What is the biggest camper you can buy?

In this blog post, we will answer the question “What is the biggest camper you can buy?” We will discuss some of the best campers according to the length, price, and amenities. We will also list out some of the biggest fifth wheels. Additionally, we will talk about buying a large camper and discuss a few cons of owning a big recreational vehicle.

What is the biggest camper you can buy?

One of the biggest campers you can buy is the Winnebago Horizon. There are many campers that have similar specifications as the Winnebago Horizon. However, the Winnebago Horizon has some incredible specifications that make it one of the biggest campers. Below are the dimensions of the Winnebago Horizon. 

  • 43.25 feet length 
  • 8.46 feet width 
  • 12.75 feet height 
  • 7 feet interior height 
  • 23.5 feet wheelbase 
  • 15,000 pound towing capacity 
  • GVWR 45,660 pounds 

With incredible dimensions, the Winnebago Horizon is a class apart. Many RV companies have pushed their boundaries to introduce some amazing campers. These campers are large and they come with some exclusive features. Below are some of the best campers and travel trailers that have been manufactured over the years.

Top three biggest campers

These vehicles are popular due to their size, features, and length. They also have excellent specifications and are perfect for a large family. Long-term camping has never been easier with these huge campers. They are also built for off-grid camping and are durable. The campers have also integrated the latest technology.

2019 Keystone hideout 272 LHS 

  • This travel trailer is huge and it comes with an unbelievable number of floorplans. With 44 floorplans to choose from, the Keystone hideout can accommodate up to 10 people. This depends on the floor plan since some of them can accommodate up to six people. 
  • The length of this camper is 30 feet and eight inches. The interiors are spacious and it has top-class amenities.
  • The external height of this camper is 11 feet and one inch and the internal height is six feet nine inches. 
  • With a width of eight feet, the dry weight of this trailer is only 6,013 pounds. 
  • There is plenty of storage space with several cabinets and shelves. It also comes with three cooktop burners and a 43-gallon freshwater tank.

2019 Dutchman Aspen Trail 2340 BHS

  • Dutchman has been a well-known brand for fifth wheels, travel trailers, and RVs. This particular model comes with 36 floorplans and can accommodate up to 10 people. 
  • There is plenty of space for storage and it comes with some of the best facilities including a full bathroom and double-sized bunk beds. Dutchman has also known their durable products.
  • The length of this trailer is 27 feet and four inches. 
  • The width is eight feet and the external height is 11 feet three inches. 
  • The internal height for this trailer is six feet 10 inches. 
  • The Dutchman Aspen comes with a six-gallon water heater and three cooktop burners. The freshwater capacity is 52 gallons and it comes with one slide.

2018 Palomino Puma 28 FQDB

  • The 2018 model comes with 43 floorplans and it can accommodate up to 10 people. Puma is a recognized brand and has enough bunk beds with a furnace to keep you warm. 
  • The advantage of buying this trailer is that it comes with a 12-year manufacturer’s deal. The slide-outs and awnings are perfect for camping.
  • The length of this trailer is 33 feet and the external height is 11 feet and one inch. 
  • The external width is eight feet and the gross weight is 8,000 pounds. 
  • The shower measurements are 30” X 60”. This model has a DSI water heater with a six-gallon capacity. The safety features are also an added advantage in this trailer.

The benefits of these campers are not the size, but also the features. With multiple floorplans to choose from, they are considered one of the best. Some other trailers and RVs are bigger in terms of size. However, these models have turned out to be a success due to the price range and the overall quality.

Biggest fifth wheels campers

There is a vast majority of people that prefer fifth wheels campers since they are perfect for towing with a truck. However, you will need a powerful vehicle with enough torque and towing capacity. Camping in fifth-wheel trailers is fun and they can be quite exciting, especially if they are large and come with some of the best amenities.

2022 grand design solitude 380 FL

This trailer has a gross weight of 16,800 pounds and it has a payload capacity of 1,934 pounds. The 93-gallon fresh water capacity is more than enough and this trailer can accommodate up to six people. The length of this fifth wheel is 41 feet and five inches. The external width is eight feet and five inches while the exterior height is 13 feet and five inches.

This trailer comes with five slides and it has a 4,000 BTU furnace. It comes with an entertainment center in the master suite that is perfect for children. There is plenty of space in the living room and this trailer comes with plenty of bathroom space. The wardrobes and cabinets are huge enough to store your camping gear.

2022 Keystone Fuzion 419 

The 2022 Keystone Fuzion has an incredible length of 44 inches. It can accommodate up to eight people and the GVWR is at 16,230. This also comes with a 419 floorplan that includes a toy hauler garage. This garage measures 15-feet long. There is a queen-size bed and a complete shower and toilet with enough space for storage.

2022 Eclipse Attitude Stellar 3928 XR

This is one of the best trailers in terms of length as it comes with an incredible 44.5 inches. The GVWR is at 19,000 and you can store up to 150 gallons of fresh water. Despite the length and size, it can only accommodate up to four people. The other benefits of this travel trailer are excellent and it has space to store enough baggage.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the biggest camper you can buy. Most travel trailers that are huge arrive with some of the best features and amenities. These trailers are built to last long as they are built with top-quality products and amenities. Most of these large campers can accommodate a minimum of six people.

Buying a large camper 

  • When it comes to buying a large camper you must look at your overall purpose. People who purchase a large camper or trailer usually stay on the road for a long time. 
  • If you are someone who likes long-time adventure to distant places, then it is worth buying a large camper. For people who go camping only during the season time, it might not be worth it.
  • Big recreational vehicles come at a price and you will need to be prepared for this. Fifth wheels can also be expensive. The bigger the size, the bigger the price and so is the maintenance. 
  • In the case of a camper or fifth wheel, you will need to consider the towing capability of the truck. Not all big campers can be towed with ease.
  • Sitting in a moving camper is not possible so be sure to get the right vehicle according to your needs. In some states, there might be travel restrictions depending on the size of the camper. 
  • As much as you enjoy the luxury of a huge camper, you will also need to deal with a few tough situations. Parking can also be a big issue for some trailers.

There are many RV Parks and campsites that only allow travel trailers below 35 feet or so. Travel restrictions are a common thing for recreational vehicles and these rules can change according to each state. It is also recommended not to buy a big camper if you are purchasing a recreational vehicle for the first time.


In this blog post, we have talked about the “What is the biggest camper you can buy?” We have discussed some of the best campers according to the length, price, and amenities. We have also listed out some of the biggest fifth wheels. Additionally, we have talked about buying a large camper and discussed a few cons of owning a big recreational vehicle.