What is high mileage for a Class C motorhome?

In this article, we will discuss: What is high mileage for a Class C motorhome? We will discuss the lifespan of a Class C motorhome, whether it is worth buying a high mileage motorhome and what to pay attention to if buying a second-hand vehicle.

What is high mileage for a Class C motorhome?

Over 300,000 miles is high mileage for a Class C motorhome. But of course, how good a motorhome is will highly depend on the conditions it was kept and used, rather than the number of miles on record. 

By good conditions, reference is made to regular use, in town or on the highway, and at a correct speed, in a non-extreme climate, that is to say neither winter cold nor scorching heat. After the milestone of 300,000 miles, the vehicle enters a phase of sensitivity, in other words, it ages. 

As a result, breakdowns happen more often and repair costs skyrocket. This is often when most drivers are looking to get rid of their RVs. Either this one leaves for a resale at a relatively low price, or it is intended for the breakage.

Thus, if buying a second-hand Class C motorhome, you must consider the factors that impact the lifespan of a motorhome:

  • The make and model of the motorhome: some brands are worth more than others. It’s a fact. Some models are more robust and efficient than others.
  • The way of driving: smooth and smooth driving preserves the general condition of the car better than nervous or sporty driving.
  • The frequency and quality of maintenance: as with any other piece of equipment, a car that is well cared for and repaired as soon as the slightest problem appears will do more kilometers. Draining, changing filters, inflating tires, checking parallelism, etc. must be carried out in accordance with standards and not wait too long.
  • Other factors such as geographic location: city, countryside or mountain, climate.

Class C motorhomes: High mileage is not everything

Mileage considered high for one motorhome may not necessarily be for another. It all depends on the driving habits of the previous owner of the vehicle. A person who drives many miles does not maintain his motorhome well, adopts a sporty driving style and often throws heavy loads will damage the mechanics of his motorhome more quickly than a person who covers the same number of miles but takes great care of his motorhome.

Besides the total number of miles driven, the relationship between a motorhome’s age and mileage also says a lot about its past. Divide the vehicle’s total mileage by its number of years in service, and you will see the average number of miles driven each year. 

What is the lifespan of a Class C motorhome?

The lifespan of a Class C motorhome is usually longer than that of Class A and Class B RVs, still, it will highly depend on the number of miles and the conditions it was used. There are 300,000 miles of motorhomes in very good condition and others in a much worse condition. Various clues can alert you to the interest in buying a motorhome with such mileage.

Each motorhome manufacturer sets deadlines for the maintenance of their vehicle. After 10 years, it is usually necessary to get down to replacing the timing belt. Other more or less substantial costs may arise, such as the clutch which tires out, especially for urbanites and the elderly who excel in clutch slippage.

The particle filter, the turbo or the shock absorbers can also be part of the expenses. This is without counting the other organs that can age more or less well.

The 300,000 mark is therefore not inevitable for a well-maintained motorhome. Above all, this round number does not correspond to much. A motorhome that has only been on the highway will wear very little. 

On the other hand, those who wait for the maximum deadlines for their maintenance generally face substantial costs during the 300,000 miles. It is for this reason that many cars usually end up as parts or scrap.

If it is a rare motorhome, having an advanced age but having had good maintenance throughout its life, with a maintenance book, regular expenses … There is no reason why the purchase of a 300,000 miles Class C motorhome is not recommended. 

Finally, several factors may or may not accelerate the ageing of a motorhome, even more than its mileage. A motorhome that has lived by the sea will be more prone to rust, another that sleeps in a garage will age much better. Again, large engines are often more enduring … But also more expensive to maintain! In any case, never buy a motorhome with high mileage if it is known to be unreliable.

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What to pay attention to when buying a second-hand Class C motorhome

The goal here is to avoid a bad surprise and in the end, to get a good deal. Here are a few more tips to take into consideration:

  1. Request a test drive:  Most owners will let you take the motorhome you’re interested in for a test drive. If they don’t, don’t buy it. Major red flag. Take the motorhome on open roads. See how the trailer manages the different speeds, how it manages the turns, the braking. Plus, see how you handle driving. As a driver, how do you feel?
  1. Check under the motorhome for damage: Inspect the roof and around all windows. Press down on the walls and look for soft areas that may indicate past or continuing water damage. If there is water damage, save yourself and don’t buy it.
  1. Request a thorough inspection: It’s worth it! Ask the owner if you can have the rig professionally inspected before purchasing it. Press all buttons: Turn on the engine, lights, check lights, turn on the generator. Test all features to make sure they work.

After having thoroughly inspected the various motorhomes, and having set the optimal price, it’s time to get behind the wheel of your new Class C motorhome.

The bottom line

Buying a motorhome, especially a used vehicle, can be a tedious and overwhelming process; it requires intelligent and strategic thinking, as well as the intelligence to get a reasonable offer based on quality. Make sure you follow the directions above for a good deal.

If you have any questions, comments or tips on acquiring a used Class C motorhome, let us know!

FAQ on What is high mileage for a Class C motorhome?

How many miles is too many for a used RV?

Any RV that has close to 200,000 miles is deemed an old RV and has too many miles to be considered a good investment. Besides the number of miles, obviously, you need to ask the dealership all kinds of questions regarding the condition of the recreational vehicle.

What is good mileage for a used RV?

Good mileage for a used RV is between 30,000 and 50,000 miles, but a good score will, of course, depend on several other factors.

What do you have to take into account when buying a motorhome?

When buying a motorhome, you have to take into account so many things that it is best to involve each member of the family in the process. Give each person precise instructions. Do an eye check of the tires, electrical system, the condition of the furniture, etc. 

What is the best place to buy a used RV?

Below you will find a list of the best 20 places to buy a used RV. We advise you, first of all, to weigh the pros and cons of acquiring a used RV and if not, it would be better to rent one.