What is the difference between Lance 1985 and 1995?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: What is the difference between Lance 1985 and 1995? We will compare and review both Lance travel trailer models. 

​​What is the difference between Lance 1985 and 1995?

The difference between Lance 1985 and 1995 is in the layout. The Lance 1985 has a larger bathroom, but the Lance 1995 has more storage space. Nonetheless, being similar in height, length and weight, the differences between the two travel trailers are quite small. 

For easier comparison, we have created the table below:

Lance 1985 versus Lance 1995

CriteriaLance 1985Lance 1995
Floor Length18’9” 19’2” 
Overall Length23’3” 23’8”
Dry Weight4245 Lbs4265 Lbs
Hitch Dry Weight550 Lbs390 Lbs
Exterior Height10’2”10’2”
Axle Weight3695 Lbs3875 Lbs
Cargo Carrying Capacity1955 Lbs1925 Lbs
GVWR6200 Lbs6200 Lbs
Tire sizeST205/75R15ST205/75R15
Fresh Tank45 Gal45 Gal
Grey Tank45 Gal45 Gal
Black Tank45 Gal 45 Gal
Refrigerator7 Cu. Ft7 Cu. Ft
Propane2-5 Gal2-5 Gal
Sleeping Capacity44

Lance 1985: a short review

​​The 1985 Lance camper model is a product that is well known for its quality. You can use this Four Seasons trailer year-round, even in below-freezing weather and high winds. As it has torsion suspensions it makes it more resistant to wind gusts. 

The Lance 1985 is an all-aluminium camper. Even the underlayment and the sidewalls are made from a non-wood material called Dell. The biggest advantage of this all-aluminium trailer is that it is waterproof and made from non-biodegradable materials. Even if your roof leaks, the trailer walls will not be affected! 

Lance 1985 has a solid vacuum bonded roof that is very strong and supports your weight from small repair jobs or for cleaning it. The camper also has a heavy-duty ladder so you can go up and easily inspect the roof seals or for the yearly inspection. 

Inside the Lance 1985, the first thing you notice is the large sofa and the great social area with a wonderful angle on the television set. You can also lay the couch down and convert it to a queen-size bed. Otherwise, the Lance 1985 has a Murphy bed with nightstands on both sides of the beds with USB and 12 volt and 110 connectors. 

The Lance 1985 has dual pane glass windows that will cut down on the heat transfer. Thus this camper model is great in extreme climates (very hot and very cold environments). The dual-pane glass windows will also prevent any condensation and high humidity issues with your trailer. 

Even though it’s a small camper, the Lance 1985 has a 22-inch oven with stainless steel finishes, a microwave and a three burner cooktop with an output range burner.  

The Lance 1985 also has a full bath with beautiful finishes across the back. Inside the bathroom, there is a large wardrobe space, a porcelain toilet, medicine cabinets and a vanity mirror. 

This trailer also has a considerable dinette for such a small coach. It will easily seat four adults comfortably all the way around.  You can also take the table out of the centre and just have it be an open seating area.

Another thing to like about the Lance 1985 is that it has also got a tremendous amount of storage, both from the inside (sliding cabinets that open up)  and also from the outside (extra cabinets). 

The Lance 1985 are well known for their reliability and their durability. It is also an easy to tow travel trailer as it is quite lightweight! 

Lance 1995: a short review

Lance has been making campers since 1965 so they’ve learned a lot about how to pack features and livability into small spaces and the Lance 1995 model is a really good example of how they’ve done. This model’s living area and bedroom are huge and every cubic inch of space on this trailer is used efficiently!

The very first thing you notice walking into the Lance 1995 is the dinette slider. Once it is deployed it completely changes the character of the living space. It is a U-shaped dinette that is both wide and deep and it’s easily big enough for four adults.  

A nice feature of this slide-out room is the dimmer equipped light switch, that is located on the ceiling above.  Once seated it’s easy to turn on the light then dim it for just the right ambience! 

The Lance 1995 queen-bed has a large nightstand on either side with a drawer and plenty of counter space. There are outlets on either side of the bed and appropriately placed reading lights and a single task light right in the middle. Above each nightstand, there is a small wardrobe and larger items like comforters and extra pillows can be stored under the bed platform. 

The 24-inch LED television which is mounted on a telescoping arm, can be used either from the bedroom or living area, and it’s integrated very nicely with the Jensen AM/FM DVD stereo.  

The kitchen of the Lance 1995 is particularly well equipped with a 6 cubic foot Norcold refrigerator, an optional small microwave,  a three burner stove and a large round deep sink. The plastic sink cover is also a big plus for adding prep space to what is otherwise a limited countertop.  

There is also a great cabinet underneath the sink that has a shelf and three pull out bins that make it easy to organize smaller stuff. At the rear of the trailer, there is a cabinet that contains two huge wardrobes with large storage compartments underneath.

The bathroom of the Lance 1995 is located just by the entry door and it has a porcelain toilet, a vanity mirror and a medicine cabinet with lights, a typical shower. 

If you take a walk around the outside you will notice more storage compartments. While not great in numbers, the space in them is ample and the access door is big enough to make it easy to get your luggage or tools in and out. 

Lance 1995 is among the most favourite trailers for boondocking. This model is equipped with a dual battery tray, and the interior lights are all LED, so power consumption should not be a concern for a few days off-grid. For that matter neither should the water use. 

The Lance 1995 has a 45-gallon water tank, as well as 45-gallon waste and grey water tanks. Clearly, Lance knows its customers and understands how its products will be used!


When choosing a travel trailer, there are several factors to consider. How many people are going to travel? How much space do you actually need? How much weight can your car tow? 

As you have seen, both the Lance 1985 and Lance 1995 are great choices and have little differences. If possible, we recommend you get them both for a test drive and choose the one that suits your needs best!

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know. 

FAQ on What is the difference between Lance 1985 and 1995?

Are Lance trailers good quality?

Yes, Lance trailers are good quality and easy to tow campers. They also have plenty of space and storage options for such small trailers. Most of the Lance trailer models also have a wet bathroom, a kitchen, dinette and a queen-sized bed. 

What is the most popular Lance travel trailer?

The most popular Lance travel trailer is the Lance 1685. It is 21 feet long, has a dry weight of 5,000 lbs and it is the best sold Lance trailer in a decade.

Is Lance better than Airstream?

Lance has better value than Airstream trailers. However, Airstream has a longer lifespan and are generally easier to tow. 

What travel trailers are comparable to Lance?

The following travel trailers are comparable to Lance:

  • Airstream;
  • Winnebago;
  • Happier Camper;
  • Grand Design
  • Oliver.


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