What is the best motorhome for cold weather? (the best 7 models)

In this short guide, we will discuss: What is the best motorhome for cold weather? We will present seven RV models that are among the best motorhomes for cold weather. 

What is the best motorhome for cold weather?

Although there are plenty of motorhomes for cold weather, these are the vehicles that can withstand freezing temperatures, freezing winds, and even snowy conditions:

  • Keystone Montana
  • Keystone Raptor
  • Heartland LM Arlington 
  • Heartland Bighorn 
  • Jayco Redhawk 26XD 
  • Arctic Wolf Forest River 
  •  Jayco 327CKTS Eagle.

Let’s review each model apparently and see what it brings to the table. 

Best motorhome for cold weather: Keystone Montana 

Montana’s luxurious fifth-wheel trailer is so famous that a Keystone employee spent the entire year living in one. This vehicle has a reputation for excellence of nearly 15 years and is a great seller for Keystone.

The winter package for a Keystone Montana includes:

  • A dual thermostat and remote sensor with a second ducted air conditioner made of frame and wire
  • Free Flow Air Conditioner @ 15k BTUs
  • Heated city water-efficient drains and a heated outdoor convenience centre
  • 12v electric tank heaters
  • Water lines on the ground
  • Isolated and closed discharge valves and holding tanks
  • A hot belly that is also isolated and enclosed
  • A fully ventilated attic system
  • A 3 “x14” foam core straight line heat duct system
  • 35,000 BTU self-igniting oven
  • Radiant technology insulated ceiling that is an equivalent of R-38
  • Double-layer insulation supported by fibreglass sidewalls that are equivalent to R-11
  • Insulated slip floors that are equivalent to R-15
  • An insulated main floor that is equivalent to R-21

What else do you need, really?

Second best motorhome for cold weather: Keystone Raptor

Another Keystone on our list. There are eight Raptor blueprints to choose from. You will have the same rooms, such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, as well as practical storage space, but each one is arranged somewhat differently.

The MaxFlo zone controlled air conditioner operates at 15,000 BTUs and is one of the standout features of cold weather.

If you want a Keystone RV, the Raptor is a reliable pick. With many floor plans available and many heating features, you’ll spend more time driving in the winter than ever before.

Third best motorhome for cold weather: Heartland LM Arlington 

The Heartland LM Arlington comes equipped with the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package, one of the most popular Arctic packages out there. 

Here are some of the features that come standard with the basic package:

  • An electric slant bed as well as reading lights in the bedroom
  • A stainless steel oven, a high coffee table and a lockable safe
  • An illuminated tile backsplash
  • Soft tables
  • USB ports, an 80-amp converter, and a 1,000-watt inverter with surge protectors
  • A multiplex lighting system.

Fourth best motorhome for cold weather: Heartland Bighorn 

Heartland is one of the leading manufacturers of all-weather vehicles, and the Bighorn lives up to the hype.  Most plans include the following toasted features:

  • An insulated air conditioning duct system on the roof
  • An oven that runs at 42,000 BTUs
  • An underfloor heating duct that is one piece
  • R-14 upper deck floor insulation values, R-38 main and radiant floor insulation values, R-34 ceiling insulation values ​​and R-11 wall insulation values
  • An isolated and warmed belly

With Plumb-PEX water lines, you will enjoy a bath like at home. Laminate flooring, fibreglass walls, and dark tinted windows make this vehicle look stylish. Sleep better in the cosy bedroom with a removable storage drawer, headboard, additional storage shelves, bedroom ceiling lights, memory foam mattress and king size bed, and a built-in closet.

Fifth  best motorhome for cold weather: Jayco Redhawk 26XD 

The beauty and warmth of the Jayco Redhawk 26XD are limitless, especially if it’s a newer model like the 2017 or 2018. Those Redhawk models have up to five planes available. They all have a Ford chassis, bedding cabinets, an eight-cubic-foot refrigerator, a 13-foot canopy, and a double bed.

There is plenty of room for more! You can realistically fit the following in there:

  • A double bed
  • A spacious linen closet
  • A full bathroom, including a shower, a toilet, and a sink
  • A microwave, a kitchen countertop, a top shelf and a large sink
  • A two-seater sofa
  • A television towards the driver’s seat

Okay, that’s all great, but what about staying warm in the winter? Between the 55-gallon fuel tank, 6-gallon water heater, and 30 BTU self-igniting oven, you are sure to feel toasty every day you spend in this gorgeous caravan. With sleeping space for eight passengers, you’ll want to hit the road with your friends or family whenever you get the chance.

Sixth best motorhome for cold weather: Arctic Wolf Forest River 

With six plant options, the Forest River Arctic Wolf fits the needs of most caravan enthusiasts. The largest model weighs more than 10,000 pounds, with a maximum hitch weight of 1,452 pounds. These vehicles also have a maximum width of 35 feet and a maximum height of 11 feet.

Moving on to the features, you can choose the Arctic Package from the Extreme Weather Package for your winter adventures:

Arctic Package:

  • Upper bunk windows
  • Wiring and solar preparation
  • A removable kitchen tap
  • Capabilities for an outdoor TV stand and an outdoor shower
  • A home entertainment system
  • Friction hinged entry doors
  • Dining drawers
  • Extreme Weather Package
  • Improved Arctic isolation
  • Ducted air conditioning on the track
  • A fantastic Quick Cool fan
  • Insulated top cover
  • A high-circulation ceiling fan
  • A closed and warmed belly
  • High gloss enhanced fibreglass on sidewalls
  • An oven that can operate at 35,000 BTUs.

Seventh  best motorhome for cold weather: Jayco 327CKTS Eagle

Another great cold-weather RV from Jayco is the 327CKTS Eagle, which I’ll call Eagle for short. The latest model, new for 2018, includes a 21 cu. Ft. Refrigerator, 60 “x80” queen bed, shelving cabinets, a washer and dryer, and a TV chest.

  • Double pane frameless tinted safety glass windows
  • The Dry Camping Package, which adds extra LP capacity and storage
  • The Sani-con Turbo waste management system
  • The Girard Gen3 tankless water heater, including a digital thermostat
  • A second electric awning.


Winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean your RV has to go to the warehouse until spring. Instead, if you feel the urge to drive in cold weather, consider any of the 10 motorhomes on this list. 

Although some are heavier and more expensive than others, they are all a fantastic choice for caravan lovers who want to spend their winters in their vehicles.

Do you agree with our list? How are you keeping warm in your RV during cold winter nights? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. 

FAQ about What is the best motorhome for cold weather?

What is a thermal package on an RV?

A  thermal package on an RV usually means better motorhome insulation to protect you on cold winter days. A thermal package usually includes:

  • Insulated, enclosed and heated underbelly;
  • Higher-insulation for the roof and the room floors;
  • One/two interior fireplace (on certain RV models) to keep you cosy and warm.

What is an Arctic package on an RV?

An Arctic package on an RV means that the motorhome is better isolated and fitted for long and cold winter days. The package usually includes dual thermal pane windows, preinstalled heating pads for the water tanks, better floor and roof insulation. 

How does a heated underbelly on an RV work?

A heated underbelly on an RV has a two-inch diameter hose that transmits heat to the underbelly area of the motorhome to prevent the water tanks (including sewage) from freezing during winter nights. 


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