What is the best size motorhome to buy?

In this article, we will answer the following question: What is the best size motorhome to buy? We will guide you to buy the best motorhome for you and explore all the types of RVs that exist. 

What is the best size motorhome to buy?

The best size motorhome to buy will depend on your needs and expectations: How many people are going to travel with the RV? Are you going to use it often enough or just for a few weeks/year? How much space do you actually need and what can you sacrifice? 

After you answer the above questions, keep in mind the maximum allowable dimensions for an RV:

  • Maximum length of 45 feet;
  • Maximum width of 102 inches (+ more or less six inches for add-ons);
  • Maximum combination length of 65 feet. 

The RV measurements can affect you on a day-to-day basis, so it is very important to know exactly the length of the vehicle because when passing through certain narrow places, tunnels or tolls, we will have to be safe to avoid unwanted accidents.

It is also essential to know the dimensions when parking on public roads since the motorhome must be correctly parked without invading more space than it should or could penalize us. As is logical, a smaller vehicle will allow us to manoeuvre and circulate more comfortably in confined spaces.

What motorhome to buy?

Next, to help you decide what is the best motorhome to buy, we will briefly discuss the types that are on the market today.  Recreational vehicles are divided into three basic categories:

  1. Motorized RVs: An RV built on or as an integral part of a self-propelled vehicle chassis, combining the vehicle and living quarters into one unit.
  • Class A Motorhomes – The largest of the motorized RVs. It is a luxurious motorhome built entirely on a simple chassis designed specifically for this type of vehicle.
  • Class B Motorhomes (Camper Van) – This motorhome is commonly referred to as a camper van. This unit is built from a regular van with a high roof added.
  • Class C Motorhomes – This motorhome is often referred to as a mini-motorhome. It is a unit built from a motor vehicle chassis with a van cab.
  1. Towable RVs: RV designed to be towed by a motor vehicle (car, van or van) and whose size and weight do not require a special driver’s license. Conventional RVs do not require a permanent connection for the sites.
  • Classic Caravan – Often referred to as a Conventional Classic Caravan, this unit is designed to be towed by a car, van or pickup truck by means of an equalizer hitch triangle.
  • Fifth-wheel trailer – A two-level unit designed to be attached and towed by a pickup truck equipped with a special fifth-wheel hitch installed on the frame.
  • Tent Caravan – A lightweight unit with the sides folded down for towing and storage. It is also called a folding caravan or tent trailer.

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  1. Detachable Motorhomes – These small recreational vehicles are usually loaded or secured to the platform or chassis of a pickup truck.
  • Recreational Sport Utility Vehicle – This unit is known in the industry as a “speciality trailer”. This is a classic trailer or fifth-wheel trailer with temporary living quarters located in the front section, and the rear compartment is designed to store your ATVs, motorcycles and other sports vehicles.
  • Classic Hybrid Trailer – Known in the industry as a “Hybrid Trailer”, this unit is a conventional classic trailer with folding ends.
  • Park trailer: Park trailers come in two different models: the 8 foot wide one, which is built like an RV and therefore must comply with CSA Z-240, or the 10 to 16 foot wide one, which is designed for seasonal use, generally at a single location.
  • 8ft Wide Park Trailer – A unit designed to be towed by a heavy utility vehicle (automobile, van, pickup truck, etc.) but whose size and weight do not require a special driver’s license. When towed, its maximum width is 2.6 meters (102 inches) (8 feet). 

Designed for occasional towing, the park trailer is not equipped with a 12-volt system for lights and appliances. Once installed on a site, it must be connected to local utilities. This recreational vehicle is built on a simple frame mounted on wheels. It usually has one or two sliding sections, but when installed, its maximum area is 37.2 square meters (400 square feet). 

  • 10-16ft Wide Park Trailer – A unit built on a simple frame mounted on wheels that can be removed and returned to the factory. It facilitates occasional travel, has living quarters for temporary residence or seasonal use, and must be connected to the public services necessary for the operation of lighting and electrical appliances. 

It has a maximum floor area, including lofts, not exceeding 50 square meters (approximately 540 square feet) when installed on a site, and a width of 2.6 meters (8 feet 6 inches) when installed. She’s on the road. Typically the widths are 10, 12, 14 and 16 feet. 

To move park trailers on the roads, the driver must always use a special towing vehicle and have a special permit since the unit is over 2.6 meters wide. 

The best motorhome to buy: Define its use

We do not all travel in the same way, nor do we like to visit the same places, so we must take a moment and think about the type of destination we want to reach. Obviously, those travellers who like to always use the best roads and go from area to area will have no problem driving a larger vehicle. 

However, if you are one of those who like to get on more complicated roads and reach inhospitable destinations, you should take a good look at the heights of your future travel companion, because despite the fact that with this you may lose some habitability, in return you will enjoy without problems of your most desired destinations.

On the other hand, each one must also be aware of their driving skills because, although driving a motorhome does not entail any difficulty, its size can make us suffer more than desired, especially if we are not a little skilful. In this case, choosing a more compact vehicle will allow you to enjoy your vacation smoothly.

Once we have defined the number of people, the luggage, and the type of trip we like to make, we can choose the type of motorhome. I

What type of recreational vehicle (RV) are you most interested in?

You’ve seen the RV Freedom ads on TV, seen RVs driving on the roads or visited a campground, or you went camping with a friend or neighbour who owns an RV. You are interested, but you are not quite sure which type of RV to decide on. Here are photographs, descriptions and codes that will help you make your choice.

The recreational vehicle includes a structure designed for temporary accommodation for the purpose of travelling, vacationing, or recreational use, and may be driven, pulled, parked or transported. 

Accommodation may include sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, and fresh water and wastewater piping systems, 110 A / 12 V power supply, propane gas, heating, air conditioning and entertainment system.

 The RV shall not exceed 13.2 meters (42 feet and 11 inches) in length and 2.6 meters (8 feet and 6 inches) in width, the latter being the sum of the distance from the centre of the vehicle to the at the side ends (including door handles, water connections, etc.) when the vehicle is closed or stowed for transport.  Such structures include tent trailers, classic trailers, fifth wheels, separable motorhomes and motorhomes.

What is the best size motorhome to buy? What size do you think would suit your needs best? Feel free to share your opinion, tips or questions about the content! 

FAQ on What is the best size motorhome to buy?

How many meters does a motorhome have?

The length of a vehicle such as a motorhome is usually between 5 and 7 meters, while the width is an average of 2.50 meters. For its part, the weight is about 2,600 kilograms on average when empty.

How tall is a caravan?

A caravan is usually between five and seven meters long, and width between 2.15 and 2.30 meters. Regarding its height, the oscillation is between 2.70 and 3.20 meters. The weight varies between 2,300 and 2,900 kilograms

How tall is a van?

The cargo compartment of a van has a height of up to 2,196 m with the roof raised, with a total height of 2,798 m. Wheelbase up to 7.391m with an extra-long 4.49m wheelbase. 1,311 m wide opening in the sliding door.

How much does a motorhome weigh? 

The maximum authorized weight in most motorhomes is 3,500 kg, thus allowing it to be driven with the “B” license. However, the weight margins are decreasing, causing many drivers to travel overweight, without even knowing it.


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