What is my park model trailer worth?

In today’s article, we will answer the following question: What is my park model trailer worth? We will discuss how much a park model trailer depreciates every year. We are also offering you an in-depth guide for selling a second-hand park model trailer with success. 

What is my park model trailer worth?

It is not exactly obvious to assess the worth of a second-hand park model trailer. The easiest and most common way is to estimate the price of a second-hand park model trailer according to its date of purchase and its original price.

The depreciation rate for a used park model trailer is as follows:

  • 30% the first year.
  • 15% the second year.
  • 10% in the third year.
  • 7% for each additional year.

Park model trailer depreciation rate per year

YearBeginning valueAnnual depreciation (in %)Residual value (in %)

Note: Other parameters must be taken into consideration to refine this first assessment:

  • The plot (location, size), if the second-hand park model trailer is sold on a pitch.
  • The equipment in the second-hand park model trailer can make a real difference.
  • The general condition of the second-hand park model trailer.

Why is it important to know the worth of your park model trailer?

It is important to know the worth of your park model trailer if you want to resell or rent it! 

If you plan on selling your park model trailer and if you can, try to sell the trailer on its pitch on the campsite. Indeed, as in real estate, the location is important and will increase the value of your park model trailer. In addition, the buyer will not have any additional towing and transport costs. In this case, the campsite can offer you its help in return for a commission.

If you want to keep your plot, you will have to sell your park model trailer outside of it. The buyer must have land to set up and include transport in his overall budget.

How can you sell your second-hand park model trailer?

If you are renewing your park model trailer, a professional reseller can offer you a trade-in of your second-hand park model trailer for the purchase of a new one (campsite, distributor). Otherwise, try the classified ads in free newspapers or on second-hand sales websites, there are specialized sections devoted to “the outdoors” or “caravanning”.

At what price to sell your second-hand park model trailer?

The selling price of your second-hand park model trailer depends on many criteria:

  • The year of the model, its size, its equipment;
  • The type of model: slopes roof or flat roof (in the latter case, the value of your park model trailer will be lower; the flat roof having disappeared in favour of the two-slopes type of roof for more than 10 years)
  • Accessories such as terrace, shed, etc.
  • Sale on or outside the plot, etc. 

In all cases, the general condition of the park model trailer is premium and can allow you to sell very quickly, provided you remain correct in the asking price. 

Selling your plot and your park model trailer will increase its worth

This is by far the best case to sell your park model trailer, indeed already installed on its site the purchaser will not have this type of research to carry out, he will not have to worry about the installation, setting and connection, he can take possession of it almost instantly.

The buyer, apart from the annual cost of renting the plot, has no additional costs and it is obvious that this facilitates the transaction.

So if you can, initially, sell your park model trailer on its plot. Consult your rental agreement to see if you are not owed a commission to the manager in this case of sale.

Also find out about the remaining lifespan of your park model trailer because, as you certainly know, campgrounds or residential leisure parks concerned with the aesthetic quality of their establishment generally require residents to renew the park.

This information is important and cannot be passed over in silence, in fact, your future purchaser will have to force himself to do so and if he has to change the park model trailer he has just bought in the next three to four years, it will be for him a bad deal, it might backfire on you.

You have taken care to keep all the papers relating to the purchase of your park model trailer, you know this date of manufacture so let’s get to the practical side.

How to sell my park model trailer: tips and tricks

  • If you want to sell your park model trailer, the first thing to do is to notify the manager of the campsite or residential leisure park in order to inquire about the conditions under which you can organize this sale yourself.

Indeed another case may arise, some establishments wishing to reduce the number of residents do not renew the rental contracts and in this case, therefore, you can still sell your park model trailer, but it will be in the “to be removed” category.

So first of all, notify the manager, he may also make you an offer that suits you perfectly.

  • Today the Internet is, so to speak, essential to sell a property, there are specialized and general sites, such as RVtrader, you will naturally prefer free but we still advise you to define a budget for your ads in order to increase your chances.

A site like RVtrader will have advantages and disadvantages. Its tremendous notoriety makes it a very popular site and therefore your ad will have more chances of being seen, on the other hand, it will be very quickly drowned in the quantity and you will have to opt for options such as “go up in the list” or any other. which will allow you to be better seen but which will require a small budget on your part.

You can also use sites specializing in park model trailers such as Parkmodelsdirect, but in all cases, you will be very attentive to the quality of your advertisement, in particular that of the photos.

  • Use the number of photos that are offered to you, in specialized sites you can insert more, make sure that they are large enough, of good quality, preferably in sunny weather and that they are represented at the same time, of course, your park model trailer but also the campsite or residential leisure park and its services, not forgetting the region and its tourist attractions.

It is a beautiful photo that will determine the buyers to view the details of your ad, the presentation text of the latter must be aired with lines to encourage reading.

  • Do not forget to talk about it with those around you, professional relations and friends, you never know, and if you are familiar with social networks publish information about your “park model trailer for sale”, ask your friends to share it and do it frequently.
  • Make it easy to visit, obviously spotlessly clean.
  • Finally, remember that there is interest in the possible purchase of a park model trailer at two periods in the year, the one before the holidays (from March to mid-June) is the one following the holidays ( from mid-September).


Living in a park model trailer can be a true life dream for some. As seen in this article, the value or price of a park model trailer will depend on several factors. As much as you do remodelling, or have the best park model trailer location, it is difficult to make a good profit when you decide to sell it. If you want to have an asset that represents future stability for you and your family, consider not investing in a trailer.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions on the content.  

FAQ on What is my park model trailer worth?

Can I move my park model trailer to another site?

Yes, you can move your park model trailer to another site, as they technically are motorhomes. It is strongly recommended that you consult your vehicle’s user manual to make sure that the gross vehicle weight rating does not exceed the capacity of your truck to pull the park model.

What is the best brand of park model trailers?

When it comes to the best brand of park model trailers, the big winner remains the Jayco Jay Flight, which has been at the top of recreational vehicle sales for many years. A brand appreciated by many caravanners.

What is a park model trailer?

A park model trailer is designed for recreational purposes. A park trailer is not used for residential purposes but can be attached temporarily in the same way as a recreational / RV trailer with or without its axles and ties.


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