What is the maximum length caravan you can tow?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: What is the maximum length caravan you can tow?

What is the maximum length caravan you can tow?

The maximum length caravan you can tow varies between 28 feet and 53 feet. The maximum allowed length varies depending on the state in which the caravan is registered. That is why, please consult the table below for a more specific answer.

StateCaravan lengthMotor home length
Alabama28 feet 6 inches45 feet
Alaska53 feet45 feet
Arizona28.5 feet45 feet
Arkansas28 feet40 feet
California28 feet 6 inches40 feet
Colorado45 feet45 feet
Connecticut40 feet40 feet
Delaware40 feet45 feet
District of Columbia:40 feet40 feet
Florida48 feet40 feet
Georgia53 feet53 feet
Hawaii45 feet45 feet
Idaho48 feet45 feet
Illinois53 feet45 feet
Indiana28 feet 6 inches45 feet
Iowa53 feet45 feet
Kansasnot specified45 feet
Kentucky45 feet45 feet
Louisiana30 feet45 feet
Maine48 feet45 feet
Maryland35 feet40 feet
Massachusetts33 feet45 feet
Michigan28 feet 6 inches45 feet
Minnesota45 feet45 feet
Mississippi53 feet45 feet
Missouri45 feet45 feet
Montananot specified55 feet
Nebraska40 feet40 feet
Nevadanot specifiednot specified
New Hampshire:Not specified45 feet
New Jersey53 feet45 feet
New Mexico40 feet45 feet
New York48 feet40 feet
New Carolina40 feet45 feet
North Dakota53 feet50 feet
OhioNot specified45 feet
Oklahoma40 feet40 feet
Oregon40 feet45 feet
Pennsylvania53 feet45 feet
Rhode Island40 feet45 feet
South Carolina40 feet45 feet
South Dakota45 feet45 feet
TennesseeNot specifiedNot specified
Texas28 feet 6 inches28 feet 6 inches
Utah53 feet65 feet
VermontNot specified46 feet
Virginia28 feet 6 inches45 feet
WashingtonNot specified40 feet
West Virginia40 feet45 feet
Wisconsin48 feet45 feet
Wyoming60 feet60 feet
Puerto Rico40 feet40 feet

What is the maximum length caravan you can tow in the UK, Europe or Australia?

When it comes to the maximum length caravan you can tow, the rules are slightly different in the UK and in Europe than in the US.

For example, in the UK, the maximum length of the caravan is 7 meters (almost 23 feet), which is significantly less than in the US. 

In France: the maximum authorized length of a trailer is 12 meters (but this does not include the coupling) and if you add the length of the vehicle, the maximum authorized length is 18 meters. 

In Germany, the towed trailer must not be longer than 12.00 m and wider than 2.55 m. Depending on the distance and length of the combination, the load may protrude from 1.50 m to 3.00 m to the rear. The combination of car, trailer and load may not be longer than 20.75 m.

In Australia, the maximum authorized length of a caravan is 19 meters including any aerial accessories.

Before hitting the road, please make sure you read the rules for the road for the country you plan on visiting. 

What to keep in mind when towing a caravan

Driving a caravan is not easy. Keep in mind that we will be adding hundreds of extra kilograms to our car, so reaction times and overtaking change substantially. In the same way, it must be taken into account that the length is also greater and the manoeuvres are more complicated. It is logical, therefore, that not all caravans can be driven with a B licence. 

B licence: When the weight of the caravan is less than 750 kg or when it is greater than 750 kg but the weight of the whole is less than 3,500 kg.

B+E licence: In this case, in addition to the B card, the E license is also necessary. This requirement is essential for caravans that weigh more than 750 kg and the set exceeds 4,250 kg, although the powered vehicle will never exceed 3,500 kg.

Also, keep in mind that speed limits also change. Thus, on secondary roads, the maximum speed at which we can move will be 80 km/h, although where we will notice the difference the most will be on motorways, where the limit is lowered to 90 km / h. And caravans weighing more than 750 kg must be registered and have their own insurance.

Tips for safe towing 

  1. Before anything, check the weight that your car can tow. In the datasheet of your vehicle, you can verify the data of maximum weight, maximum load and maximum trailer load.
  1. Make sure you have the correct driving licence. For trailers less than 750 kg, the normal type B permit will suffice. However, if the trailer exceeds that weight, you must check the license that governs:
  • If the vehicle weighs 3,500 kg or less, the trailer more than 750 kg, and between the two they weigh less than 4,250 kg, the B96 type license is required.
  • If the vehicle weighs 3,500 kg or less, the trailer more than 750 kg, and between the two they weigh between 4,250 and 7,000 kg, the B + E permit is required.
  • For vehicle and trailer or semi-trailer assemblies weighing more than 7,000 kg, the C + E truck license is required.
  1.  Insurance for heavier trailers. If the trailer is light, that is, it weighs less than 750 kg, it is not necessary to ensure it as it is covered by the insurance of the vehicle to which it is attached. Registered trailers over 750 kg need to carry their own insurance. The normal thing, in any case, is to declare in your company the installation of the hitch ball.
  1. Practice before you start. If this is the first time that you are going to drive a vehicle with a trailer, it is preferable that you rehearse in a wide and clear area before embarking on the road or city trip. When backing up, make sure the trailer and car are aligned and don’t try to make a sharp turn in one go.

The bottom line

With our practical tips, towing a caravan will no longer seem an impossible task. You will only need to be more cautious and conscious driving thinking about the weight you carry in the rear. Please make sure you get informed before travelling with a caravan regarding the maximum length, weight and other restrictions.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions on the content. 

FAQ on What is the maximum length caravan you can tow?

Can I tow a caravan longer than 7m in the UK?

In the UK, you cannot tow a caravan longer than 7m with a category B driver’s licence. The 7 meters limit refers to the body length and not overall length, which means that it doesn’t include the ‘A’ frame in front of the caravan which can be quite long on some models.  

Can you increase a vehicle’s towing capacity?

You can’t increase a vehicle’s towing capacity as they are engineered with a specific capability. Some cars weren’t designed for towing at all!

How do you tell if you are towing too much?

You know that you are towing too much if you are over the GCWR and if your vehicle is leaning, or there is lots of bounce when you hit bumps along the road.


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