What is the horsepower of a 1987 Dodge campervan?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the horsepower of a 1987 Dodge campervan?” We will also discuss the 1987 Dodge campervan’s features and specifications. We will discuss interior features, storage options, kitchen features, sleeping areas, and hookup options.

What is the horsepower of a 1987 Dodge campervan?

The horsepower of a 1987 Dodge campervan is 155 hp. This 1987 Dodge campervan has a couple of configurations, and the horsepower can vary according to the specific model or engine. The 5.2-liter engine has a horsepower of 147, while the 5.9-liter Troque Flite model has a horsepower of 155.

The 1987 Dodge campervan is a vintage model motorhome that was famous. Despite the features and specifications, the horsepower still needed to be considered more for a vehicle of that size. However, the 1987 Dodge campervan was still a huge success and was a well-known, recognized motorhome for the late 80s.

1987 Dodge campervan specifications  

The 1987 Dodge campervan was known as a versatile Roadtrek vehicle. The 1987 Dodge Campervan was a famous motorhome in the late 80s and 90s due to its exclusive features and specifications. Here are some of the top features and specs of this fantastic campervan.

Two-seater dinette

  • The model had two doors that could be opened at the rear, and there was enough space to get all the camping gear in and out. The comfortable two-seater dinette was behind the driver and the front passenger seat. 
  • The dinette was a neat circular table that was perfect for two people. The carpeted floor surrounding the dinette added to the appearance.
  • Under each seat, there were storage options that were easy to access. The backseats were also equipped with seatbelts and were perfect for traveling. There was enough space between the table and the seats to move around the campervan.

Ceiling widows

  • It’s hard to imagine that a vintage campervan 1987 had ceiling windows. This model had three ceiling windows perfectly set for passengers in the rear seats. The windows had a tilt that gave the passengers a great view of the sky and the landscape while traveling.
  • The side windows were more prominent than the traditional windows of any campervan during the 80s. These windows also arrived with curtains to cut the heat and provide more privacy. Every window in the 1987 Dodge campervan came with curtains, including the front passenger window.

Excellent storage options

  • The 1987 Dodge campervan also had excellent storage options compared to the other models. Right in front of the driver and passenger seat was a long storage shelf that was easy to access. This shelf was good enough to store and keep all small items.
  • On the passenger side, massive long storage rails ran through from the front of the campervan. These storage options were easy to access.

Fully equipped kitchen

  • The 1987 Dodge campervan had an excellent kitchen, making this particular motorhome stand out from the other models. The Dometic refrigerator and freezer were spacious enough to store all the food while camping.
  • The sink had an on/off switch to turn on the water pump before usage. The sink was convenient ad large enough to get all the washing done. The 1987 Dodge campervan also had a two-burner stove near the sink. The area around the two-burner stove consisted of metal to reduce any fire risk of getting in contact with the other material.
  • Above the stove was a fan perfect for removing all the smoke and cooking smell. This fan effectively eliminated all the unwanted smoke with just a button turn.
  • The 1987 Dodge campervan also has a microwave right above the sink. The size of the microwave is manageable but more than enough to heat the food.
  • The storage in the kitchen is decent, with a cabinet and two slide-out drawers. These drawers are below the stove and the kitchen countertop. Right next to the microwave is another drawer that can be opened up to store all the food or cooking utensils. The cabinet about the microwave is large with plenty of space.
  • The kitchen sink has a light above it that can be used at night. Behind the sink has a tiny window that can be opened if necessary.

Compact toilet

  • The 1987 Dodge campervan is full of surprises as it arrives with a compact toilet. The toilet is inside a cabinet that can be locked and opened when used. It has a flush system that can be hooked to a sewer connection.
  • The doors that surround the toilet can be folded out. These doors can be opened to block the area and provide more privacy. Right above the bathroom is a light located at a convenient spot.

Rooftop air conditioner

  • This campervan also has a rooftop air conditioner, ideally located above the seating area. It also has a heater control, making this vehicle perfect for camping in cold climates.

Rear dinette

  • The dinette can be accessed from both sides of the campervan. The rear doors of the campervan open up right into the dinette area. It has enough space that can accommodate up to four people. 
  • The table is decent when it comes to the size. This makes it a perfect place to have all your meals. The rear dinette can also be used as picnic seating.

Rear Bedroom

  • The rear dinette can be converted into a bedroom for sleeping. The 1987 Dodge campervan is a perfect camper with decent sleeping space for up to two people. The dinette seats can be folded down and used as a sleeping area. 
  • Above the dinette there is a huge light and enough plug points to get all your gadgets charged up.

Other features include a spare tire stored under the seating area. The side of the van has a panel that can be used for propane and electrical hookups. The water hookup can be accessed right under the front passenger door. The water hookup can be filled with 28 gallons of water.

Regarding driving, the 1987 Dodge campervan has a high elevation. With limited horsepower, this vehicle is good enough to get you on the road for a comfortable camping experience. The 1987 Dodge campervan is still considered one of the top vintage motorhomes manufactured and produced.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is the horsepower of a 1987 Dodge campervan?” We have also discussed the 1987 Dodge campervan’s features and specifications. We have discussed interior features, storage options, kitchen features, sleeping areas, and hookup options.



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