What is the best camper window AC units?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “What is the best camper window AC units?” We will discuss the best camper window AC units along with their features, specifications, and benefits. We will also talk about the tips for maintaining your camper window AC unit.

What is the best camper window AC units?

The best camper window AC units are.

  • Frigidaire
  • LG LW8016ER
  • Haier Serenity Series
  • Home Labs
  • Midea
  • Emerson
  • Friedrich
  • Danby


  • Frigidaire is one of the best camper window AC units that has been introduced in the market. Frigidaire is also one of the old air conditioner units that have been around for a long time. The Frigidaire 5,000 BTU is compact and arrives with the right dimensions. This is a perfect fit for a camper widow.
  • The Frigidaire is an energy-efficient air-conditioner, and it weighs only 41.4 pounds. When it comes to camper window AC units, the Frigidaire has been one of the best options. It has excellent specs, and it arrives in an affordable price range. The Frigidaire is also easy to install. However, the design is not too modern.


  • The LG LW8041ER is the smallest LG window air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 5,000 BTU. This window air conditioner weighs 40 pounds and has a high 11.4 energy-efficient rating. LG has been one of the top AC manufacturers in the market, and this model has not been a disappointment.
  • The LG LW8016ER also consumes low power and has a decent price range. One of the advantages of this AC unit is the dimensions. The width of this unit is only 17.31 inches, and the depth is only 14.38 inches. LG has been one of the best camper window AC units used for campers for years together.

Haier Serenity Series

  • The Haier Serenity Series is well-known since they are ultra-quiet. This AC unit is more powerful, with a BTU of 6,000. The key feature of the Haier Serenity Series is the LED Display. It also has a classy remote that makes it easy to operate. Four functions are included: energy save, fan, dehumidify, and cool.
  • It is easy to install, energy-efficient, and the price is decent. The Haier Serenity Series costs less than $300. The Haier Serenity Series can cool down an area of 200 square feet in just 15 minutes. It also has a neat design, and it arrives with a warranty.

Home Labs

  • Home Labs is more powerful than the other camper window AC units. It arrives with a BTU of 10,000 and can easily cool up spaces up to 450 square feet. However, it is slightly bigger than the other models due to the power. This AC unit has two sets of fins that can be rotated at different fan speeds.
  • The measurements for this AC unit are 19 by 22 by 15 inches. Home Labs window air conditioners are also used in large RVs and fifth wheels. With a wide range of cooling settings, there is no need to worry about camping during summer.
  • One of the major advantages is that it also arrives with low energy costs and a reusable antibacterial filter.


  • Midea is yet another powerful camper window AC unit that has a capacity of 10,000 BTU. It helps to save around 35 percent on energy, and it has a DC inverter technology. 
  • This AC unit is quieter than the other models despite the power and efficient cooling properties. It can be installed easily, blocking noise from the outside.
  • Another key feature of Midea is its smart control technology and Wi-Fi enabled. A Midea Air application can be downloaded for iOS and Android. 
  • You can easily control this unit anywhere with google assistant and Alexa’s voice commands. The product’s design is great, but the installation might take a while.


  • The Emerson Quiet Kool is one of the best options for those who want something more powerful. While this might be too big for a camper, it is still a window AC unit that can be installed with a few alterations. With a 15,000 BTU, Emerson has a remote control setup that can cool down an area of up to 700 square feet.
  • Its quiet operation and auto-restart facility make it easy to control. It arrives with a programmable timer and sleep mode. This unit also arrives with an exclusive warranty of 1 to 5 years. This Wi-Fi-enabled air conditioner has two split air exhaust vents and three fan speeds to give you the best flexibility of direct airflow.


  • According to the reviews, Friedrich window AC units have top-class performance and are worth every penny. It has a 6,000 BTU cooling capacity and is perfect for small campers. This unit can be easily installed on a camper widow and has a decent coverage of up to 250 square feet. It does not consume too much electricity and is one of the best options.
  • There are four control modes, and the entire unit is built with high-quality materials. One of the major advantages is the hidden control panel. This comes with a window fitting kit for easy installation. The dehumidification mode makes this perfect for camping around the beach during hot summers.


  • Danby window air conditioners are a perfect fit for campers and are various models to choose from. With a 10,000 BTU cooling capacity, Danby window air conditioners are easy to install and have a sleek design. There are more than ten available models, and the basic models have a cooling capacity of up to 450 square feet.
  • These are environmentally-friendly air conditioners that arrive with an inverter compressor. It can save up to 35 percent of energy with advanced DC inverter technology. 
  • One of the major advantages is that it has a flexible opening for the window to bring fresh air into the room. The silencer technology keeps it quiet even at night.

Those were some of the best camper window AC units available. These units can also be used for RVs and other motorhomes. They arrive with a warranty period and are one of the top brands. These are powerful, sleek, energy-saving, and easy to install and operate. When it comes to the price, they are not too expensive.

Tips for maintaining your camper window AC unit

Installing a camper window AC unit is easy, but the most important part is maintaining them. Despite the brand, you must regularly maintain your camper window AC unit.

Clean your filters

  • The most important part of any air conditioner unit is the filters. Keep the filters clean to prevent wear and tear on the compressor. This is applicable, primarily if you use your AC often. During summer, it is required to clean the filters at least once a month.

Clean the air exchanger

  • The air exchanger is another crucial component that must be kept clean. An RV air conditioner should be able to reject the heat outside with the help of the exchanger. These are cooling fins that get clogged often with dust and debris.

Do not strain the unit

  • The AC unit is always under pressure, especially during summer. It is essential not to strain the unit. You need to close the doors and windows at all times and make sure that there are no gaps for the air to escape. Use blackout curtains to prevent the sun from getting inside.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “What is the best camper window AC units?” We have discussed the best camper window AC units and their features, specifications, and benefits. We have also discussed the tips for maintaining your camper window AC unit.



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