What is the best minivan for camping? (our top 7)

In this article, we will discuss: What is the best minivan for camping? We will present our favourite minivans for camping, but also discuss whether investing in a minivan is a good idea. 

What is the best minivan for camping?

The best minivan for camping is certainly one that will be spacious, comfortable and reliable. Here are our favourites when it comes to the best minivan for camping:

  1. Volkswagen California
  2. Citroën Jumpy 
  3. Ford Transit
  4. Mercedes V Class
  5. Opel Zafira Life 
  6. Renault Trafic
  7. Volkswagen Transporter

Let’s see what each model brings to the table. 

Best minivan for camping: The Volkswagen California 

The Volkswagen California is the best known of the campervans and it among our favourites.

Pros: Driving that resembles a sedan, same price as a car at tolls. Access to the many car parks which limit the height to 2 m (often those in town centres and seaside). Up to four beds with a pop-up roof. Easy to use on a daily basis vs a large utility.

Cons: you cannot stand up inside, except when the roof is up, and the smaller space does not allow for a toilet or a shower that you find in large vans, except in some versions on the outside. elongated frame.

For prices, it is more or less similar between compact vans and large models with a starting bet of around $45,000 for the basic versions in new and a price over $60,000 for the most popular modelsThe price will vary depending on the layout, but also on the quality of the materials used (insulation, secondary battery, type of stationary heating, blackout curtains, clean water/wastewater capacity).  

Best minivan for camping: Citroën Jumpy

Citroën has made van enthusiasts languish with its Rip Curl concept based on a Space Tourer, without going further than the demonstration. You have to turn to developers to use these compact vans. 

The German specialist Pössl took over the Jumpy to create the Campster (sliding bench, pop-up roof, dinette). The set is offered at a competitive price for this market: $43,899 with 120 hp diesel and $47,699 with 180 hp diesel and BVA. The Peugeot Expert has granted it the favours of the craftsman Iroise FA and the tailor-made van specialist Stylevan, which also offers conversions on the Traffic and Transporter base.

Best minivan for camping: Ford Transit

Since this year, Ford has offered its Transit Nugget through its dealer network. Pleasant to drive and fitted out differently from the other models with the dinette returned to the bottom of the hold, the Nugget is billed from $54,650 with 130 hp diesel and its transformation is provided by Westfalia. 

The Transit base is of interest to other planners, such as the Mayenne company Campérêve, which offers Cap Coast with six registration seats and Cap Land, which, rare in the category, offers a toilet and a shower.

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Best minivan for camping: Mercedes V Class

Mercedes is another major player in converted vans with its Marco Polo version which has existed since 1984 and is based on the V-Class transformed by Westfalia. 

Mercedes makes Van but with luxury and technology as aboard its sedans. The Marco Polo uses neat materials, clever layout and engine power up to 239 hp, prestige obliges. With 1.98 m in height, the German slips into all the car parks without fear.

 At $66,900, it’s a van at a gold price because it is fully equipped, but Mercedes also offers the Marco Polo in a Horizon version at $57,600. 

Best minivan for camping: Opel Zafira Life 

The Opel network distributes a converted van version called Camper, but only in a selection of dealers in Germany. 

The new CrossCamp brand (Hymer group) is responsible for transforming the Zafira Life and its technical cousin Toyota ProAce. The CrossCamp uses a classic layout in the 4.95m format and this new brand is currently only operating in Switzerland.

 Best minivan for camping: Renault Trafic

Renault does not operate its Traffic as a leisure van derivative, so others do so because French is appreciated for its cubic side which favours space on board. 

Best minivan for camping: Volkswagen Transporter

The latest version of the Transporter, the 6.1 for specialists, is the basis for the new California Ocean 2020. A benchmark in the van market through its history and expertise, California is the most envied model and its latest version is being modernized to keep the distance competition. 

The road capacities, the solid manufacture, the equipment (electrically lifting roof, slatted base) and the level of resale make pass a high price ($65,810 in TDI 150). For more modest prices (although …), there are a number of developers who are exploiting the success story of the Transporter. 

Are minivans a good investment?

When investing in a minivan, there are two factors that can affect whether it is a good or a bad investment.

  1. You invest a huge amount of money in something that you will only use a few times a year. However, this only applies if you are not living there full time, but it is still something to consider. You will also benefit from a significant price reduction if you purchase a used motorhome.
  1. If you maintain your camper van properly, you can resell it for a decent sum. Renovations and modernization go a long way in attracting the attention of potential buyers.

Truth be told, camper vans can be a great investment as well as a money pit. The predominant factor is the purchase of a new or used motorhome.

The bottom line

Overall, the above minivans are a good investment if you can afford to maintain them properly. The type of minivan to buy will depend on the dimensions, capacity, number of seats and consumption, among other factors that you may be interested in.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the best minivan for camping? Let us know what you think!

FAQ on What is the best minivan for camping?

What is the best campervan?

The Volkswagen California is the best known of the campervans and it has created vocations with Ford and Mercedes, but also and above all with specialist planners. All have the wind in their sails in this summer of 2020, to travel with family and in freedom.

Which van fits out for two people?

Bavaria’s new van K 600 J is fitted out for two people.. Designed for two people, it has twin beds in the rear part and includes a storage unit, instead of the passenger bench. Bavaria is not the first builder-developer to think about couples

What is the smallest van?

The smallest van is the Westfalia Kepler Five: an original van, offering 5 seats over less than 5 meters. For the first time, with this new Westfalia Kepler Five, the brand relies on the VW Transporter of only 4.90 m.

When is the best time to buy a camper?

The best time to buy a camper is at the end of the tourist season and during clearance periods. This is the time when the supply is surplus and buyers have a wide choice of models and brands. For used vehicles, it is easier to negotiate the selling price. 


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