What is the best wood for a caravan floor?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the best wood for a caravan floor?” We will discuss the types of wood and their various benefits when used for a caravan floor. We will also discuss a few tips for choosing the best wood for a caravan floor. Additionally, we will discuss the durability, resistance, and other factors.

What is the best wood for a caravan floor?

The best wood for a caravan floor is.

  • Marine-grade plywood
  • Oakwood
  • Teakwood
  • Luxury vinyl plank
  • Laminate planks

Marine-grade plywood

  • Marine-grade plywood is one of the best options that are used for caravan floors. Marine-grade plywood is perfect for a caravan floor due to several properties. This type of plywood is designed explicitly for mariner applications making them a perfect fit for caravans. Several modern caravans have adapted to marine-grade plywood.
  • Marine-grade plywood is not too expensive, and they are a perfect fit. The cost varies depending on the size and the thickness of the plywood. The significant advantage of marine-grade plywood is that they are resistant to moisture. 
  • Marine-grade plywood is durable and built with waterproof glue. These are among the best and most reliable options for a caravan floor.
  • When compared to all the other types of wood. Marine-grade plywood is more durable as they tend to retain the integrity of the caravan floor. They have high-quality modified resin and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are also perfect for extreme temperatures.


  • Oakwood is next on the list due to its durability and long-lasting properties. Oakwood also provides a better appearance due to its attractive wood grain. However, appearance is not critical since caravans have vinyl or carpet over the wooden floor. Oakwood does not warp easily, and they also have good water-resistant properties.
  • Oakwood is resistant to wear and tear, and they are one of the best combinations for a caravan floor. Oakwood is also known as hardwood and is one of the best wood pieces with a natural resistance to decay.
  • Oakwood is also widely used for boats, and its rot resistance is one of its best features. Oakwood is also bright in color when compared to the other options.


  • Teakwood is yet another hardwood that is the best wood for a caravan floor. Teakwood has high durability and resistance to water, just like oak wood. However, teak wood is stiff, and they have a pleasing aroma. Teakwood is also used for outdoor furniture.
  • Due to its weather-proof conditions, teakwood can be classified as one of the top three for caravan flooring. Teakwood has a complex and rough grain, making it compatible and easy to work with when installing.

Luxury vinyl plank

  • Luxury vinyl plank is also one of those new and modern materials used for caravan floors. Luxury vinyl planks are durable, thick, and not so easily damaged. The good news is that luxury vinyl has one of the best appearances and differs from standard vinyl.
  • Luxury vinyl planks take years to destroy and have some of the best properties. These planks arrive in multiple colors and finishes to match the caravan walls and roof. However, just like all the other wooden caravan floors, there must be a base for luxury vinyl planks.
  • Regarding the cost, luxury vinyl planks are not too expensive either. They arrive at a decent price per square foot. However, they are a little more expensive than the standard vinyl planks.

Laminate planks

  • Laminate planks are also widely used in modern-day caravans. These planks are made up of melamine resin and are tightly bound. The primary benefit of laminate planks is that they provide UV resistance and are waterproof. These plans do not scratch or discolor easily.
  • Laminate planks are easy to install and are affordable for caravan floors. Many caravan owners save money while re-doing their caravan floor with laminate planks. Laminate plans are also easy to clean and maintain. They can be installed without a professional.
  • The only drawback is that you must replace the entire plank instead of just repairs. Laminate planks are also pretty hard on the foot. Yet, they look like hard floors and can be used for the entire caravan flooring. These planks are constructed from thin, pressed wood but are durable when compressed.

Those were the best wood for a caravan floor. These options are more prominent in modern caravans. Plywood is widely used for caravans and motorhome flooring. It is essential to know that several types of plywood are used for caravan flooring. The caravan floor combines upper and base wood material with polystyrene in the middle.

How to choose the best wood for a caravan floor?

It is essential to understand that a caravan floor has three layers. The upper layer is what you walk on, and the layer at the bottom is known as the external plywood. The bottom layer is exposed, while the middle layer is polystyrene. All three layers are bonded together as one. Here are a few tips for choosing the best woof for a caravan floor.

Check for durability

  • Durability is essential when choosing the best wood for a caravan floor. Ensure to select a wood that is durable and can withstand weight and foot traffic. Hardwood is perfect for wear and tear and extended use.

Look for moisture resistance

  • Moisture resistance is another crucial factor in selecting the best wood for a caravan floor. Select naturally moisture-resistant wood to prevent damage, rotting, and warping.

Check for decay resistance

  • Caravan floors are meant to be changed over time, especially if there is constant use and heavy foot traffic. However, decaying wood is common and is one of the significant issues for a caravan floor to fail. Look for wood that is decay resistance. There are plenty of options of decay resistance wood.
  • Caravans can build up moisture, especially if they are prone to humid climatic conditions. Make sure that the wood you choose is decay resistance.

Compatibility with adhesives

  • Yet another critical point is to note the compatibility with adhesives. Caravan floors need to be compatible with adhesives, especially during installation. Ensure the wood is compatible with all types of glue and adhesives.

Check the cost of the wood and make sure that they are a good match for your caravan. The wood for the caravan floor depends on your specific requirements and preference. Get in touch with a professional or a specialist in caravan construction if you are still deciding about choosing the right floor for your caravan.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is the best wood for a caravan floor?” We have discussed the types of wood and their various benefits when used for a caravan floor. We have also discussed a few crucial tips on choosing the best wood for a caravan floor. Additionally, we have discussed the durability, resistance, and other factors.

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