What is the best motorhome to buy?

In this guide, we will discuss: What is the best motorhome to buy? We will review the most sold motorhome brands and discuss what each of them has to offer. 

What is the best motorhome to buy?

In truth, the best motorhome to buy is one that will satisfy (almost)all your needs.  A motorhome is a way of traveling that allows you to move freely wherever and whenever you want, without entry or exit times, it is a way of traveling “not like at home, but with your home”. 

That is why when you travel in a motorhome it is important to know which brand to trust, which are the best in relation to performance and price. Luxury brands are not always achievable but in this post we will also talk about them.

In the United States and Canada, motorhome countries par excellence, we can find brands such as:

  • Monaco
  • Thor Industries
  • All American Group
  • Fleetwood Enterprises
  • Forest River
  • Airstream
  • Pilgrim
  • Columbia
  • Northwood Ventures
  • Dutchmen Manufacturing
  • Komfort Corporation
  • Crossroad
  • and Eclipse.

In Europe there are luxury motorhomes within the reach of very few that are around up and down a million euros such as:

  • The Concorde Centurion, in this motorhome you have even an “underground garage” we won’t tell you more, it is a German brand with over 35 years and a premium manufacturer.
  • If we talk about luxury we can also find the VarioPerfect SH also German, the trademark for this version has high-quality chassis from Mercedes Benz. The Volkner Performance also known as the Volkner Mobil Performance Bus or the Futuria sports + spa, a whole mansion on wheels. 
  • We end this list of luxury motorhomes with the eleMMent palazzo Superior, recognized in 190 countries as the most luxurious model on the market.

We will talk to you today about the best RV brands, not the most expensive but the best motorhome brands on the market according to the information based on interviews and opinions that we have collected.

Dethleffs, Laika, Niesmann, Bischoff, Blucamp and Sunlight are the ones with the most international prestige.

What are the best motorhomes on the market today?

Hymer. Without a doubt, it is the best-known brand in Europe and the USA. Whoever buys a Hymer motorhome is really buying quality. Do not look for the latest furniture design, or the most innovative equipment, here everything is plus packs. However, you only have to look at the size of Hymer motorhomes.

This is because the price varies depending on its size. These continue to circulate in optimal conditions for more than 30 years. They have numerous ranges and their costs range between 70,000 and 180,000 dollars.

Dethleffs. Arist Dethleffs is the creator of the company and was the inventor of the first caravan in 1931. So you can imagine that they have extensive experience. His factory is located in the beautiful city of Isny ​​in southern Germany and is part of the Hymer group.

This company is the number 1 rival of the Hymer brand, competing with them to be the best-selling and most recognized brand in Germany. If there is a brand in the area that embodies the stereotypes that we all have about German, it is Dethleffs.

This brand is always concerned with making the product they already have better. They are also in charge of protecting the after-sales service. Their ranges like Globebus, and Advantage last for a while, tolerating upgrades for years to make them high definition products.

They have an extensive range from the Trend “entry” range that you can find from 57,000 dollars to the Premium Liner that will be around 200,000 euros.

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What is the best size motorhome to buy?

Rapido. It is a French manufacturer that generates motorhomes of its own brand and second brands such as Itineo or camper vans of the Dreamer brand. Compared to German brands whose exterior tends to be aluminium, Rapido manufactures fibre. This company has always been popular since its fibre is one of the best on the market, ensuring optimal insulation and ageing of the transport.

You can find these motorhomes for 70,000 dollars.

Adria. The Slovenian brand that turned 50 last year is the one that best combines the excellence of its products with the most avant-garde design.

They know that apart from being good it must be interesting and their interiors are always very interesting taking care of the “environment” inside the motorhome. It is an exclusive non-German manufacturer that has very high sales numbers in its market. In this way, they rank third behind Hymer and Dethleffs.

The excellence of its products is high. Their main characteristic is that at the end of the assembly line in a section of their products they usually do an intense review that lasts 2 days. An important part of the company participates in this review in order to discover any minor flaw.

You can find an Adria motorhome from 57,000 euros to 100,000 dollars. Camper vans from 47,000 dollars.

Laika. Apart from the German Hymer group, it belongs to high-end motorhomes. It is an Italian developer that combines very well the purest Italian design with German quality. If you are passionate about Italian design, you will surely find your favourite motorhome in Laika.

Their headquarters are near Florence and they have an extensive selection of products with ranges that have been around for several years, such as the eco VIP, which is already a tradition in the area.

Which motorhomes have the best resale value?

The following are the RVs that have the best resale value:

  1. Jayco
  2. Airstream
  3. Grand Design
  4. Knaus
  5. Sun roller
  6. Weinsberg
  7. Adria
  8. Challenger
  9. Hobby

The reason why these models are among the best selling RVs is the superior quality, the popularity of the company, the quality of the materials, the number of recalls and overall maintenance costs.

Factors to consider before buying a caravan or motorhome

Price is a very important factor, but more important is that you buy a vehicle that guarantees safety, reliability and adapts to your needs. The second most important factor is the dealer where you are going to buy your house

rolling. It is essential that you buy your vehicle from a quality dealer, to advise you and offer you an after-sales service and guarantee.

If you are determined to buy a caravan or motorhome of these brands, do not hesitate to ask us. We will advise you on everything you need so that you can start travelling in search of adventure as soon as possible.

FAQ on What is the best motorhome to buy?

What do you have to take into account when buying a motorhome?

When buying a motorhome, you have to take into account so many things that it is best to involve each member of the family in the process. Give each person precise instructions. Do an eye check of the tires, electrical system, the condition of the furniture, etc. 

How much does an RV cost?

RV costs depend on whether they are pre-owned, new, large, luxurious, simple, etc. However, an estimate (from a used one to a new luxury one) is between $ 15,000 USD to $ 100,000 USD.

What are the worst RV brands?

The following are considered the worst RV brands:

  • Thor Hurricane.
  • Coachmen.
  • Gulfstream.
  • Forest River.
  • Fleetwood.
  • Winnebago.

Are Keystone RVs any good?

Keystones make good quality RVs, camper trailers, fifth wheels and miniature trailers. Founded in 1996, Keystone RV is the leading manufacturer of fifth wheels in North America and a leading manufacturer of caravans.

What to consider before buying a used RV?

Buying a used motorhome or RV is an option that many consider. Whether it is because of social isolation or the desire to explore life in nature in a more independent way, buying a used motor home opens up a new range of travel.


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