What is the best place to buy a camper in the US?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the best place to buy a camper in the US?” We will discuss the best places to buy a camper in the US and talk about the various opportunities. We will also touch upon some alternative options to consider while buying a camper in the US.

What is the best place to buy a camper in the US?

Some of the best places to buy a camper in the US are.

  • Campers Inn
  • Camper Liquidators
  • Conversion Trader
  • Camping World
  • Chicago RV and camping show
  • RV Miles
  • RV Trader
  • RV USA

Campers Inn

  • Campers Inn is one of the best places to buy a camper in the US. There is a list of places to get some of the best campers, but these are well-known for various reasons. 
  • Purchasing a camper at these places is sure to offer several benefits. Campers Inn has dealt with campervans and all kinds of motorhomes since 1966.
  • Over 50 years, Camper Inn has operated in 31 locations across the country. One of the best parts of Campers Inn is that they have several options, including trucks, boats, RVs, etc.
  • Campers Inn also helps in getting the required finance for a camper, and you also have the option to sell a motorhome. The Campers Inn website has valuable campervan information that makes the purchase easy.

Camper Liquidators

  • Camper Liquidators are wholesale dealers that provide some of the best deals on campers. Camper Liquidators deal with various motorhomes, including Class A, B, and C. They offer to finance and are well-known for their delivery throughout the US and Canada. Camper Liquidators also provide a halfway delivery option to save on delivery costs.
  • Camper Liquidators are famous across the US, as they have been around for years together. They offer discounts on campers and have plenty of overstock options that are sold frequently. These overstock campers arrive at a cheaper retail price, with plenty of options.

Conversion Trader

  • Conversion Trader is slightly different from the other places since it has a more online approach. This online marketplace has some of the best campervan conversions that can be bought and sold. 
  • This platform makes it easy to connect to all the private sellers from the US. You also get to opportunity to reach out to professional van conversion companies.
  • Conversion Trader is one of the best places to find something unique and something that will match your criteria. Conversion Trader is also famous for finding Skoolie conversions. 
  • You get to find some of the best conversions available in the market. With plenty of options, Conversion Trader also provides a reasonable rate.

Camping World

  • Camping World is one of the biggest and most famous places to buy a camper in the US. Camping World is the country’s largest RV deal, with more than 185 dealerships across the US. 
  • This is the perfect place to find a huge selection of motorhomes, including RVs and fifth wheels. There are both new and used campers and Camping World.
  • Camping World also has a great team of service professionals who help to repair and maintain motorhomes. You can also sell your motorhome at Camping World for a good price. On the other hand, you can renovate and upgrade your camper as per your needs. When it comes to financing, Camping World is sure to help with the process.

Chicago RV and camping show

  • Chicago RV and camping shows are right at the border from the land of RVs. Situated close to the northern part of Indiana, the Chicago RV and camping show is one of the best places to get campers in the US. 
  • The Chicago RV and camping show has been around for more than five decades, and they have a wide variety of campers that are always available.
  • Note that this RV and camping show is usually held during late summer. This is the best time to purchase a camper due to the price drop. The Chicago RV and camping show is a perfect place to get campers at huge discounts.

RV Miles

  • RV Miles is an online platform with a wide range of motorhome listings for sale. You can find plenty of campers for sale through RV Miles and get to know about the latest RV tradeshows across the US. RV Miles also allows you to find RV events and tradeshows around you.
  • Being a part of this growing community will surely get you some of the best campers around the country with decent offers.

RV Trader

  • RV Trader is one of the known online portals for finding the best campers that are both new and used. Getting in touch with motorhome owners is easy on RV Trader and gives you access to a virtual appearance of the motorhome and models. You can contact private sellers, dealerships, and consignment agents across the US.
  • RV Trader also provides information on insurance quotes, monthly payments, etc. Finding a camper on RV Trader is easy, and plenty of options exist. You can also sell an RV and find your dream camper. You will also find truck campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, popup campers, toy haulers, etc.


  • RV USA helps you to find the best campers, motorhomes, trailers, and all types of camping equipment nationwide. More than 60 thousand motorhomes are for sale on this amazing online platform. You get to view the models based on the location, and there is no shortage of campers.
  • The RV USA allows you to sell your motorhome, browse by manufacturer listings, state, types of the motorhome, etc. You can easily narrow down your search and get in touch with sellers from across the country.

Alternative options to buy a camper in the US

Apart from the above list, alternative options exist for buying a camper in the US. Here are some alternative options to consider while buying a camper in the US.

RV Auctions

  • RV auctions are one of the best places to purchase a camper in the US. There are plenty of RV auctions that keep happening from time to time. Many motorhome enthusiasts have purchased the best campers from RV auctions. Auctions are also one of the best places to land a good deal.

Online marketplaces

  • Another alternative option is to find online marketplaces. Plenty of marketplaces allow you to find new and used campers for sale. 
  • Some of the places include websites like Craiglist, RVT, etc. The Facebook marketplace is also another option to consider. There are plenty of classified ads, and the internet is full of campers for sale across the US.

RV forums

  • One of the best ways to find a camper is by being a part of an RV forum. This is where you find the best campers from genuine motorhome enthusiasts. You get in touch with them directly, and you also get to view the pictures and description of the camper. Each brand has designated RV forums, and you can easily choose as per your preference.

Those were some of the best places and alternative options for buying a camper in the US. Purchasing a camper in the US is one of the easiest tasks. However, be sure to do enough research and plan your purchase. Take the camper out for a test drive and take a mechanic with you during the purchase.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is the best place to buy a camper in the US?” We discussed the best places to buy a camper in the US and the various opportunities. We have also discussed some alternative options to consider while buying a camper in the US.



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