What is the best camper for hot weather? (7+ models)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: What is the best camper for hot weather? We will also share with you a few valuable tips on how to equip your camper for hot weather and how to maintain it cool no matter how many degrees are outside. 

What is the best camper for hot weather?

The best camper for hot weather is one that will have good insulation, will come equipped with several options to reduce heat and keep your motorhome well-ventilated. Below are just a few popular models that are the best campers for hot weather in our opinion. Check them out!

Best campers for hot weather

Camper Brand & ModelHot weather amenitiesPrice (MSRP)
Northwood Arctic Fox4 seasons camperAluminium frame45-watt solar panelAC$34,986.
Winnebago Basecamp TrailerDigital thermostatACPremium insulation$39,500
Jayco RedhawkLaminated roofBead-foam insulation13,500-BTU AC$99,893
Jayco HummingbirdLow-profile 13,500 BTU ACRemote-controlled awning2-way Norcold fridge$20,000
Tiffin WayfarerFibreglass roof coatGel coated thermal wall13,500-BTU  AC$187,978 
Newmar King Aire12.5 kW generatorHigh-quality materialsPremium insulationSolar panels$935,766 
Winnebago Via11000-BTU ACFull showerPremium insulation$130,306
Heartland 5th Wheel4 seasons trailerInsulated floor & roofRoof-mounted AC$97,895.0

How to equip your camper for hot weather 

A few devices can be very helpful in reducing heat and ventilating your motorhome. Only, without good insulation, your efforts will be in vain.

Proper insulation: #1 tip against high temperatures

While the temperature in a motorhome can quickly rise in summer, the sun is a big deal, and poor insulation is not going to help withstand them. This type of vehicle has an insulation system that is much less efficient than that of a house, its layers being much thinner and less effective than glass wool, for example. The first solution to fight against high temperatures will therefore be to better insulate your motorhome.

To do this, the solution with the best results will be the installation of blackout systems. There are two types: indoor and outdoor. These systems are very good means of insulation and can be placed on all glass surfaces: windshield, skylight, windows, etc. 

While interior shading will reduce heat, exterior shading will be much more effective since it will prevent the sun’s rays from reaching the glass. Place them on strategic surfaces, like on your windshield or the south-facing window.

Good insulation is the first tip to adopt to avoid extreme heat in your motorhome, the second tip will be to supplement with devices that will ventilate and freshen the air.

The best devices to ventilate and cool your camper in hot weather 

Fan, turbo-vent, cooler, air conditioner, there are many devices that can ventilate and cool the interior of your vehicle by a few degrees.

The role of the fan will be to ventilate the interior of your motorhome. To provide fresh air, the trick is to place a damp towel on it or put a bowl of ice cubes in front of it.

The turbo-vent is a device that can be fixed to the ground but will gain in efficiency if it is placed at the level of the skylight. With its dual hot air extraction and extraction system, this system will reject hot air out of the vehicle through the roof.

The operation of the cooler is similar to the turbo-vent. This mechanism sucks in the air but the cooler cools it with a water system. Effective on small areas such as the interior of your motorhome, it lowers the temperature on average by 5 ° C. Its low power consumption allows it to be used while driving or at a standstill.

The role of the air conditioner is to lower the temperature of the passenger compartment. Most motorhomes have their own air conditioning systems. If this is not your case, then purchasing an air conditioner can be a good solution to fight against the summer heatwave.

Adopt daily actions to cope with the heat in a camper

It is difficult to enjoy good weather if the heat is too high. To make the most of your vacation, you are advised to adopt daily actions and be smart in your parking lot.

Beyond the material aspect, there are also many tips to adopt for your body and well-being, starting with very regular hydration, and in small sips, of a maximum of two litres of water. per day.

Taking cold showers daily is no less important. This helps regulate your body temperature, making sure to switch from lukewarm to cold to avoid thermal shock. The use of misters is a great addition to moisturize your skin throughout the day.

Likewise, avoid devices that generate heat, such as a television or hob, as much as possible. With the hotplates turned off, you can direct your diet towards cold meals, such as mixed salads, which will be much better for your body than hot dishes in hot weather.

Remember, the best natural sun visor is shade. Get into shaded pitches as soon as possible, to avoid being parked in places in direct sunlight which would heat up the interior of your motorhome.

How to keep your camper as cool as possible during hot weather

With good weather, the desire to rent a camper and discover the world increases. But with good weather, there is also that suffocating heat, which on some summer days can be especially intense in some areas of the US.

Most of the motorhomes in circulation already have air conditioning, although it does not hurt that when you go to rent one make sure it has it if this is what you want. In addition to being able to use the air conditioning when possible, it doesn’t hurt to learn some tricks that will help you enjoy your motorhome vacation despite the heat.

A grey or black motorhome may have a cooler appearance, but we assure you that as with vehicles, the interior of a dark caravan heats up more and more easily than a white or light motorhome. Therefore, when you rent a motorhome for example in summer, we recommend that it be white.

  • Keep doors, windows and skylights closed during the hottest hours, unless there is a light breeze or light wind that, although it will not help to cool the environment, it may make the heat more bearable.
  • In addition to paying attention to the orientation of the solo when you are parking the motorhome, try to keep the motorhome during the day as long as possible in the shade. Don’t be lazy to move it during the day if you have a place to do it. In this way, you will be able to keep most of the time a large part of the motorhome if not all in the shade.
  • Try to avoid prolonged cooking inside the camper in the hottest hours.
  • In addition to having air conditioning, motorhomes are much more and better insulated than cars, even so, it does not hurt that you have additional insulating protections that help prevent sunlight and thus heat from hitting directly on the motorhome, especially in the most sensitive areas such as the driver’s and passenger’s cab.
  • If you have a tarp that covers a large part of the motorhome, feel free to use it as an awning. In the same way, if you expand the side awning during the hottest hours, you will achieve that at least one of the sides of the motorhome is not so exposed to the sun and with this, you will be able to gain something in freshness.
  • When you notice that it has already cooled something late at night, make sure you have constant ventilation inside the motorhome for as long as possible, ideally throughout the night, paying attention to leaving all the mosquito nets in place.

The bottom line

In this article we present you some simple solutions to stay cool in a camper during hot weather. This way, even if your camper doesn’t have premium insulation or expensive options, you can travel the country during the summer if you wish so. 

What are your methods or tips to keep cool in a summer in hot weather? Is your camper four seasons? Let us know!

FAQ on What is the best camper for hot weather?

What is the best all weather RV?

These are considered to be the best five all weather RVs:

  1. Keystone Raptor Fifth Wheel
  2. Forest River Arctic Wolf.
  3. Jayco Redhawk 26XD Motorhome.
  4. Jayco 327CKTS Eagle Fifth Wheel.
  5. Heartland LM Arlington

How hot is too hot for an RV?

Let’s say that 156°F would be too hot for an RV. It is thus important to think twice before driving in hot weather, as the RV tires will definitely be 30 t0 60 °F hotter than the ambient temperature.  

Do pop up campers stay cool in summer?

Pop up campers are not known for staying cool in summer. In fact, the vice versa is more accurate: if you are not prepared, you will start sweating in your pop-up camper every summer night. 

What is the best motorhome for cold weather?

Although there are plenty of motorhomes for cold weather, these are the vehicles that can withstand freezing temperatures, freezing winds, and even snowy conditions:

  • Keystone Montana
  • Keystone Raptor
  • Heartland LM Arlington 
  • Heartland Bighorn 
  • Jayco Redhawk 26XD 
  • Arctic Wolf Forest River 
  •  Jayco 327CKTS Eagle.

How does a heated underbelly on an RV work?

A heated underbelly on an RV has a two-inch diameter hose that transmits heat to the underbelly area of the motorhome to prevent the water tanks (including sewage) from freezing during winter nights. 

What is an Arctic package on an RV?

An Arctic package on an RV means that the motorhome is better isolated and fitted for long and cold winter days. The package usually includes dual thermal pane windows, preinstalled heating pads for the water tanks, better floor and roof insulation. 


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