stabilizer jacks with electric brakes.
  • The 2 independent power landing gears and break-away switch are some of the other advantages.

Exterior Features

The exterior features for the Escape 5.0 are excellent and most of the top exterior features arrive with the base model. Here are some of the best exterior features that arrive with this model.

  • 12.3-inch fiesta manual awning for outdoor camping
  • Kitchen window over the sink
  • Thermal double-glazed framed windows with screens
  • Propane quick connect
  • Sewer hose and storage compartment
  • Exterior bubble levels
  • Exterior grab handles
  • Mud flaps
  • Single entry step
  • 2-inch bike rack receiver with a capacity of 150 pounds
  • Dual 20-pound OPD propane tank with auto change regulator and cover.

Interior Features

Escape travel trailers are known for their excellent interior features. These features are a class apart and they are designed to provide ultimate comfort. The interiors are packed with amenities to keep you off the road for a long time.

  • 12,000 BTU furnace with two roof vents
  • Hot water propane tank
  • Two burner flush mount stainless tell cooktop with glass cover
  • Power range hood vent with light
  • 12V demand water system
  • High-grade rolled vinyl flooring
  • 8-inch plus mattress
  • 4-inch high-density cushions
  • Wrap around overhead compartments
  • Fiberglass enclosed bathroom with shower

The Escape 5.0 also has the best electrical features that are equipped to handle all the amenities. It has a 55-amp converter battery charger with a deep cycle battery. The 120 V exterior outlet and USB interior outlet is perfect for powering up all that you require. There is also interior and exterior LED lighting.

Custom personalization options

One of the perks of Escape travel trailers is that you get to personalize your trailer according to your requirements. There are several custom personalization options to choose from and you get to add some of the best features and amenities to make camping more comfortable. Below are some of the personalization options for the Escape 5.0 trailer.

  • Custom Formica and custom finish
  • Custom flooring options
  • Custom fabric options and additional fabric options
  • Full wrap on cushions
  • 6V lead dual-acid batteries
  • Lithium Ion batteries
  • 1,500 W interior
  • 190W solar panel with MPPT controller display
  • Prewire for solar with roof mount
  • Removable power chord
  • Electric management system with a surge protector
  • Air conditioner options with digital thermostat
  • Tank level monitoring, and more.

Those were a few customizable options that are available for Escape 5.0. Note that each of these options does not arrive with the base model and you might need to pay extra for each of the options that you choose. The good news is that there are multiple customizable options for the Escape 5.0 trailer. You can also upgrade the kitchen and appliances according to your preference.

Exterior customization options

It is easy to customize the Escape 5.0 with exterior customization options. All you need to do is just choose what you want from the options that are available and get an expert to get the job done. There are multiple exterior customization options with the Escape 5.0 trailer and here are some of the best listed below.

  • Double step entry step
  • Aluminum rim package
  • Power awning
  • LED awning light strip
  • Spray foam insulation for under trailer
  • Spray foam insulation with 12 V heat pads
  • Exterior shower
  • Body lift kit
  • Exterior access hatch
  • Additional exterior LED
  • Number pad door lock

Apart from the exterior customization options, you can also get the interiors customized. Another huge benefit is that you can upgrade the entertainment systems including the audio speakers, television, and more. Solar panels can also be added in case you love remote camping and you don’t need to depend on shore power.

Escape 5.0 dimensions and measurements  

The Escape 5.0 arrives with three floorplans to choose from and the base dimensions and measurements for these floorplans remain the same. Here are the dimensions and measurements of the base model of each floorplan.

  • 21.2-feet exterior length
  • Max exterior height of 10 feet
  • 7.4 feet exterior width
  • 6.4 to seven feet interior height
  • 28-gallon fresh water capacity
  • 30-gallon black water capacity
  • 28-gallon grey water capacity
  • Double 20-pound liquid propane gas capacity
  • 646-pound hitch weight
  • 3264-pound axle weight
  • 3910 pound total dry weight
  • 5500 pound GVWR

With the above-described dimensions and measurements, the Escape 5.0 has enough space to accommodate up to four people when it comes to sleeping. There is enough space for a mid-sized family and a few options like the awning is sure to make the outdoor camping experience incredible.

Escape 5.0 key features

  • Some of the other features include the overhead cabinets where you have enough space to store all your kitchen utensils.
  • There is a four-person dinette that can be converted into a 2 person bed that has a width of 35 inches.
  • The kitchen is well-equipped with all the top amenities like the 6.0 cu. ft. Fridge. There is a small micro cabinet that can be used for added storage.
  • The stove and the sink are situated in the right place opposite the fridge and the micro cabinet. The length of the kitchen counter is 56 inches.
  • Moving onto the bathroom features, there is a fully equipped wet bath and a toilet that has enough space for comfortable showers.
  • The permanent 2-person bed has an incredible size of 78 ½ inches long and 60 inches wide. There are spacious overhead cabinets about the bed in the bedroom.
  • There is a wardrobe that is situated just outside the bedroom and there is a drawer cabinet situation opposite the wardrobe.

Those were some of the key features/amenities for the Escape 5.0 travel trailer. These amenities and features have been built for the best camping and traveling experience. The Escape 5.0 trailer is well-equipped for a mid-sized family to camp outside for weeks together without any hassle. These are attractive and high-class travel trailers.

Escape travel trailers are unique and are well-known for their appearance. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Towing these trailer are easy and they can be towed by any mid-sized truck. The wide range of options and package combinations add to the benefits of this travel trailer. Overall, the Escape 5.0 is one of the best trailers in the market.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is the price of the Escape 5.0 trailer?” We have discussed the Escape 5.0 travel trailer features and touched upon the custom personalization options. We have also described the dimensions, measurements, and key features of this incredible travel trailer.



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