What is the best camper to live in year-round? (the best 7)

Today’s article is all about: What is the best camper to live in year-round? We will review seven campers that we believe are worth a short and among the most comfortable RVs for long-term staying. 

What is the best camper to live in year-round?

In our opinion, the best campers to live in year-round are the following models:

  • LAIKA Ecovip 305
  • HYMER Van 314
  • BÜRSTNER Travel Van T590G Edition 30  
  • ADRIA Compact SP 
  • ETRUSCO T5900DB 
  • HOBBY Optima De Luxe V60GF 

Best camper to live in year-round: LAIKA Ecovip 305 

The Ecovip 305 (5.99 m) from the Italian manufacturer Laika pulls the cover to itself with modular equipment that its competitors do not have: a transverse bed on the hold adjustable in height and an electric drop-down bed for optional sleeping. Capacities authorized by its heights, the highest in our comparison: exterior 2.92 m and interior 2.10 m (1.95 m with drop-down bed).

The rear transverse bed is height adjustable thanks to an electric control which modulates the cargo bay height from 91 to 128 cm, to easily store bicycles or a small motorcycle with a load capacity of 250 kg. Two additional single beds are available as an option: the drop-down bed (191 x 100 cm) and an extra bed in the dinette (200 x 100/50 cm).

In addition to the 4 car registration seats and the 4 possible beds, the living room of the Ecovip 305 can accommodate up to 6 people with its L-shaped bench seat and side seat, around a 360 ° adjustable table.

What we like:

– the space in the bathroom, the independent circular shower with its double-hinged door

– the record height under ceiling: 2.10 m

– the style and fluid lines of the furniture, the quality of the upholstery

– large storage volumes for wall units: height 54 cm, depth 40 cm

– indirect light all around the furniture, along the walls to under the hob which provides harmonious lighting night and day.

Best camper to live in year-round: HYMER Van 314  

Only 5.45 m is the length of this ultra-compact profile designed by the German Hymer. Shorter than a van, barely wider (2.22 m), everything is summed up in its name: Van 314. But no need to cover the tracks, it has a cell with all the characteristics of a campsite -car profiled.

This small template has the particularity of being mounted on a lightweight Al-ko chassis with a short wheelbase (3.15 m), it is extremely manoeuvrable and easy to park. While this all-purpose profile is very comfortable on the roads, interior traffic is necessarily limited. 

You will have to be content with compact equipment: 85 L refrigerator, 66 x 70 cm bathroom, kitchen unit (79 x 52.5 cm) with extension for a single work surface (24 x 30 cm).

Unlike a van, the Van 314 mini-profile benefits from Hymer manufacturing and insulation quality, with PAUL technology: foamed walls and roofs (35 mm), insulated bay frames.

What we like:

– its ultra-compact format

– the lightweight Al-ko chassis with individual wheel suspension

– the garage with its 2 access doors (optional 3rd at the rear) and its 350 kg load

– the crossing storage and the wardrobe under the transverse bed, accessible by raising half of the box spring or by the double side accesses, cell and garage

– its record payload of 916 kg, the largest in our comparison

Best camper to live in year-round: BÜRSTNER Travel Van T590G Edition 30 

The German manufacturer Bürstner renews its special Edition 30 series (launched in 2016 to celebrate its 3 decades of existence) by integrating the new Travel Van T590G. A profile with a sporty look, extremely manoeuvrable, offered at $54,990, and including a large number of standard equipment, with $3,350 of customer benefit announced.

The Travel Van is all Bürstner quality in a pocket-size (2.20 m wide): cosy atmosphere, leather and nubuck textiles, high-quality seats, lacquered furniture, very comfortable cold-cast foam mattress, soft close drawers, nothing is missing. Storage space is optimized: linen room in the hall, wardrobe under the lift-up bed.

This model has several features: a 3rd standard dinette bed (165 x 80 cm), a retractable step to access the transverse bed. There is also a clever flexible bathroom, with a pivoting wall that hides the sink and the toilet and reveals a sealed shower cubicle with no loss of floor space.

What we like:

– the general look and the exterior silkscreen printing

– the luxury atmosphere, the lacquered furniture and the comfort of the equipment

– storage space under the bed

– the clever flexible bathroom with a tilting wall

Best camper to live in year-round: ADRIA Compact SP 

In the Adria Compact series, the profiles are gaining ground. The Compact SP is available in a Plus version as standard, starting at $53,900. It has an impressive width reduced to 2.12 m, very close to the 2.05 m of a van. Well equipped, it is one of the best value for money in our comparison.

The Adria Compact SP stands out from its competitors with a multitude of little tips: a backrest for the side bench against the wardrobe next to the entrance, a folding staircase to access the bed, a tilting basin, a stove with 3 burners aligned which frees up space on the worktop, cupboard doors with original concave shapes.

What we like:

– equipment, general harmony and interior comfort

– the exterior lines of the panoramic roof

– access to the bed by the folding staircase

– the 7-year warranty against water infiltration

Best camper to live in year-round: ETRUSCO T5900DB 

The young Italian brand Etrusco, owned by the Hymer group, offers a very compact model in terms of size (5.98 m) and price ( $42,990). After the first launch on Fiat Ducato last year, the low profile T5900DB arrives this year on the Citroën Jumper carrier. This non-lowered widened track chassis gives it a little more height, access is via a double step.

This model, which is wider than its congeners with its 2.33 m, gives it an advantage in terms of the comfort of the transverse bed with a large bed of 210 x 140 cm. This is not the case with the optional extra dinette bed, reserved for small sizes in terms of width (210 x 65/45 cm).

In addition to the classic wardrobes under the transverse bed and in the entrance (without a side bench), the equipment of the T5900DB remains simple and functional, the light tone decor and the upholstery are quite successful. Note in the bathroom the clever swivel basin on the toilet to free up the shower space.

What we like:

– the attractive price

– the well-proportioned and well-equipped kitchen unit: soft-close drawers, cast iron support hob, round stainless steel sink with high tap, generous 113 L refrigerator with 14 L freezer

– the nautical-style floor and its storage hatch

– the bright interior

– the choice of two standard textile atmospheres: white (Piemonte) or brown (Andorra)

– the 5-year waterproofing guarantee

Best camper to live in year-round: HOBBY Optima De Luxe V60GF 

Its price puts it on the top step of the podium… the most expensive motorhome in our comparison ($61,200). But you have to take a closer look, this V60GF profile is one of the best equipped.

This is the credo of the German manufacturer Hobby: to offer full, high-end equipment as standard equipment right out of the factory, without any extras or additional packs imposed. The Optima de Luxe V60GF profile benefits from $12,200 of “HobbyKomplet” equipment included in the base price.

With 2.16m wide, the V60GF is among the narrowest profiles of our selection, this is an advantage for the handling of the vehicle, a disadvantage for the length of the bed less than 2m.

What we like:

– the high quality of the design, finishes and materials

– clever storage: shoe drawer and large wardrobe at the entrance, cupboard under the bed at the access steps, overhead wardrobes around the bed, shelves for everything above the cabin

– the general luxurious atmosphere

– the design and ergonomics of the kitchenette

– the absence of steps between cabin and living room

Best camper to live in year-round: SUNLIGHT T60 

Present in the catalogue of the German manufacturer for several years, the Sunlight T60 is a small profile of good reputation. Its price was still under $40,000 last year for the Fiat Ducato version. For the new 2018 collection, the wearer is changing for a Citröen Jumper, as is the price from $41,690. Without a doubt, it remains the cheapest in our comparison.

Sunlight favours dynamic interior atmospheres, with two available seat textiles, including an original checkered pattern and darker and less messy tones in the lower areas: floor, seats, kitchenette, living room table. This model has a complete kitchen unit with a large 113 L refrigerator, a bathroom with a pivoting wall to release the shower, storage space under the transverse bed and a large rear storage compartment.

What we like:

– the very competitive price

– the payload of 850 kg

– the large and high hold (gate 55 x 110 cm) with lowered frame extension, lashing rings, non-slip mat and lighting

– the 5-year waterproofing guarantee.

The bottom line

Now that you have read about our top seven campers to live in year-round, all you have to do is choose the best one for you!

Are there any campers that you think should be on this list? Let us know!


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