What is the price of Morrisons Calor butane gas?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the price of Morrisons Calor butane gas?” We will talk about choosing the right gas for your motorhome. We will also discuss the benefits of using butane and the benefits of using propane. Additionally, we will discuss some important tips to store your gas bottles safely.

What is the price of Morrisons Calor butane gas?

The price for a new bottle of Morrisons Calor butane gas is 58.94 pounds. To refill a bottle will cost you around 18.95 pounds. Morrisons are known for their cheap prices of Calor gas. Depending on the type of gas, Morrisons has various prices. Here are some of the gas types and their prices from Morrisons.

Butane gas price 4.5 kg

  • New bottle – 59.94 pounds
  • Refill – 18.95 pounds
  • Butane propane gas cartridge – 4.99 pounds
  • Butane propane gas cartridge (4pack) plus 450 g Campingaz CV 470 – 25.99 pounds

Propane patio gas price 5 kg

  • New bottle – 60.49 pounds
  • Refill – 20.50 pounds

Propane gas price 6 kg

  • New bottle – 63.44 pounds
  • Refill – 23.45 pounds

Morrisons have reasonable prices for their types of gas and they are one of the most used gasses in the UK. Several other brands have a higher price, but Morrisons have kept their prices low and they are also one of those trusted brands in the UK. Morrisons is one of the fast-moving brands when it comes to butane and propane gas.

Choosing the right gas for your motorhome

Propane and Butane are the most commonly used gases for caravans. Both types of gas have their pros and cons. However, some caravans can only use one type of gas. You will need to check if the regulator of your caravan is compatible with both types of gas. The older caravans have regulators that are only built for one type of gas.

Butane gas

Butane gas is mostly used for mild weather conditions. Most caravans prefer to use butane if they are camping in these situations. Butane gas arrives in a blue cylinder, but there might be some exceptions. Butane is the type of gas that is often used for fuel. Butane gas is also more flammable than propane.

Propane gas

If you are planning of using your motorhome all year round, then the best option would be to opt for propane. Many people switch from butane to propane for various reasons. One of the major factors is safety. Propane is safer and it is not as flammable as butane. Another benefit is that propane will not leak as easily as butane.

Caravans either use these two types of gas. Before choosing the type of gas, you must consider your travel preferences and how often you camp. If you are planning camping during summer, then you should opt for Butane. Butane is suitable for outdoor use during the summer months since it has a high freezing point.

Benefits of butane gas

There is a reason why some people choose butane gas and why some don’t. There are several benefits to butane gas here are some of the benefits listed below.

Effective heat

  • Butane is more powerful than propane and it can provide maximum heat instantly. On the other hand, butane will also light instantly.

Efficient energy

  • Butane gas is also efficient and it produces close to 12 percent more energy than propane even while the same volume is burned. It is also the preferred type of gas for using a barbecue.


  • Butane is also a cost-effective gas as it can provide enough energy as a cheaper alternative. Butane is also cheaper than propane.

Less toxic

  • Butane is a pretty clear form of gas and it burns cleaner than propane. It only produces carbon dioxide when lit.

Suitable for warm weather

  • While this can be a drawback, it is also one of the benefits of butane gas. This form of gas will not flow during winter due to the cold. Hence, it is better to use butane gas during warmer weather conditions.

Easy to use

  • Butane gas is also easy to use and there is no major hassle in lighting up the gas. All you need to do is get it burning and it will continue to do its job.

Benefits of propane gas

  • Every gas has its pros and cons and the same goes with propane. Here are the benefits of using propane gas for your motorhome.

It burns clean

  • Propane burns clean and is considered non-toxic. You can also bury the tanks underground and not worry about maintenance often.

Safe to use

  • Propane has a high safety record and there are not many accidents that are reported due to propane gas.

Environmentally friendly

  • Propane is also environmentally friendly and they are insoluble in water. Propane exhaust produces less smog production from 60 to 70 percent. It also cuts emissions of toxins and carcinogens.

Easy to store

  • Propane is easy to store and the biggest advantage is that you can use it even after years. Propane can last up to 40 years and you can easily stock up as much as possible.

Suitable for winter

  • Unlike butane, propane is suitable for winter since it will flow freely even during cold climatic conditions. You can also store your propane tanks outside during winter due to the low freezing point.

Tips to store your gas bottles safely

Storing your gas bottles safely is an important part while traveling and camping. Accidents can occur if you fail to store your gas bottles properly. Here are a few tips to store your gas bottles safely.

  • Be sure to keep your gas bottle upright. Never keep them upside down and lying flat. It is also important to keep your gas bottles in a properly ventilated area.
  • The next tip is to ensure that your gas bottles are secured properly. This is pretty important, especially while traveling. You do not want your gas bottles to keep moving around while traveling.
  • Ensure that your bottles are disconnected when stored between trips. This is an important tip to remember since most people forget to do this.
  • It is also essential to switch off the gas-powered appliances in your motorhome when they are not in use. Keep this practice in mind even while camping.
  • Check the bottles often and have a look if there are any leaks. Your bottles should always be in an upright position.
  • For those of you who are using butane gas, ensure that they are stored in a place with a temperature of over 4 degrees centigrade.
  • Handle your gas cans with care and avoid dropping them or throwing them around. They should also be tightly closed to avoid any leaks.
  • Ensure that the temperature is not too hot and keep your gas cans away from a furnace or heater. Gasoline can travel along the floor and they are heavier than air.
  • Your gas cans must be kept at least 50 feet away from ignition sources. Ensure that your gas cans are kept out of reach for children.

Choosing the right type of gas for your motorhome will depend on your frequency of camping and the type of climate you choose to camp. If you love camping in snowy and cold temperatures, propane is the better option. Likewise, if you love camping during summer, you can stick to butane on whichever is easily available.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is the price of Morrisons Calor butane gas?” We will talk about choosing the right gas for your motorhome. We will also discuss the benefits of using butane and the benefits of using propane. Additionally, we will discuss some important tips to store your gas bottles safely.



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